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Hi, my name is Leslie Tom.


Graduate School[edit]

I moved to San Francisco in 2010 to get a Master's of Information Management Systems at UC Berkeley's School of Information. I have always been interested in designing, organizing, culture and arts for as long as I can remember. I have found my Csikszentmihalyi flow this summer at an Open Source UC Berkeley project called CollectionSpace.[1].

Architecture Career[edit]

I have a bachelors of architecture from the University of Arizona from my hometown, Tucson, Arizona. I was an architectural intern at my parents firm the architecture company for 6 years. March 2012 marks the last month before my five-year rolling clock expires and I'll need to pass all my Architecture Registration Exams to become a real live architect!

Some of the computer programs I am especially knowledgeable about include:

My List of Wiki(p/m)edia // Media Wiki Things I've Done[edit]


I'm interested in the following topics, among others:


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