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About Me ♥[edit]

Hello internet! The name's Lija (or most people call me Wija now)
I've been a (big) fan of anime and manga ever since I could remember. (Of course not everyone will like my hobby, I guess.)
I'm usually a nonchalant person but if it has anything to do about what I care about, I can show interest as well. But I'm not really always showing an unemotional face, I'm always usually seen smiling. It's somewhat of a trait I got used to doing as impulse.

I'm not exactly optimistic, but I do look at the bright side of things, and I'm more of a neutral person. However the only thing that can make me choose a side...well it depends as to what the actual situation is.

The Japanese culture and its language fascinates me, therefore I try to learn about it as much as I could. I love to listen to music (and as a hobby, sing to them as well as I love to sing) and draw. I love sports because it's exciting to watch players on a field battle it out which one would win in terms of skills/talent or perhaps just being strategic. The outcome isn't always decided, but what happens in them is always a nice thing to spectate.

I was born and raised in the Philippines until I was 9 years old. I have a Filipino mother and a French stepfather. My native language is Tagalog and my 2nd language is English. My 3rd and ongoing struggle to learn is French... Which I really don't think I'll get at all... I moved to Saudi Arabia before I turned 10 years old since my dad's work was based there. I used to say I didn't like it there but it does beat my countryside boring life here in France now. And yeah, I moved to France in 2011 with my parents and little brother.

I was Catholic, Christian because my family liked going to the church on Sundays. I realized later on that I have always been a skeptic. I didn't believe a lot of things until I witnessed them myself but I never had seen anything that's why I've become an Atheist. But hey, that's just me. I also agree to what atheists before have mentioned which is why I am what I am today. I'm not exactly smart but I can tell what's right from wrong.

I have an internet addiction... Just as much as any young person all over the world. If you ever see me anywhere on the internet, and you're not just there to troll me, feel free to greet me. Hehe.

(Wija 21:01, 16 May 2014 (UTC))

Jun Fukuyama[edit]

(I wrote this when I was just getting into my fanatic-love for him, do forgive me haha)

Jun Fukuyama is a Japanese voice-actor. I've had an unusual obsession over him ever since I saw him in the 2005 BLEACH seiyuu anime event back in 2006/2007. Yea, it's been that long. I've only recently (around 2008) felt like he was such a lovable guy. I mean, back in around 2007, I was 17 years old and love wasn't even in my dictionary unless it was related to a bishonen. (Honestly speaking I have no idea what was going in my mind when I wrote this lol)

But now, my obsession have gone full blown and whenever it's internet or thoughts would add him up in a solution and I'd end up smiling to myself (like a retarded love-struck idiot). So now, I've become a huge fangirl of his and even proclaims him as "mai husbando". You can't really blame me for this since...he's the only guy I ever thought would be the best guy to marry. I've had relationships too and neither really made me realize that they could end up as my husband in the future.

Believe me... I talked about marriage with my ex years ago, and one thing was sure in my heart, I didn't think he was rightfully the one who could make me happy if we ever did get married. I mean, after awhile, I got fed up with how he treated me and I'm no pushover.

Oh? You must be thinking things wont work out for me and Jun either, huh? Well, the difference with my ex and Jun is that I didn't love my ex that much, so that happened...however, if I really loved Jun, such a thing wont even happen, right?

But no really, a girl can dream! I mean, even if you're not a girl, you can still dream! There's no harm in wishing! Someday, things might go your way, however if it doesn' it out until something can still make you happy even if it's not the one you wished for in the beginning. Close enough would still be acceptable, right?

I LOVE FUKUYAMA JUN♥ This has been a PSA. Haha!

(Wija 21:13, 16 May 2014 (UTC))


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