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Danielo Louis Vega Whittingham (born May 27, 1992) also known as Whitty, Widdy or simply Danny Whittingham, is a smalltime British playwright and director. He is mainly of English and Welsh heritage, though he is part Italian and part Greek. He is a faithful Christian and will not be seen without a symbol of his Anglican faith.

Early life[edit]

Born on May 27 1992, as Daniel Whittingham, in Scunthorpe, England, Danny lived his whole childhood in the same house, growing up with his parents, Neal Whittingham and Jacqueline Ann Whittingham, and his sister Kelly Ann. Danny attended his local village schools in Messingham, and attended Huntcliff Comprehensive School in Kirton-in-Lindsey when he was 11, where he studied for 5 years. While being in the top classes for each subject, Danny became recognised for writing skills, and showed immense creativity amongst all subjects. His choice of wording and unique personality made him popular amongst the teachers with a sense of humour, however Danny found himself in isolation and detention many times for bad behaviour and attitude, and was excluded for posting innapropriate videos of senior members of the school's staff. After earning 10 GCSEs, Danny attended John Leggott College, Scunthorpe, where his creativity flourished. In English Language studies, Danny scored an outstanding 96% on the exam, and was even investigated on his coursework, as the extremely high quality of his work raised questions on its authenticity. Danny failed to do so well in his other subjects, however. He found himself being passed on from class to class by his Senior Tutor, and managed to reel in more than three times as many warnings than allowed by the college. It was here though that Danny found great comfort in a new group of friends, and he felt a sense of popularity and confidence he'd never felt before. However, Danielo quit college at the end of his first year, after saying:

"They basically shunned me out... I had some problems with behaviour and attendance, then I failed the year, so they made it quite clear they didn't want me to stay... I hated college anyway."

Danny then chose to persue his childhood dream of becoming a Royal Marine Commando, but failed his medical due to being a single kilogram under the required weight. Danny then took small pieces of temporary work where he could, before sending off a script he'd written to The Royal Court Theatre and making a name for himself in drama, after initianally writing what he wanted to be scripts and storylines for videogames.

Name change[edit]

At 18, Daniel Whittingham found out from his parents that he was originally going to be called Danielo Louis Vega Whittingham, to honour his heritage and to honour previous relatives. However when it came to the Christening, his parents chose to call him Daniel Whittingham, a more English name, in the fear that the original choice of name would leave him victim to racism, and to prevent confusion of his nationality. However when Danny turned 18, it was his personal choice to change his name to Danielo Louis Vega Whittingham, to show he was no longer a boy who needed to live in fear, and to show his personal respect to his heritage.