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Important note: This is not intended as an incentive for mass undeletions. Recreations of any of these articles must comply with all relevant policies and guidelines, particularly Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons. (But nor is it an endorsement of the mass deletions)

This is a list of some of the articles deleted in the early 2010 BLP purge, along with some hopefully useful information on them. If you're an admin the * links will take you to straight to the last deleted revision. If you're not then find sources first and then ask me, the deleting admin, or anyone in Category:Wikipedia administrators who will provide copies of deleted articles.


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Cathy Greene * undel Cache 3 1963 births, Living people,
Vicky Gee-Dare * undel Cache 2 British television actors, Living people,
Fu Che-wei * undel Cache 2 Living people, Year of birth missing, Taiwanese pool players,
Crystal R. Fox * undel Cache 1 Living people, Year of birth missing, American film actors, American television actors, African American actors, Actors from North Carolina,
Adel Ferdosipour * undel Cache 8 fa Iranian journalists, Iranian television personalities, Football (soccer) commentators, Sharif University of Technology alumni, Sharif University of Technology faculty, Living people, Alborz High School alumni, 1974 births,
Faysal al-Khalid * undel Cache 3 1953 births, Living people, Saudi royal family,
Allen Engel * undel Cache 3 Saskatchewan NDP MLAs, 1932 births, Living people,
Jeremiah Edmond * undel Cache 2 Year of birth missing, Living people, American drummers,
Allie Dvorin * undel Cache 2 American film directors, American film producers, Living people,
Elly Dekker * undel Cache 1 Year of birth missing, Living people,
Cole Cubelic * undel Cache 0 Commentators, Year of birth missing, Living people,
Robert W. Corell * undel Cache 3 American engineers, Oceanographers, American scientists, Living people, John F. Kennedy School of Government staff, Year of birth missing, Brazilian Order of Scientific Merit recipients, Case Western Reserve University alumni, Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni, University of Washington faculty, University of New Hampshire faculty, Case Western Reserve University faculty,
Adnan Coker * undel Cache 2 1927 births, Living people, Turkish painters,
Chan Kau-tai * undel Cache 1 zh 1945 births, Living people, Government officials of Hong Kong, Structural engineers, Hong Kong criminals,
Brian Chan * undel Cache 2 Guyanese writers, 1949 births, Living people,
Alicia Calaway * undel Cache 12 1968 births, Survivor contestants, Participants in American reality television series, Living people, People from Connecticut,
Cristina Camargo * undel Cache 2 es Living people, Mexican voice actors,
Brad Carvey * undel Cache 2 Living people, Year of birth missing,
John Bucklaschuk * undel Cache 11 Manitoba New Democratic Party MLAs, 1939 births, Living people,
Justinas Burba * undel Cache 1 bat-smg 1955 births, Living people, Lithuanian politicians,
Edward Burman * undel Cache 4 1947 births, English writers, Living people,
Tom Busch * undel Cache 0 1947 births, Living people, American radio personalities, Boston College alumni, People from Philadelphia, People from Anchorage,
Mike Brady (Chicago Express Airlines founder) * undel Cache 2 Living people, Year of birth missing,
Jacek Braciak * undel Cache 5 pl 1968 births, Living people,
Michael Bosworth * undel Cache 0 British actors, Living people,
Andre Blaszczynski * undel Cache 0 Polish Americans, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute alumni, Living people,
David Blum * undel Cache 12 American journalists, Living people, American writers, University of Chicago alumni,
Jared Boice * undel Cache 5 Living people, American film producers, American rock guitarists, 1980 births,
Berhane Ghebrezgabiher * undel Cache 4 Members of the National Assembly of Eritrea, 1947 births, Living people,
Adam Bagdasarian * undel Cache 3 American novelists, Armenian Americans, Armenian-American writers, Year of birth missing, Living people,
Alexander Beglov * undel Cache 7 ja pl ru 1956 births, Living people, Russian businesspeople, People from Baku, Medvedev Administration personnel, Governors of Saint Petersburg,
Areski Belkacem * undel Cache 7 fr 1940 births, Living people, French people of Algerian descent, French musicians, Kabyle people,
Paul Aulagnier * undel Cache 2 fr pl 1943 births, Living people, People from Puy-de-Dôme, Roman Catholic Church in France, Traditionalist Catholic priests, French Traditionalist Catholics,
Adolfo Ángel * undel Cache 0 es id fr ms 1963 births, Living people,
Mariano Argento * undel Cache 4 Argentine film actors, Argentine actors, Argenti, Mariano|, 1962 births, Living people,
Derrick Zwickl * undel Cache 1 American biologists, Evolutionary biologists, Living people,
Leo Zsitvay * undel Cache 1 People from Budapest, 1913 births, Living people,
Peter Charles Hoffer * undel Cache 10 1944 births, Living people, University of Rochester alumni, Harvard University alumni, Ohio State University faculty, University of Notre Dame faculty, University of Georgia faculty, American historians,
Adam Holzman * undel Cache 6 de 1958 births, Living people, American keyboardists, Miles Davis, People from New York City,
Hemayag Haroyan * undel Cache 32 uk Year of birth missing, Living people, Armenian military personnel,
Steafán Hanvey * undel Cache 4 1973 births, Living people, People from Downpatrick, Male singers from Northern Ireland, Songwriters from Northern Ireland,
Tom Griffith * undel Cache 3 American television journalists, American television news anchors, People from Pittsburgh, University of Delaware alumni, Living people,
Joaquin Maria Gutierrez * undel Cache 3 1990 births, Living people, Filipino classical violinists,
Gary Goldberg * undel Cache 3 American talk radio hosts, Year of birth missing, Living people,
Eric R. Gilbertson * undel Cache 3 Saginaw Valley State University, Johnson State College, Living people,
Gary Gillatt * undel Cache 5 Living people, Year of birth missing,
Mark Goddard (racing driver) * undel Cache 3 Living people, British racecar drivers, British Formula Three Championship drivers, Asian Formula Three Championship drivers,
Jon G * undel Cache 3 1965 births, Living people,
Steve Gallacci * undel Cache 21 American comics writers, American comics artists, Comic book publishers, United States Air Force airmen, 1955 births, Living people, Furry fandom people,
Héctor Franceschi * undel Cache 0 1925 births, Living people, People from Sucre, Venezuelan soldiers,
Stephen Fitzpatrick * undel Cache 2 Fitzpatrick, Steven|, Fitzpatrick, Steven|, Fitzpatrick, Steven|,
Charles Flynn * undel Cache 6 Year of birth missing, Duke University alumni, Hamilton College alumni, Living people, American academics,
Kevin Fox * undel Cache 6 Year of birth missing, Living people, Wesleyan University alumni, Music educators, Choral conductors, Westminster Choir College alumni,
Sue Fink * undel Cache 1 Living people, American composers, American conductors, Women conductors, American singer-songwriters,
John Fees * undel Cache 4 Year of birth missing, Living people, American businesspeople, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Janko Ferk * undel Cache 9 de nl sl 1958 births, Living people, Austrian novelists, Austrian poets, Austrian jurists, Slovenian poets, Slovenian Roman Catholics, Carinthian Slovenes, People from Klagenfurt,
Buddy England * undel Cache 3 English male singers, English songwriters, Living people,
Aleksandar Damjanović * undel Cache 4 1975 births, Living people, Bosnia and Herzegovina basketball players, People from Sarajevo, Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Henry Badowski * undel Cache 3 English keyboardists, English songwriters, Living people, 1958 births,
Anders Blixt * undel Cache 4 sv ia 1959 births, Swedish journalists, Living people, Role-playing game designers, Lund University alumni,
Chris Clark (editor) * undel Cache 1 Sports journalists, Living people, Year of birth missing, Wingate University alumni,
Giannis Zouganelis * undel Cache 5 el People from Athens, Greek composers, Greek pianists, Living people, Year of birth missing, National Technical University of Athens alumni,
Robert A. Wylie * undel Cache 2 cy Canadian sculptors, Living people,
Alfredo Witschi-Cestari * undel Cache 0 Year of birth missing, Living people, United Nations officials,
Christopher J. Walsh * undel Cache 2 1968 births, Living people, American sportswriters,
Maria Warburg * undel Cache 3 1952 births, English film actors, Living people,
Burton Visotzky * undel Cache 3 1951 births, People from Chicago, American academics, American Conservative rabbis, Harvard University alumni, 20th-century rabbis, 21st-century rabbis, American writers, American novelists, Living people,
John von Kesmark * undel Cache 1 British science fiction writers, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Koz Vorgias * undel Cache 2 Australian rugby league players, Western Suburbs Panthers players, Australians of Greek descent, 1986 births, Living people,
David Wadelton * undel Cache 1 Australian painters, Artists from Melbourne, 1955 births, Living people,
Gery Verbruggen * undel Cache 7 Living people, Belgian bowling players,
Phil Tomlinson * undel Cache 18 State cabinet secretaries of Oklahoma, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Miles Tolbert * undel Cache 5 State cabinet secretaries of Oklahoma, Living people, Year of birth missing, Harvard University alumni, Stanford University alumni,
John Thomas (news anchor) * undel Cache 0 Living people,
Auron Tare * undel Cache 1 1968 births, Living people, Albanian journalists,
Patrick M. Stillman * undel Cache 3 United States Coast Guard admirals, Living people,
James M. Supplee * undel Cache 1 American educators, Drew University faculty, Stevens Institute of Technology faculty, University of Texas at Dallas alumni, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Jaakko Syrjä * undel Cache 5 fi 1926 births, Finnish writers, Living people,
Jesus Singson * undel Cache 0 1917 births, Philippine Air Force generals, Living people,
Richard P. Siano * undel Cache 1 Year of birth missing, Living people, Members of the Libertarian Party, New Jersey local politicians,
Patrick Simmons * undel Cache 74 de 1948 births, American rock guitarists, Living people, American male singers, American rock singers, American Christians, The Doobie Brothers members,
Chris Sheppard (DJ) * undel Cache 5 Canadian DJs, Canadian radio personalities, Living people,
Joe Shea * undel Cache 11 1947 births, Living people, American journalists,
Igor Sekulic * undel Cache 1 fr Living people, Film directors, Stunt performers, Film producers, Year of birth missing,
Christian Schoen * undel Cache 0 de Art curators, Living people, German art historians, 1970 births, People from Marburg,
Bernie Schroeder * undel Cache 1 Living people, American radio personalities,
Thomas Schulze * undel Cache 1 Year of birth missing, Living people, German opera singers, Operatic tenors,
Mario Schmidt * undel Cache 1 pt Historians, Living people, Brazilians of German descent,
Khayridinov Sadridin * undel Cache 1 1955 births, Living people, Tajikistani people,
Jörn Rüsen * undel Cache 4 de pt 1938 births, Living people,
Reo Nagumo * undel Cache 20
Wallace Reyburn * undel Cache 2 Canadian humorists, Living people,
Goran Radosavljević * undel Cache 1 Radosavljević, Goran|, Living people, Radosavljević, Goran|,
David Reid (musician) * undel Cache 2 1972 births, Living people,
Jibril Rajoub * undel Cache 103 de he ar ru no 1953 births, Living people, Palestinian leaders, Palestinian militants, Palestinian politicians, Fatah members,
Brandon Reilly * undel Cache 5 it 1981 births, Living people, American punk rock guitarists, American punk rock singers, American rock guitarists, American rock singers, Irish-American musicians, Musicians from New York, New York City nightlife, People from Long Island,
Anne Quast * undel Cache 14 American golfers, Winners of ladies' major amateur golf championships, Sportspeople from Washington, Stanford Cardinal women's golfers, 1937 births, Living people,
Tadeusz Piechura * undel Cache 3 1948 births, Living people, Polish graphic designers, Polish artists,
Adam Clayton Powell III * undel Cache 7 1946 births, Living people,
Felipe de Ortego y Gasca * undel Cache 4 Arizona State University faculty, Living people, Mexican American writers, 1926 births, University of Texas at El Paso alumni, American Professors of English,
Susan Owens * undel Cache 5 Washington Supreme Court justices, Living people, Duke University alumni,
Trevor Oakes * undel Cache 5 1946 births, Living people, People from Leicester, English rock guitarists,
Robert O'Harrow, Jr. * undel Cache 6 pl American writers, Year of birth missing, Living people,
Keyla Ohs * undel Cache 5 Canadian figure skaters, 1979 births, Living people, Ohs|,
Zlatan Olić * undel Cache 3 1951 births, Living people, Croatian journalists,
Irené Novaczek * undel Cache 5 Year of birth missing, Living people, Green candidates in the 2004 Canadian federal election, Canadian environmentalists,
Nikollë Nikprelaj * undel Cache 6 de Albanian musicians, Living people,
Herman W. Nickel * undel Cache 4 Living people, American diplomats, 1928 births, Union College,
Apisai Naevo * undel Cache 7 Year of birth missing, Living people, Fijian senators, Nadi people,
Tommy Möller * undel Cache 2 sv Living people, 1958 births, Swedish political scientists, Stockholm University academics,
Muse Dude Samatar * undel Cache 2 fr Somali politicians, Living people,
Thomas T. Matteson * undel Cache 3 United States Merchant Marine Academy superintendents, United States Merchant Marine Academy alumni, United States Coast Guard Academy alumni, Living people,
Óscar Meléndez * undel Cache 5 1966 births, Living people, Menudo members, Puerto Rican singers,
Mansour Farhang * undel Cache 3 Farhang|, Iranian immigrants to the United States, University of Arizona alumni, Bennington College faculty, Claremont Graduate Schol alumni, Living people,
Diehl Mateer * undel Cache 7 American squash players, 1928 births, Living people,
Gerard Macioce * undel Cache 0 1965 births, Living people,
Luis Herrera-Estrella * undel Cache 4 Herrera-Estrella, Luis|, Herrera-Estrella, Luis|,
Juan Miguel López * undel Cache 6 1967 births, Cuban triple jumpers, Living people,
Leo A. Berg * undel Cache 1 Living people,
Chris Layton * undel Cache 60 fr American drummers, 1955 births, Living people, People from Corpus Christi, Double Trouble members,
Slobodan Lalović * undel Cache 8 1954 births, Living people, Serbian politicians, Belgrade Law School alumni,
Milorad Krivokapić * undel Cache 11 1956 births, Living people, Montenegrin water polo players, Olympic water polo players of Yugoslavia, Water polo players at the 1980 Summer Olympics, Water polo players at the 1984 Summer Olympics, Olympic gold medalists for Yugoslavia, Olympic silver medalists for Yugoslavia,
Stove King * undel Cache 9 1974 births, Living people, English rock bass guitarists, People from Ellesmere Port,
Michael Köhlmeier * undel Cache 8 de 1949 births, Living people, Austrian writers,
Huong Keenleyside * undel Cache 4 Living people, 1971 births, Vietnamese writers, Europeans of Vietnamese descent,
Kasey Buckley * undel Cache 0 Buckley|, Living people,
Olga Humphrey * undel Cache 0 American dramatists and playwrights, Women dramatists and playwrights, American screenwriters, Women screenwriters, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Per Morten Hoff * undel Cache 0 no 1956 births, Living people, Norwegian journalists,
Morten Alfred Høirup * undel Cache 3 1961 births, Living people, Danish guitarists, Danish singers,
Michael Heisley * undel Cache 38 es Year of birth missing, Living people, American businesspeople, American philanthropists, Georgetown University alumni, Memphis Grizzlies, National Basketball Association executives, National Basketball Association owners, People from Alexandria, People from Kane County, People from Washington,
Larry L. Hereth * undel Cache 1 United States Coast Guard admirals, Florida Institute of Technology alumni, Living people,
Diana Hansen-Young * undel Cache 3 American musical theatre librettists, American dramatists and playwrights, 1947 births, Living people, People from Bellingham,
Shirley Hayden * undel Cache 15 Living people, Year of birth missing, P-Funk members, African American female singers,
Heikki Häiväoja * undel Cache 7 nl fr fi Living people,
John R. Gregg * undel Cache 2 Year of birth missing, Living people, Vincennes University, Indiana University alumni, Members of the Indiana House of Representatives, Indiana Democrats, Indiana State University alumni, Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis alumni,
Guðmundur Gunnarsson * undel Cache 21 is Living people, Year of birth missing,
Lisa Gastineau * undel Cache 0 1959 births, Living people, American socialites, Participants in American reality television series,
Teresa García de Madero * undel Cache 8 Living people, Members of the National Action Party, Mexican diplomats, Municipal presidents in Mexico, People from Nuevo León, Year of birth missing, Mexican women in politics, Women mayors,
Fernanda Eberstadt * undel Cache 9 1960 births, Living people, American essayists, American novelists, People from New York City,
Taki Fiti * undel Cache 2 bg ru 1950 births, Living people, People from Kruševo, Macedonian politicians, Aromanian people,
Yaya Dillo Djérou * undel Cache 7 1976 births, Living people, Chadian rebels, Second Chadian Civil War,
Norbert Domnik * undel Cache 3 nl 1964 births, Austrian triathletes, Living people, Triathletes at the 2004 Summer Olympics, Olympic triathletes of Austria, Duathletes,
Yves Ducharme * undel Cache 16 hu fr Living people, Mayors of Gatineau, People from Montreal, 1958 births,
Paul Dirksen * undel Cache 6 Living people,
Hélio Delmiro * undel Cache 4 pt 1947 births, Brazilian guitarists, Living people,
István Dabi * undel Cache 2 pt ru ko 1943 births, Living people, Hungarian translators, Hungarian linguists,
Joseph R. D'Cruz * undel Cache 0 Living people,
Justin Davidson * undel Cache 14 American music critics, Writers from New York, Pulitzer Prize for Criticism winners, 1966 births, Living people, Harvard University alumni, Columbia University alumni, Opera critics,
Michel Dalberto * undel Cache 8 it ja 1955 births, Living people, French pianists, Prize-winners of the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition, Alumni of the Conservatoire de Paris,
Alfredo Bruto da Costa * undel Cache 0 pt Government ministers of Portugal, Portuguese people, 1938 births, Living people,
Edith Cody-Rice * undel Cache 2 Lawyers in Ontario, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Rose Connors * undel Cache 2 Living people, Year of birth missing, American crime fiction writers,
Bob Cooke * undel Cache 5 1947 births, People from Tasmania, Living people, Australian radio personalities,
David R. Cooke * undel Cache 3 1937 births, Living people, Liberal Party of Ontario MPPs,
Fernando Cervigón * undel Cache 6 Ichthyologists, Venezuelan zoologists, Living people,
Michael Cassell * undel Cache 2 American sportswriters, Year of birth missing, Living people, Boxing media,
Gentleman Jim Carter * undel Cache 3 American radio personalities, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Lisa-Marie Boucher * undel Cache 2 People from Guiseley, 1984 births, English television actors, Living people,
Tasos Bougas * undel Cache 3 sk Year of birth missing, Living people, Greek laïko singers, Greek male singers, Pop folk singers, Modern Greek-language singers,
Bob Black (comedy writer) * undel Cache 1 Scottish television writers, Living people, Year of birth missing,
Tom Billeter * undel Cache 8 1961 births, Living people, American basketball coaches, Arizona Wildcats men's basketball coaches, North Dakota State Bison basketball, Texas A&M Aggies men's basketball coaches, North Dakota State Bison men's basketball coaches, Augustana College people,
Alfred Birnbaum * undel Cache 16 Japanese-English translators, Jewish Japanologists, 1955 births, Living people,
Jerry Berndt * undel Cache 60 Bowling Green Falcons football players, Missouri Tigers football coaches, Penn Quakers football coaches, Rice Owls football coaches, Temple Owls football coaches, University of Missouri faculty, Living people,
William Bastone * undel Cache 7 Year of birth missing, Living people, American journalists,
René Bejarano * undel Cache 10 es nl 1957 births, Living people, Mexican federal deputies, Former members of the Party of the Democratic Revolution,
Philippa Beams * undel Cache 2 New Zealand squash players, Living people,
David Baynton-Power * undel Cache 37 James members, 1961 births, Living people, Welsh drummers,
Dennis R. Appleyard * undel Cache 3 Year of birth missing, Living people, American academics, American economists, Ohio Wesleyan University alumni, University of Michigan alumni,
Luis Argueta * undel Cache 3 Guatemalan film directors, Guatemalan film producers, 1946 births, Living people,
Roberto Azurdia * undel Cache 1 Guatemalan diplomats, Guatemalan politicians, Guatemalan writers, Guatemalan novelists, Guatemalan surgeons, Guatemalan physicians, Guatemalan navy personnel, 1926 births, Living people,
Didier André * undel Cache 26 fr ru pt 1974 births, French racecar drivers, Indy Lights drivers, Indy Racing League drivers, Living people, 24 Hours of Le Mans drivers,
Jalal Homaei * undel Cache 6 fa Iranian academics, Iranian linguists, Iranian writers, Year of birth missing, Living people,
Shann Johnson * undel Cache 2 Year of birth missing, Living people, American television actors, American film actors, American dancers, San Diego State University alumni,
James Gorman (journalist) * undel Cache 4 1949 births, Living people, New York Times people, American journalists, Science journalists,
Carlos Gránda * undel Cache 2 Mexican male singers, Living people,
David Grove (illustrator) * undel Cache 2 Living people,
Inger Brattström * undel Cache 1 sv Swedish writers, Living people, 1920 births,
Steve Buffery * undel Cache 2 Living people,