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This is my main account[edit]

Please note I have a second account, User:DGawMobile which I use to edit without rollback from my phone.

Created articles[edit]

Human echolocation - PSINet - Metamor Worldwide - Jeff Danziger - Margaret H. Marshall - Matt Kunitz - Martin Haskell - Sheldon Hackney - Russell Lutz - Guy Velella - Patientia Vincit Omnia - Paranomia - Catholic Health Initiatives - Joseph Castanon - Terri-Rae Elmer - Tracey Miller - Richard B. Wilson K-8 School - Linda Hirshman - Laurie David - Gloria Borger - The No-Brainer - Power Hungry (Fringe) - Daniel Kish - Crystal Johnson (singer) - Anselmo Ralph - Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies - Jorge Triaca Jr.

Wikipedia open tasks list[edit]

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