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My Background[edit]

My grand-father worked for Canadian National Railway in Quebec City,Canada. He had a small family of 3 children.
Our ancestors came from France when Quebec was a french colony named New France in 1534 until the Treaty of Paris (1763).

When my father was promoted in 1978, he moved in Montreal, Quebec. I was 14 years old, in the middle of 2 brothers. My father retired in 1983 in their small house on Île d'Orléans, located in the Saint Lawrence River, east of Quebec City's downtown. My two brothers returned in Quebec City also, where french language ( or Canadian French ) are living in majority.

I learned english since my 16, so I could make errors but this is not a professionnsl page.

About Me[edit]



My Creative Hobbies are Portrait painting, mostly in oil color on canvas. I do the children for friends, and ethnic women sometimes in their traditional costumes. I do Modelling clay such as Polymer clay for jewelry and other crafts.
I enjoy Dance improvisation for performing arts. I dance with my Kinect Xbox. My favorite outdoor recreation is Swimming.
I read about in what I have interest in the moment (health, environment). I like to try new recipes for cake and slow cooker, specialy if its healthy. I am cooking gluten free since 2013.
I like collecting but I keep changing (small eggs, 6" fashion figurines).

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