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I joined Wikipedia In December of 2004

This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

Articles I have Created[edit]

Under Username: François Stahly Schloss WernigerodeAnise of FlavignyYoda (disambiguation)White House Medical UnitZhivoy (film)Monte Carlo (1930 film)Sammarinese wineDer Himmel lacht! Die Erde jubilieret Ich hatte viel BekümmernisGottes Zeit ist die allerbeste ZeitRichard SutcliffeRomance (folk tune)Cheminée du Front de SeineMethionylglutaminylarginyl...serineSenior Service (Cigarette)‎SnøfriskRed Dragon (cheese)Music in Brainiac: Science AbuseDevon Horse ShowErik SkjoldbjærgCisco BrewersMassachusetts beer and breweriesHow High is Up?Saddleback caterpillarCloche hatNantucket IndependentThe Nantucket BeaconMerion Cricket ClubBryn Mawr Presbyterian ChurchRadnor High SchoolRadnor Township School DistrictA Chef in LoveB. Altman and CompanyMusic in Civilization IVTuckernuck IslandBBC Radio ShetlandBBC Radio OrkneySan Barnaba di VeneziaLonicera caeruleaSoleadoPalmer Theological SeminaryEastern University (after moving original article to Universidad del Este)

Not Under Username: John X. MerrimanNiko PirosmanashviliCoreStates

Articles which I have made significant contributions to[edit]

50 State Quarters designs (added names of engravers) Eastern UniversityList of Criterion Collection DVD releases(usually manage to add new releases when announced) • List of Eclipse releases (same for these) • Added a cool (and clever) photo to Kindle

My Photos[edit]


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organic food
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