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I love that there's a detailed article about the Fluffernutter on Wikipedia. I love even more that I wrote most of it. But what I love most of all is coming back to it after years away and seeing a bunch of little improvements, like a picture with the caption, "An open-faced variation of the fluffernutter sandwich using a rice cracker in place of sliced bread." Neat! And who knew Oct. 8 was National Fluffernutter Day? Wow!

What I don't like is coming back to find the "In culture" section stuffed with weird little tidbits, like that one time The Simpsons mentioned the Fluffernutter... exactly once... ten years ago. Wikipedia is a beautiful place where weirdos like me can indulge our passions and work together to preserve our culture—every quirky bit of it. But as much as that Fluffernutter article reveals what I love about Wikipedia, it reveals in equal measure what I hate about it.

Is this our culture now? Minutia about a super sugary, corporate sandwich? An anonymous editor on the article's talk page wrote, "Americans. Such a vile thing could only have come from our American brethren," but let's face it. Disneyfication has gone global. I wish some things were sacred—off limits from being turned into an advertising jingle or a Family Guy gag. Most of all I wish Wikipedians, including me, didn't slavishly lap all that up, spew it onto Wikipedia and call it culture.

Handy Dr. Seuss References[edit]

I've been doing some work on Dr. Seuss articles lately, and I've decided it's a good idea to have a centralized place for the related references I've found myself returning to frequently. I'd like to eventually create a couple of userspace articles that provide more in-depth help with writing Dr. Seuss-related articles for the general Wikipedia public, but I doubt they'd get much use, so why bother? Anyhoo, below you'll find a good chunk of the important works about Dr. Seuss.


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