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To express my love for Wikipedia, I've composed a hip-hop song, which I hereby release into the public domain:

bold i be

Start the day with a minor editvandalism undo
Cleaning up the page about Sun Tzu: User Warning Two
It might be a puppet in the form of a sock
Ask an admin to check up on the log of the block
Now I'm fixing up a typo on this DYK
And then I gotta vote "Nay" on this RFA
Then I gotta read an article on balsa wood
So I can ascertain if it qualifies as Good
Or just merely adequate - my userboxes are immaculate
The peer review is done and now I'm FACin' it
Six little stars at the top of my user page
And I don't bother with the articles on Wikirage
Because, honestly, I'm bored by the edit wars
Three revert rule – you're a fool if you edit more
Out the door, troll; you're a danger to my WikiHealth
Accusing me of POV? You better check yourself!

I'm something to see on the WP

...and bold I be like three apostrophes
Everybody knows me; they memorize my IP
...and bold I be like three apostrophes
All the people say "Yay" for my TFA
...and bold I be like three apostrophes
I'm the king of multimedia on Wikipedia

...and bold I be like three apostrophes

It's Scartol ripping up the microphone
Leave a message on my talk page so I know I'm not alone
I'm asking you: Please don't bite the newbies
My first article was taken up to AFD
And that's cool, cuz it probably should have been deleted
Cuz I overlooked a policy that needed to be heeded
But damn, man – I'm learning, and I'm totally new
You can't reply to the message that I left for you?
But that's cool, cuz I've mastered how to really do it right
I'm composing Featured Articles like every single night:
Emma Goldman, Harriet Tubman, Chinua Achebe
I got the Balzac to back up what I say
So if my barnstars don't impress you enough
And if these lyrics don't prove that my tongue's so rough
And if you gotta leave mad and walk off in a huff
That's all right; I'll have some quiet time to edit this stuff


And for all you that's hating on how the project works
"Wikipedia is edited by idiots and jerks!
And they can add anything they wanna add" – yup
But there's an army of vandal-fighters cleaning it up
So I say "peace" to The Recent Changes Patrol
Make the internet not suck: That's the real goal
In your home from the library, office from the college –
A worldwide movement to preserve human knowledge
And there's problems; I'm not saying that the project's perfection
But is it worse than the 2000 US election?
I mean, it's not like democracy is the problem, right?
Instead of pointing out what's wrong, let us work to make it right!


Shout-outs: Awadewit, WillowW, JayHenry, Moni3, Yllosubmarine, Qp10qp, Bookandcoffee, Outriggr, Durova, Xenocidic, Cailil, Grrrlriot, twelsht, Hemlock Martinis, Al Ameer son, Roger Davies, VanTucky, Pursey, and a hundred other people I forgot...

"bold i be" is a Featured Rap Track; it (or a previous version of it) has been identified as one of the best songs produced by the Wikipedia community. Even so, if you can update or improve it... Wait, what am I saying? No one can improve these lyrics. Never mind.