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Here are my wiki article ideas. I may decide to proceed with a project or scrap it all together. Some article ideas may be personal wiki challenges, while others will welcome input from other wikipedians, however all article ideas can be discussed here. The format of this section is not formal, but rather brain-storming, bulleted notes, and drafting of articles.


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Wikipedia editing guides and resources[edit]

Globie & Harlem Globetrotters[edit]

Wikipedians are invited to help expand on this project idea.

Please go to the article sandbox at User:PoizonMyst/Globie

Cannabis in Australia[edit]

Wikipedians are invited to help expand on this artcle idea. Discussion.
Cannabis in Australia has now been created, but there may be additional information available to expand on the article.

Please go to my sandbox for this article at User:PoizonMyst/Cannabis_in_Australia

Multiple birth[edit]

Wikipedians are invited to help expand on this project idea. Discussion.
For addition to the main article: Multiple birth

Draft article text[edit]


  • One - Singleton
  • Three or more - Higher Order Multiples (specify further terminology for HOMs in animal kingdom, such as Litter.)

Medical risks[edit]

  • Why more modern deliveries of HOMs by caesarian section?

Human genetic and psychological studies[edit]

Cultural aspects[edit]

Wiki resource links and notes
  • Maya Hero Twins (2nd generation twins)
  • Popol Vuh
  • Hun Hunahpu (One Hunahpu, 1st generation twin, father of Hero Twins and their half-brother's the Howler Monkey Gods - also twins)
  • Seven Hunahpu (Vucub Hunahpu), twin of One Hunahpu, had no children.
  • Research simularities, inconsistancies, and repetitions in the stories of Hero Twins, One and Seven Hunahpu, and the Howler Monkey Gods.
  • XQuic (Blood Moon or Blood Woman) is the mother of the second generation Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, who ultimately become the sun and the moon, respectively.
External resource links

In popular culture[edit]

Australian republic referendum, 1999[edit]

Wikipedians are invited to help expand on this project idea. Discussion.
For re-addition to the main article: Australian republic referendum, 1999

Removed from section entitled Preamble question, just prior to the heading Results was the following text:

This question was particularly important since the Constitution was never approved by the majority of the Australian people. In the original constitutional referenda of 1899-1900 no more than 15.9% have voted (based on the assumption of one vote per person, but since the number of votes allowed per person depended on his land holdings the actual number of voters was likely to be significantly lower). The assertion that the Constitution represents the will of the Australian people was therefore demonstrably false, leading to allegations of illegitimacy of the Australian Government and statutory law created under the Constitution. The preamble question was an attempt to put an end to this growing controversy through a democratically legitimate referendum, asking the people to endorse the Australian Constitution by accepting the phrase:We the Australian people commit ourselves to this Constitution.[citation needed]


  • Reason for removal - "Questionable section removed. Happy to discuss if anyone thinks it should go back" - by User:Robert Brockway
  • However, if correct, this is extremely important information that should be included in the article, and possibly other related articles, such as - Constitution of Australia, Australian Constitutional Convention 1998, Australian constitutional law, Constitutional history of Australia
  • Search the above listed articles (and others - there is a complete template here) for any info relating to the deleted text.
  • Is removal of the section correct as it may be classed Original Research or even Fringe Theory?
  • Is it possible to find reliable source references for this removed text?
  • Is the stated 1899-1900 voter turnout percentage of 15.9% correct? Yes? No? Correct info and cite refs.
  • Is there any reliable source for allegations of illegitimacy of the Australian Commonwealth Govt, the Constitution, and Laws created since 1900 Federation?
  • Is there a reliable source to state that the inclusion of the Pre-Amble Question "was an attempt to put an end to this growing controversy through a democratically legitimate referendum." and to have a majority vote of the Australian people accept the Constituition by a vote of 'Yes' - note: we voted 'No'.


Note: The following sources may not fall into Reliable Source definition.

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