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TheLeaper is a sociolinguist. TheLeaper is here to contribute linguistics knowledge to Wikipedia through participating in WikiProject Linguistics and through work in the classes they teach. TheLeaper is also a fan of classical and symphonic music, following the work of contemporary composers of symphonic band music. TheLeaper speaks some Dutch and some Spanish and has done translation work from these languages. TheLeaper is learning their heritage language Manx Gaelic and is attempting to contribute Manx knowledge to Wikipedia.

Main Expertise Areas[edit]

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TheLeaper is a linguist (specifically a sociolinguist) and a scholarly communications professional. The Leaper has a lot of knowledge about things like language archives and data sources, and loves to share linguistic study with the world in an accessible way.


TheLeaper is also a musician and loves volunteer music ensembles. TheLeaper has participated in a number of community and volunteer music groups. TheLeaper plays a large, loud brass instrument.

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  • TheLeaper is currently working on incorporating links to the language data archives at AILLA starting at the top. Links go to the researcher's wiki page (if they have one) and the language's wiki page.
    • Updated 1/7/17: Got through A-Grimes
    • This project has been paused in January 2017 to allow for AILLA to update its systems / URLs.
    • Leave TheLeaper a note if you'd like to help out: Talk