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Personal wiki to-do list <--- If you think I should write an article, or want my help, feel free to update this. I might get around to it, someday.

I like monkeys. 猴 王. I contribute randomly to whatever my interests are. My original watchlist included Universal Serial Bus and a few smaller items. It has now grown exponentially as I unintentionally got involved in pedia-wide terminology battles. Woot, for the fun.

My likes: I drive a US market 1984 RX-7 with a ported 12A so I can woop ass. I like to eat pie, and hen fap. I usually use the same username wherever I'm at. You can find me on LiveJournal and I'm on admin on Encyclopædia Dramatica (which has nothing to do with what I do on Wikipedia).

My expertise: I worked on various technologies at one large software company for several years. In ensuing books or documentation; in at least one case I'm credited and in others I've asked not to be credited. On every modern PC I can point to something and claim I contributed to how it works. I'm deliberately vague here because I never plan to hang out credentials.

My career: I manage change: generally as a consultant to technology companies (or to the IT dept of non-tech companies) when they undergo large splits, buyouts, and mergers.

This [1] was a rather humourous vandalism of my page. I wish I had a Praise Allah key on my keyboard. I'd be hitting it as hard as I could. Maybe that's what broke it.

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The offending userbox
God save the Queens!

Various personal essays about the Wikipedia experience I plan to write.

about my block log
about use of mainland China
User:SchmuckyTheCat/other stuff
Tracking sockpuppets and IP edits of banned user User:Instantnood
Things cooler than me
Robert Evans
John Waters
Quincy Jones
Doc Maynard


Images! and Audio![edit]

Articles I've created:[edit]


  • Permission-Microsoft, for Microsoft software screenshots. I migrated it from some other wikiproject, it needs more use on EN, where MSFT images get deleted for fair use reasons when we have permission to use them.
  • User article ban (sweet, I hope it's used on me soon so I can see it in action).

Enough of a re-write I might as well take some credit:[edit]

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From Wikipedia's newest articles:

Exhaust, a major cause of pollution

From Wikipedia's newest articles:


From Wikipedia's newest articles:


Love notes[edit]

Well this seems to be the only way to contact you. Why did you delete the image entitled "WinXP.Launch.FCKGW.jpg". I replaced the image with a version that had the CD key (reason you stated for deleting) obscured. The only portion of the cd-key that was visible was why the image was so appropriate for that page. Also, who do you think that image belongs to? This is a compelte classic image, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be part of wikipedia. dila 20:11, 1 March 2006 (UTC) See response: [5] dila 20:25, 1 March 2006 (UTC)

Message to Dila: I deleted your image because I am 38-year-old deadbeat loser who lives with my mom and works for a telemarketing company. I gain a sense of importance in my shitty, pathetic existence by being a zealous contributor to Wikipedia. The experience is orgasmic, believe me, although don't take my word because I've never fucked a "girl" under 230 pounds.

Schmucky, your user page rocks! :-) I especially like that you have edited "Mormon Underwear" --Julien Deveraux 23:11, 6 June 2006 (UTC)

Schmuckythecat has admitted on his personal web page that he is against all things related to PETA and animal rights, and that he would rather support the group Center for Consumer Freedom than an animal rights group. He also has pictures taken directly from CCF's website that disparages animal groups posted on his webpage. He is believed to be paid by this group to continually monitor anything related to animal rights and to add negative publicity and defamation. He actually may be getting served with a lawsuit in the near future. It is he, therefore, that is biased and has an agenda. He certainly puts a lot of energy into trying to get rid of anyone who takes issue with any of the biased edits that he makes; it is unnatural. Why would aperson be doing this unless they had a hidden agenda? I suggest that he be permanently blocked from editing cites such as Foie Gras, Farm Sanctuary, PETA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and anything else that the Center for Consumer Freedom has an active campaign agains. GingerGin 23:08, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

Eh yo, so are you like, a retarded cat or something? Also, stop vandalizing China related articles, retards like you deserve to be executed by the PRC. 03:39, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

According to LOUISA1132 I am very old and mean.


well, my watchlist has grown exponentially. and thus my interactions with others who may come to this page looking for information bout me.

I got a new laptop, but this is still historically true if you read an old conversation: For now, I wish to apologize to anyone looking at talk page nd thinking I can't type. I most often edit wikipedia from my laptop which has a missing 'a' key. I correct for this in main articles, but often don't in talk pages. If I write a word in a talk page tht seems mis-spelled, try inserting the letter a. ta ta!