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Hello folks,

Welcome to my user page. I myself am still altering the page until I can get a final design. If you're here to vandalise I will make sure you get banned forever. And I don't take kindly to rude mail and I hate my talk page being clogged with image deletion.

This week on South Park...


When the entire contents of the world's imagination lay open before them, Stan and Kyle step right in.

I am a fan of South Park and have seen every episode despite being British. Notice my little banner to the left, I update weekly to ensure the latest South Park is advertised accordingly.

My main work is on South Park and Doctor Who pages. I also contribute to user boxes. I have redesigned the Torchwood and RuneScape boxes to a more detailed level.

I am in various WikiProjects, my favourite is the South Park one which I founded way back in 2006.

People I have met:

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