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Originally from East Grinstead, England, I studied for the IB at Southbank, London. Then started a software company based in Northern California. I've been in the US working with launching new ideas since.

My interests are in Photography, Web and Mobile Application and Site Development and Relationship Marketing.

I am the Creative Director for a marketing consultancy Wild Out West[1]
I have had a role in the founding of more than a dozen companies, either as a consultant, founder or investor:

Arica (2017) Arica [2] (Modeling Environment and Computing Framework)
Tayton (2017) Varitus [3] (Vertical Market Medical Specialist Network)
Elemental Breath (2016) Elemental Breath [4] (medical screening tests)
Varitus (2016) Varitus [5] (Surgical Specialist Network)
Opus (2015) (music/Video / UGC - Stealth Mode)
Quona Capital (2014) (spin-off of Accion)
GiveSurance (2013), launched)
Moon Express (2013) (due to launch moon lander 2017)
Epic Fusion Spin off of publicly traded, EpicData(2013)
FatRedCouch (2012)
Cause Insurance (2010) Currently being re-launced as GiveSurance
CoAlign Introduced AccuLIF, acquired by Stryker (2014)
Wanderful (2012)
Etuda (2011)
Graphita, Inc. (founded 2007)
Bambu White Rum and Bulldog Gin (Angel Investor and Consultant)
Navio (DRM)
Morphic (project management software)
Altamira Software (acquired by Microsoft)
StarPress Multimedia (multimedia -spin off of WordStar)
MPOWER /401kForum (acquired by Morningstar)
Bohan Group (acquired by First American Title)
CoRelation (acquired by DigiMine)
Atomic Tangerine (SRI)
ClearBlue Technologies (acquired by Navisite)
Actona (Sequoia funded - acquired by Cisco)
Encorus (Brokat/FirstData)
Velosant (Taxware/FirstData)
Systems Research and Development (acquired by IBM)

Launching New Ideas I have led teams that developed marketing initiatives that connect new products and services with customers and audiences across a broad range of industries including consumer produts, business-to-business enterprise. These have included:
California Cooler (the first wine cooler)
Giumarra Vineyards (the first Wine in a box)
Women's Choice Condom (first condom made for a woman - at least in the US)
OCLI (Optical Coating Labs, Inc) agency of record for publicly traded component manufacturer acquired by JDSUniphase
Hewlett Packakard launched their suite of Internet platform solutions in 1997
Also have experience on major marketing initiatives for a litany of major national brands: Safeway, Crystal Geyser, Lucky Stores, Fleming Foods, Korbel, Brown Forman, Clos du Bois Wines, Seagrams, Clorox, Hills Bros,

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In the news

Ursula von der Leyen
Ursula von der Leyen

I've had the user name on Wikipedia for over 4 years, and have changed it to DShantz. I can be reached here now.