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If you wonder why this page exist: I always wanted more than one watchlist, so I could sort them by categories or whatever. If you click on "Related changes" to your left, you get a site which shows every recent edits made for the articles that are linked from this article. I found this lately, which uses this feature have a small watchlist over the article the user created. I use this method to create a few sub-watchlists for me to keep my overview of things. :-)

Category:Simpsons charactersCategory Talk:Simpsons characters Category:Simpsons episodesCategory Talk:Simpsons episodes Category:The SimpsonsCategory Talk:The Simpsons Category:The Simpsons albumsCategory Talk:The Simpsons albums Bart Chalkboard GagsTalk:Bart Chalkboard Gags Bart-Mangled BannerTalk:Bart-Mangled Banner Bart of DarknessTalk:Bart of Darkness Bart the GeneralTalk:Bart the General Bart the GeniusTalk:Bart the Genius Barting OverTalk:Barting Over BortTalk:Bort Patty BouvierTalk:Patty Bouvier Selma BouvierTalk:Selma Bouvier Kent BrockmanTalk:Kent Brockman Larry Burns (The Simpsons)Talk:Larry Burns (The Simpsons) Montgomery BurnsTalk:Montgomery Burns Cheese-eating surrender monkeysTalk:Cheese-eating surrender monkeys Coltrane (cat)Talk:Coltrane (cat) D'oh!Talk:D'oh! Duff BeerTalk:Duff Beer Eye on SpringfieldTalk:Eye on Springfield Fictional characters within The SimpsonsTalk:Fictional characters within The Simpsons Flanders familyTalk:Flanders family Barney GumbleTalk:Barney Gumble Homer's OdysseyTalk:Homer's Odyssey Lionel HutzTalk:Lionel Hutz KBBLTalk:KBBL Krusty the ClownTalk:Krusty the Clown Jackie (The Simpsons)Talk:Jackie (The Simpsons) Laramie CigarettesTalk:Laramie Cigarettes Lester and ElizaTalk:Lester and Eliza List of celebrities on the SimpsonsTalk:List of celebrities on the Simpsons List of characters from The SimpsonsTalk:List of characters from The Simpsons List of recurring characters from The SimpsonsTalk:List of recurring characters from The Simpsons List of The Simpsons episodesTalk:List of The Simpsons episodes Made-up words in The SimpsonsTalk:Made-up words in The Simpsons Shelbyville ManhattanTalk:Shelbyville Manhattan Troy McClureTalk:Troy McClure Moaning LisaTalk:Moaning Lisa Moe's TavernTalk:Moe's Tavern Mona (The Simpsons)Talk:Mona (The Simpsons) Bleeding Gums MurphyTalk:Bleeding Gums Murphy Nahasapeemapetilon familyTalk:Nahasapeemapetilon family Nookie in New YorkTalk:Nookie in New York One-time characters from The SimpsonsTalk:One-time characters from The Simpsons Party PosseTalk:Party Posse Radioactive Man (The Simpsons)Talk:Radioactive Man (The Simpsons) Herb PowellTalk:Herb Powell Martin PrinceTalk:Martin Prince Santa's Little Helper (The Simpsons)Talk:Santa's Little Helper (The Simpsons) SNUHTalk:SNUH Hank ScorpioTalk:Hank Scorpio Sherrie and TerrieTalk:Sherrie and Terrie Shelbyville (The Simpsons)Talk:Shelbyville (The Simpsons) Sideshow BobTalk:Sideshow Bob Abraham SimpsonTalk:Abraham Simpson Bart SimpsonTalk:Bart Simpson Homer SimpsonTalk:Homer Simpson Lisa SimpsonTalk:Lisa Simpson Maggie SimpsonTalk:Maggie Simpson Marge SimpsonTalk:Marge Simpson Simpson GeneTalk:Simpson Gene Simpsons Roasting on an Open FireTalk:Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire The Be SharpsTalk:The Be Sharps The SimpsonsTalk:The Simpsons The Simpsons Sing the BluesTalk:The Simpsons Sing the Blues SmartlineTalk:Smartline Snowball (The Simpsons)Talk:Snowball (The Simpsons) Snowball IITalk:Snowball II Snowball IIITalk:Snowball III Snowball VTalk:Snowball V Songs in the Key of SpringfieldTalk:Songs in the Key of Springfield StampyTalk:Stampy TV channels that air The SimpsonsTalk:TV channels that air The Simpsons Yeardley SmithTalk:Yeardley Smith Springfield (The Simpsons)Talk:Springfield (The Simpsons) Springfield Elementary SchoolTalk:Springfield Elementary School Springfield Nuclear Power PlantTalk:Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Star Trek XII: So Very TiredTalk:Star Trek XII: So Very Tired There's No Disgrace Like HomeTalk:There's No Disgrace Like Home TomaccoTalk:Tomacco Van Houten familyTalk:Van Houten family Who Shot Mr. Burns?Talk:Who Shot Mr. Burns? Wiggum familyTalk:Wiggum family Rainier WolfcastleTalk:Rainier Wolfcastle