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If you come here to find out how I voted, you may be disappointed. If you want a quick, simple and trustworthy guide for whom to support and oppose, go by Bishzilla.


I was involved in one case, called Infoboxes. I was disappointed and have three concerns that I presented to candidates:

  1. Do you look at the facts? Really? In context? Can you leave your bias behind?
  2. Do you communicate with colleagues if you find their reasoning questionable, - which includes that you followed it, looking at facts?
  3. Would you cast a vote to ban an editor with the margin of one - your - voice? (Occasionally I asked also: would you provide reasoning in that case?

If you are interested, study the responses. Good news: the next group of arbs will look at facts better than the current.


Candidate Answers Precious Date Experience Notes  % sup
28bytes 22 In that diff, Pigsonthewing appears to be moving an infobox from the bottom of the page to the top of the page, uncollapsing it, and making an inadvertent typo. ... words of reason and moderation with right bite 2012-02-16 bureaucrat 80 475
AGK 16 An infobox is added and a shorter overview table (titled 'metadata') is removed. courage and analysis 2012-08-18 arb 2011 65 415
Beeblebrox 19 Looks like a user converted a "metadata" box that was collapsed at the bottom of the page into a more standardized infobox at the top, citing the manual of style in his edit summary. "move along" 2013-07-23 cand 2012 55 314
Bwilkins 19 A few things. First, a small quasi-infobox at the bottom of the page labelled "metadata" is converted to what appears to be a standard infobox at the top right, as per most articles. Second, the image that was originally outside the box but at the top right gets accidentally fouled up. Of course, it seems to be restoring it basically to a state from the day before, when it was turned into a "metadata" box. It also appears to finally stop a somewhat ridiculous-looking period of edit-warring...or at least fighting over what should have been a braindead application of the WP:MOS regarding infoboxes. gentle bite 2013-10-13 35 207
David Gerard 24 It appears the infobox is being shifted to top-right, where it conventionally goes. It was a cited example to sanction Pigsonthewing, and I think it was bad evidence for a bad decision. "scrupulous fairness" 2013-11-25 arb 2005 34 225
Elen of the Roads 100 Elen off the Roads civility 2013-12-12 arb 2010 missed
Floquenbeam 15 The editor was converting a collapsed metadata box at the bottom of the article into an uncollapsed infobox at the top of the article. polite, courteous, and friendly, missing 2012-06-19 60 350
Gamaliel 15 An editor has moved the infobox template from the bottom of the article, where it was inside a collapsible box labeled "metadata", to the top right of the article, incorporating the photograph that was already there. discussion 2013-11-28 53 215
Georgewilliamherbert 19 The edit is Andy Mabbett putting an infobox in a musician's biographical article. cand 2010 needed help with the fact 37 196
GorillaWarfare 22 An infobox is moved from a navigation box at the bottom of the article to the top of the article. One of the images is moved into the infobox, although the image syntax is broken in the process. articles for creation 2013-11-24 77 458
Kww 20 On a technical level, an infobox is being moved from an unusual location (collapsed at the end of the article) to a more normal one. An image is being moved from the article to go inside it, but the editor used an incorrect syntax, so the image has effectively been deleted. 35 211
LFaraone 23 Summarial data about the subject in an infobox was moved from a collapsed block at the end of the article to the top of it. articles for deletion 2013-12-16 61 244
NativeForeigner 21 Without context, content which is represented in the form of an image, and a metadata box has been combined into an infobox. images and military history 2013-11-29 61 278
RegentsPark 17 I'm probably completely missing something here, but it looks like an info box is added to the article in that diff and a nav box labeled "metadata" removed. thinking some more 2012-11-25 cand 2012 52 240
Richwales 11 The editor in question tried to improve a biographical article by unhiding the infobox and moving it up to the top of the article (as called for in the Manual of Style for infoboxes). He also tried to move an existing photo of the article's subject into the infobox — which would have been a good thing if he had done it right ... law and massacre 2012-10-19 47 237
Roger Davies 20 A collapsed metadata table at the foot of the page is replaced by an infobox at the top of the page. arb since 2008 57 389
Seraphimblade 13 In this diff, the editor changes the collapsible navbox into an infobox, and includes an image file in it. ... clean blade 2013-11-22 69 339
The Devil's Advocate 22 An infobox placed at the bottom of a page in a rather shoddy fashion is moved up to the top of the page and introduces the minor error of an extraneous colon, leading it to display text in place of the original image that was placed there. controversies and peace 2013-07-07 25 162


  1. Please describe what happens in this diff.
  2. Imagine you are an arb on a case, and your arb colleague presents the above diff as support for his reasoning to vote for banning the editor, - what do you do?
  3. Imagine further that after said arb voted to ban the editor, and an equal number of arbs voted against it, it's your turn to cast the one and final vote that will ban or not. Assuming you lean towards it (or will you never?): will you?