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England 1100-1154
The Reign of Henry I, Stephen & Matilda
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England 1100-1154[edit]

The Reign of Henry I, Stephen & Matilda[edit]

Henry I
Henry I of England
Matilda of Scotland
Adeliza of Louvain
Stephen of England
Matilda of Boulogne
Eustace IV, Count of Boulogne
William I, Count of Boulogne
Marie I, Countess of Boulogne
Empress Matilda
Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor
Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou
Geoffrey, Count of Nantes
William FitzEmpress
Civil War
The Anarchy
History of Gwynedd during the High Middle Ages
Earl of Arundel
William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel
Hugh de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Bedford
Walter Giffard, 1st Earl of Buckingham
Walter Giffard, 2nd Earl of Buckingham
Earl of Chester
Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester
Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester
Ranulf le Meschin, 3rd Earl of Chester
Ranulf de Gernon, 4th Earl of Chester
Maud of Gloucester, Countess of Chester
Hugh de Kevelioc, 5th Earl of Chester
William Fitz-Robert, 2nd Earl of Cornwall
Alain de Bretagne, 1st Earl of Cornwall
Reginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall
Earl of Derby
Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Earl of Derby
William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby
Baldwin de Redvers, 1st Earl of Devon
Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex
Rohese de Vere, Countess of Essex
Geoffrey de Mandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex
William Fitzeustace, 1st Earl of Gloucester
Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester
Mabel FitzHamon of Gloucester
William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester
William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford
Roger de Breteuil, 2nd Earl of Hereford
Miles de Gloucester, 1st Earl of Hereford
Roger Fitzmiles, 2nd Earl of Hereford
Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare
Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Hertford
Roger de Clare, 2nd Earl of Hertford
William de Ipres, 1st Earl of Kent
Earl of Leicester
Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester
Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester
Earl of Lincoln
William de Roumare, Earl of Lincoln
Ralph the Staller
Ralph de Guader
Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk
Maud, Countess of Huntingdon
Simon I de Senlis
David I of Scotland
Henry of Scotland
Simon II de Senlis
Earl of Oxford
Aubrey de Vere, 1st Earl of Oxford
Earl of Pembroke
Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke
Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke
Earl of Richmond
Alan de Bretagne, 1st Earl of Richmond
Conan IV, Duke of Brittany
Earl of Salisbury
Patrick of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Surrey
William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey
William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey
William de Warenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey
Isabel de Warenne, 4th Countess of Surrey
William of Blois
Earl of Warwick
Henry de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Warwick
Roger de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Warwick
William de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Warwick
Duke of Beaufort
Waleran de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Worcester
Earl of York
William le Gros, 1st Earl of Albemarle
William d'Aubigny (Brito)
Walter de Clifford
Robert D'Oyly (Osney)
Richard of Hexham
Henry of Huntingdon
Robert Marmion
John Marshal (Earl Marshal)
William of Newburgh
Henry, Earl of Northumbria
John of Salisbury
Roger of Salisbury
Gilbert of Sempringham
1120s in England
1130s in England
1140s in England
1150s in England
Battle of the Standard
Battle of Llwchwr
Battle of Crug Mawr
Battle of Lincoln (1141)
Mold Castle