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Hi, I'm Jen. A bit about me: I'm from Alaska, but now I live in Los Angeles. I finished law school at Harvard not long ago, and now I work at a big law firm. I spend my time on Wikipedia because I love to share what I learn and what I know. In real life, I enjoy dancing, traveling, and playing with my little mutt named Sarah.

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a few contributions[edit]


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to do[edit]

(mostly contrary) opinions[edit]

  • Wikipedians' paranoia about censorship prevents us from making reasonable editorial judgments. (Also, it makes us look like insensitive 17-year-old men, which statistically speaking many of us are.)
  • We need to do way better outreach to new editors, including better ways to get involved in the sidebar and on the main page.
  • Wikipedians are change-averse and elitist when it comes to outreach (apparently, a way to facebook-like a Wikipedia article would basically be the end of the world).
  • Crappy articles are fine as starts. It is better to have something rather than nothing, especially for the reader.
  • A Wikipedia with a truly global scope will be many times larger than our present encyclopedia.
  • We are damn fools for not aligning the ITN/OTD pictures with the items they relate to.