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Nuke FAKE refs.


Editing on WP[edit]

If you have 3/4 admins to back you, you can screw up WP as much as you like. If you do anything wrong, it can always be overlooked. If someone else finds out, they can always be warned/blocked about something or other. If you discuss things with others and are about to lose the argument, or your mischief or stupidity or your dishonesty is about to be exposed, the discussion can always be abruptly closed. Presto. You don't have to lose or get exposed! The articles can be allowed to rot. What more do you want?

Don't give out any clues to personal info through any means[edit]

I sincerely feel it is better NOT to use real names as usernames, and it is better not to give any type of personal info on Wikipedia, either on talkpage or on userpage, be it about profession/qualification/nationality/ethnicity/belief/whatever. i.e. one should only use cosmopolitan looking usernames and should not put any personal symbols etc. on userpages. Usernames can be changed on request. Please see WP:Username change if you want to get your username changed.

Things to read[edit]

WikiProject: Countering systemic bias
This project creates new articles and improves neglected ones.


If you want to shake your head from side to side.....[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
The Signpost
24 November 2017

Things to do[edit]