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Currently an Assistant Professor in Wisconsin. Originally from Ohio. PhD in sociology, concentrating in gender and criminology. Love gardening, cats, and traveling. Lived in Japan for a bit.

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You know you're doing a good job when you're accused of being an anti-American liar who should be investigated by the FBI, a Muslim Conservative Leftist Jewish North Korean ISIS sympathizer/supporter gender studies major KKK garbage ducking (sic) Nazi tranny cultural Marxist sexual pervert bugger who shamelessly and cockily removes edits with a pro-racism, pro-white agenda and a bigoted, hypocritical, anti-intellectual failure of a human being, an embarrassment to academia, an editor with a long history of malicious intent, and a fascist bigot, and a frankly creepy stalker who belongs in a freak show.

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I am a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociologists for Women in Society, American Society of Criminology, Society for the Study of Social Problems, and American Sociological Association.

I am aware of Wikipedia's policies on COI, NPOV, RS, and other general editing guidelines.