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Stats and Econ[edit]

Volume 1[edit]

Applied general equilibrium
Brouwer fixed-point theorem
Confrontation analysis
Convexity in economics
Criticisms of econometrics
Duality (optimization)
Dummy variable (statistics)
Experimental economics
Fixed-point theorem
Fixed-point theorems in infinite-dimensional spaces
Game theory
Heteroscedasticity-consistent standard errors
Identity line
Instrumental variable
Kakutani fixed-point theorem
Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions
Lagrange multiplier
Least squares
Linear programming
Multinomial logistic regression
Non-convexity (economics)
Oxford model
Parthasarathy's theorem
Perron–Frobenius theorem
Qualitative economics
Seemingly unrelated regressions
Shapley–Folkman lemma
Supporting hyperplane
Topkis's theorem
Vector measure
Bayesian statistics
Cross-species transmission
Admissible decision rule
Averaged one-dependence estimators
Approximate Bayesian computation
Aumann's agreement theorem
Bayesian average
Base rate
Bayes classifier
Bayes estimator
Bayesian efficiency
Bayesian programming
Bayesian approaches to brain function
Calibrated probability assessment
Conjugate prior
Credible interval
Cromwell's rule
Data assimilation
De Finetti's theorem
Deviance information criterion
Bayesian econometrics
Ensemble Kalman filter
Bayes error rate
Evidence under Bayes theorem
Expectation propagation
Bayesian experimental design
Extrapolation domain analysis
Focused information criterion
Bayesian game
Gaussian process emulator
GLUE (uncertainty assessment)
Graph cuts in computer vision
Graphical model
Imprecise probability
International Society for Bayesian Analysis
Jeffreys prior
Likelihood function
Bayes linear statistics
Marginal likelihood
Markov chain Monte Carlo
Markov logic network
Naive Bayes classifier
Nested sampling algorithm
Odds ratio
Posterior predictive distribution
Posterior probability
Precision (statistics)
Principle of maximum entropy
Prior probability
Bayesian probability
Prosecutor's fallacy
Recursive Bayesian estimation
Reference class problem
Robust Bayesian analysis
Bayesian search theory
Sparse binary polynomial hashing
Speed prior
Strong prior
Bayes' theorem
Variational Bayesian methods
Bayesian vector autoregression
GOR method
Intelligent control
Bayesian inference in marketing
Bayesian tool for methylation analysis
Bayesian inference in phylogeny
Bayesian spam filtering
Bayesian inference
Bernstein–von Mises theorem
Checking whether a coin is fair
Conservatism (belief revision)
Credal network
Credal set
Cutaneous rabbit illusion
An Essay towards solving a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances
Expected value of sample information
Bayes factor
Bayesian information criterion
Kappa effect
Bayesian linear regression
Maximum a posteriori estimation
Bayesian multivariate linear regression
Bayes' rule
Tau effect
Bayesian network
Causal Markov condition
Dynamic Bayesian network
Influence diagram
Latent variable
Markov blanket
Moral graph
Plate notation
Variable-order Bayesian network
Variational message passing
John Aitchison
José-Miguel Bernardo
Don Berry (statistician)
George E. P. Box
Philip Dawid
Jacques Drèze
Bruno de Finetti
Andrew Gelman
Jeff Gill
I. J. Good
Peter Green (statistician)
Chris Holmes (mathematician)
Harold Jeffreys
Joseph Born Kadane
Steffen Lauritzen
Dennis Lindley
Adrian Raftery
Howard Raiffa
Sylvia Richardson
Donald Rubin
Leonard Jimmie Savage
Robert Schlaifer
Christopher A. Sims
Adrian Smith (statistician)
Alan Turing
Grace Wahba
Arnold Zellner
Morris H. DeGroot
Beta distribution
Beta-binomial distribution
Dirichlet distribution
Gamma distribution
Inverse-gamma distribution
Inverse-Wishart distribution
Normal distribution
Normal-gamma distribution
Normal-inverse-Wishart distribution
Normal-Wishart distribution
Wishart distribution
Bernoulli distribution
Binomial distribution
Exponential distribution
Poisson distribution
Bayesian Filtering Library
Just another Gibbs sampler
Stan (software)
Coupling from the past
Gibbs sampling
Hybrid Monte Carlo
Metropolis–Hastings algorithm
Multiple-try Metropolis
Parallel tempering
Slice sampling
Wang and Landau algorithm
Bayesian additive regression kernels
Chinese restaurant process
Dirichlet process
Empirical Bayes method
Gaussian process
Hierarchical Dirichlet process
Isotonic regression
Pitman–Yor process
Relevance vector machine
Econometric model
Benefit financing model
Distributed lag
Error correction model
First-difference estimator
Gravity model of trade
Mixed-data sampling
Policy Simulation Model
State space representation
Asymptotic theory (statistics)
Atkinson index
Autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity
Average treatment effect
BHHH algorithm
Bootstrapping (finance)
Censored regression model
Centre for Structural Econometrics
Chow test
Cochrane–Orcutt estimation
Common cause and special cause (statistics)
Confidence interval
Consensus forecast
Constant elasticity of substitution
Delta method
Difference in differences
Diversification (finance)
Divisia index
Divisia monetary aggregates index
Durbin–Watson statistic
Dynamic factor
Econometric Society
Economic data
Economic statistics
Endogeneity (applied statistics)
Epps effect
Errors-in-variables models
Event study
Financial econometrics
Frisch–Waugh–Lovell theorem
General government sector
General matrix notation of a VAR(p)
Generalized entropy index
Generalized method of moments
Generalized Tobit
Genetic algorithms in economics
Gerschenkron effect
Goodhart's law
Hausman test
Heckman correction
Hedonic index
Hedonic regression
Herfindahl index
Idempotent matrix
Independence of irrelevant alternatives
Index (economics)
Influential observation
Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity
Limited dependent variable
Linear regression
Local independence
Loss function
LSE approach to econometrics
Market facilitation index
Matching (statistics)
Measuring economic worth over time
Method of simulated moments
Methodology of econometrics
National Longitudinal Surveys
Natural experiment
Observable variable
Observational equivalence
Official statistics
Multidimensional panel data
Panel data
Panel analysis
Parameter identification problem
Poisson regression
Political forecasting
Pollyanna Creep
Prais–Winsten estimation
Propensity score matching
Reduced form
Reference class forecasting
Regression analysis
Regression discontinuity design
Ridit scoring
Rubin causal model
Sargan test
Simultaneous equations model
Spatial econometrics
Specification (regression)
Spectrum continuation analysis
Structural equation modeling
Survivorship bias
Taguchi loss function
Taleb distribution
Theil index
Tobit model
Trend stationary
Unevenly spaced time series
Unit root
Variance decomposition of forecast errors
Vector autoregression
Vuong's closeness test
The World Economy: Historical Statistics
Zero-inflated model
Choice modelling
Discrete choice
Preference regression
Preference-rank translation
Cross-sectional study
Cross-sectional data
Cross-sectional regression
Accelerator effect
Automatic stabilizer
Balassa–Samuelson effect
Bandwagon effect
Convergence (economics)
Fiscal multiplier
Keynes effect
Law of the handicap of a head start
Network effect
Penn effect
Pigou effect
Sailing Ship Effect
Sow's ear effect
Transfer payments multiplier
Calendar effect
January barometer
January effect
Mark Twain effect
Sell in May
Fundamental analysis
Beta (finance)
Book value
Business valuation standard
Cash flow
Chepakovich valuation model
Earnings before interest and taxes
Earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
Earnings per share
Economic Value Added
Enterprise value
Equity value
First Chicago Method
Goldman Sachs asset management factor model
Growth stock
Market value added
Net income per employee
Net operating assets
Non-operating income
Period of financial distress
Public float
Residual income valuation
Restricted stock
Shares outstanding
Short interest ratio
Stock selection criterion
Stock valuation
Terminal value (finance)
Financial ratio
Accounting liquidity
Accounting rate of return
Alpha (investment)
Altman Z-score
Asset turnover
Average accounting return
Average propensity to consume
Average propensity to save
Basic Earnings Per Share
Bias ratio (finance)
Bid-to-cover ratio
Business efficiency
Calmar ratio
Capital adequacy ratio
Capital employed
Capital recovery factor
Capitalization rate
CASA ratio
Cash conversion cycle
Cash flow return on investment
Cost accrual ratio
Current ratio
Days in inventory
Days payable outstanding
Days sales outstanding
Debt ratio
Debt service coverage ratio
Debt service ratio
Debt-to-capital ratio
Debt-to-equity ratio
Debt-to-GDP ratio
Debt-to-income ratio
Debtor collection period
Debtor days
Diluted earnings per share
Dividend payout ratio
Dividend yield
DuPont analysis
Earnings yield
Envy ratio
Equity ratio
Expense ratio
Financial result
Fixed-asset turnover
Greeks (finance)
Gross margin
Hansen–Jagannathan bound
High-yield stocks
Implied multiple
Import ratio
Incremental capital-output ratio
Infection ratio
Information ratio
Inventory turnover
Jaws ratio
K-factor (actuarial)
Leverage (finance)
Like for like
Loan-to-value ratio
Loss ratio
Net capital outflow
Net interest income
Net interest margin
Net interest spread
Omega ratio
Operating leverage
Operating margin
Operating ratio
P/B ratio
PEG ratio
Price/cash flow ratio
Price–earnings ratio
Price–sales ratio
Profit margin
Put/call ratio
Quick ratio
Rate of return
Rate of return on a portfolio
Receivables turnover ratio
Reserve requirement
Retention rate
Return of capital
Return on assets
Return on capital
Return on capital employed
Return on equity
Return on event
Return on net assets
Return on tangible equity
Risk-adjusted return on capital
Sales density
Sharpe ratio
Social return on investment
Sortino ratio
Statutory liquidity ratio
Sterling ratio
Sustainable growth rate
Texas ratio
Theoretical ex-rights price
Times interest earned
Tobin's q
Total expense ratio
Total revenue share
Treynor ratio
Upside potential ratio
V2 ratio
WHIS ratio
Yield gap
Technical analysis
Behavioral analysis of markets
Bottom (technical analysis)
Breadth of market
Breakout (technical analysis)
Bull-bear line
Candlestick pattern
Carhart four-factor model
Chart pattern
Chartered Market Technician
Chartist (occupation)
Currency strength
Currency strength index
Dead cat bounce
Dow theory
Drummond geometry
Elliott wave principle