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I'am an User from the german-speaking Wikipedia. See more there.

Here you find a assortment of my pictures.

And here is the gallery of all my pictures in Commons. [1]

Claus Ableiter

my articles here: Gladiator Cycle Company, Museum Autovision, James Borwick, 5th Baron Borwick, Markranstädter Automobilfabrik, Elektrische Viktoria, Abraham Skorka, Scientific collection, Macaulay Library, Sandettie Bank, Lane Tietgen

Menschen / People[edit]

Natur / nature[edit]

Raumfahrt / Spaceflight[edit]

Auto und Verkehr / Cars and traffic[edit]

Elektroautos, Wasserstoffautos / electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles[edit]

Handwerk und Technik / craftmanship[edit]

Nahrung / Food[edit]


Pergamonmuseum / Pergamon Altar[edit]

Kirchen / Churches[edit]

Karneval, Fasnachtsmasken[edit]

Böllerschießen / Salute guns[edit]



Pompeji und Bliesbruck / Pompeii[edit]



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