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Hello from here. My interests lie primarily with:

Years worth of blogging to be found at Formerly involved with the odp.

  • web:
  • im: most of the time // email first.
  • irc: here ; occasionally ; EFnet ; freenode #wikipedia-en, #wikipedia-de, #wikimedia, #mediawiki, etc.


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uploaded to commons for Guglielmo Achille Cavellini.
See here/pov for biases and AfDs.
See here/box for related changes trees. (stale)
See here/delete for thoughts on deletion process.
See here/watchlist for my full watchlist. (share yours!)
See here/monobook.js for javascript customization.
See here/monobook.css for css customization.

Areas I'm watching...

071120 . 3 years since first edit, yet recently but one edit in months. Fortunately?, the rise continues:

rank 3 mo chg domain
#6 (none)
#7 up 5
#8 up 1
Wikipedia hits #8 (!) on alexa, might it someday even surpass other socials?

061023 . Watchlist slowly morphing topically, todo: League of Automatic Music Composers, Jim Horton, more.. Learned to use CryptoDerk's Vandal Fighter with its regex rc filter to help monitor a dynamic IP user. The longer I am here, the more amazed I am that vandalism is remotely under control. Will need to find a quicker or more effective way to scan diffs.

060817 . Turns out one now needs verification to gain access to the rc patrol irc channels such as #vandalism-en-wp (ed: though not for #wikipedia-en-vandalism2). I am astonished at the greeting: Posting Logs = Banned from VCN!. The Vandalism Control Network - - is an off-site wiki holding the keys to a top layer of defense on wikipedia. Further, I find that wikipedia-en-admins returns unable to join channel (invite only), and this opt-in requirement for (detailed) individual edit statistics. There is more and more seperation between the admins, the users, and the viewers. This is nomic at work!

060504 . very few edits due to travelling and successful move to Berlin. uploaded first image, Image:Cavellini-sticker.jpg, to commons. watching bureaucracy more than the articles themselves. perhaps I can write a few papers dazu.

060301 . hits one millionth article, meanwhile the daily Alexa global traffic ranking was seen as low as #13 (Jan 29th), down from the 120s a year ago. Watching wikipedia grow is way more fun than sea monkeys.

060201 . 1000th edit (385/245/324 main/user/proj; 664/351 article/talk) . started Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, shared full watchlist at user:here/watchlist. also Drop Bass, Electronic music, Snowboarding -- would like to work on collaborative instructional progressions -- see also American_Association_of_Snowboard_Instructors.

051105 . Green Tortoise, Burning Man, Church of the SubGenius, LambdaMOO, Backpacking (travel) Signed on over at m:Wikimedia Research Network and Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikidemia, both partially focused on facilitating interaction with academia. m:Semantic MediaWiki has potential; similarly, lets make watchlists optionally public for network analysis (interest clouds, user-webs). Support Wikipedia:Pure wiki deletion system. (editsedits en:264/m:29, pride in efficiency)

051013 . I've been greatly enjoying myself here, but simply cannot believe that watchlist RSS feeds are not already a reality. Please stop by m:Syndication feeds and add a comment if you'd like to see watchlist RSS feeds, and lets figure out how to make it happen. // Also added Category:Wikipedians by alma mater: Carleton College, anybody else out there?

050826 . meta, tresor, berlin, mail art, Guglielmo_Achille_Cavellini, Genesis_P-Orridge, rojo (deletion threatened!); we need more syndication feeds! thanks wiki_alf

050120 . Nothing major here yet, nomic, tetris (maybe expand quadra), Solar eclipse (maybe expand on 1999, 2009, or 2010 eclipses) // all already exist so far. Should be fun to fill in details.

041118 . first edit


Me at a wikipedia meetup in berlin, May 2006. (Photo: Sarazyn.)

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See mw:API
See Meta:Syndication_feeds
See Wikipedia:Blocking_policy_proposal
See Wikipedia:Pure wiki deletion system
See m:cite.php, get full ref info out of the text.

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