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Signal Processing[edit]

Active noise control
Adaptive beamformer
Adaptive estimator
Adaptive feedback cancellation
Adaptive filter
Adjacent channel power ratio
Algebraic formula for the variance
Algebraic signal processing
Algorithms for calculating variance
Ambiguity function
Amplitude-Comparison Monopulse
Analog signal processing
Analytic signal
Angular momentum
Argument (complex analysis)
Asymptotic gain model
Autocorrelation matrix
Automatic gain control
Automatic link establishment
Autoregressive model
Auxiliary particle filter
Average absolute deviation
Backus–Gilbert method
Bandwidth (signal processing)
Bandwidth expansion
Bayes estimator
Berkson error model
Bessel's correction
Best linear unbiased prediction
Bhattacharyya distance
BIBO stability
Bilinear time–frequency distribution
Blackman's theorem
Blind deconvolution
Blind equalization
Blind signal separation
Block transform
Bode plot
Carrier frequency offset
Central moment
Channel Division Multiple Access (ChDMA)
Chapman–Robbins bound
Chi-squared target models
Chirp compression
Chirp spectrum
Chirplet transform
Choi–Williams distribution function
Clipping (signal processing)
Coefficient of variation
Cognitive hearing science
Cohen's class distribution function
Coherence (physics)
Coherence (signal processing)
Coherent sampling
Comb filter
Comb generator
Common spatial pattern
Common-method variance
Complementary sequences
Compressed sensing
Computerized Speech Lab
Conditional variance
Cone-shape distribution function
Confidence region
Conjugate prior
Consistent estimator
Constant amplitude zero autocorrelation waveform
Constant fraction discriminator
Continuous signal
Cornish–Fisher expansion
Counter-IED equipment
Covariance mapping
Cramér–Rao bound
Cross-recurrence quantification
Cyclostationary process
Data acquisition
Data assimilation
Decimation (signal processing)
Delay equalization
Delphi method
Derivation of the Routh array
Detection theory
Deviance (statistics)
Deviation (statistics)
Digital down converter
Digital room correction
Digital signal processing
Digital Signal Processing (journal)
Digital storage oscilloscope
Dirac comb
Direction of arrival
Directional symmetry (time series)
Discrete system
Discrete-time signal
Doppler effect
Dynamic range
Echo removal
Echo suppression and cancellation
Effective resolution bandwidth
Efficient estimator
Electronic counter-countermeasure
Emphasis (telecommunications)
Empirical likelihood
Empirical probability
Energy (signal processing)
Engineering tolerance
Ensemble Kalman filter
Equalization (communications)
Equivalent rectangular bandwidth
Ergodic process
Error concealment
Errors and residuals
Essential bandwidth
Estimating equations
Estimation of covariance matrices
Estimation theory
Euler–Rodrigues formula
Expectation–maximization algorithm
Extended Kalman filter
Exterior algebra
Extremum estimator
Factorial code
Fano factor
Fibre multi-object spectrograph
Filter (signal processing)
Filtering problem (stochastic processes)
Finite impulse response
First-order hold
Fisher information
Fixed effects model
Flow graph (mathematics)
Formation matrix
Fraction of variance unexplained
Fractional Fourier transform
Frame (linear algebra)
Frequency ambiguity resolution
Frequency band
Frequency domain
Frequency response
Full width at half maximum
Gain compression
Gating signal
Gauss–Markov theorem
Generalized canonical correlation
Generalized least squares
Generalized signal averaging
Generalized Wiener filter
Geometric phase analysis
Geophysical MASINT
Goldfeld–Quandt test
Goodness of fit
Gradient pattern analysis
Graphical lasso
Greenwood statistic
Group delay and phase delay
Half time (electronics)
Half-band filter
Hann function
Head-related transfer function
Helmert–Wolf blocking
Higher-order sinusoidal input describing function
Hilbert spectral analysis
Hilbert spectroscopy
Hilbert spectrum
Hilbert transform
Hilbert–Huang transform
Hodges' estimator
Homomorphic filtering
Householder transformation
In-phase and quadrature components
Independent component analysis
Index of dispersion
Innovation (signal processing)
Instantaneous phase
Integration over time
Interval estimation
Invariant estimator
Invariant extended Kalman filter
Inverse-variance weighting
Itakura–Saito distance
James–Stein estimator
Johnson–Nyquist noise
Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter
Kaiser window
Kalman filter
Kaplan–Meier estimator
Karhunen–Loève theorem
Kernel principal component analysis
Kullback's inequality
Kushner equation
Lag windowing
Lanczos resampling
Law of total variance
Least absolute deviations
Least mean squares filter
Least squares
Lehmann–Scheffé theorem
Likelihood function
Likelihood principle
Linear canonical transformation
Linear least squares (mathematics)
Linear prediction
Linear regression
Linear trend estimation
Location estimation in sensor networks
Log Gabor filter
Log-spectral distance
Low-pass filter
LTI system theory
Margin of error
Masreliez's theorem
Matched filter
Matching pursuit
Mathematics of radio engineering
Matrix regularization
Maximum a posteriori estimation
Maximum entropy spectral estimation
Maximum likelihood estimation
Maximum spacing estimation
Mean absolute difference
Mean absolute error
Mean absolute percentage error
Mean absolute scaled error
Mean and predicted response
Mean square quantization error
Mean square weighted deviation
Mean squared displacement
Mean squared error
Mean squared prediction error
Median absolute deviation
Median filter
Method of simulated moments
Microwave analog signal processing
Minimax estimator
Minimum chi-square estimation
Minimum distance estimation
Minimum mean square error
Minimum-variance unbiased estimator
Modified Wigner distribution function
Moore–Penrose pseudoinverse
Motion estimation
Moving target indication
Multi-fractional order estimator
Multidelay block frequency domain adaptive filter
Multidimensional signal processing
Multiplex baseband
Multiplicative noise
Multiscale geometric analysis
Mutual coherence (linear algebra)
Naive Bayes spam filtering
Negative feedback
Noise (signal processing)
Noise figure
Nominal level
Non-linear multi-dimensional signal processing
Nuisance parameter
Number theoretic Hilbert transform
Nyquist plot
Nyquist stability criterion
Observed information
Optical spectrometer
Orban (audio processing)
Order tracking (signal processing)
Ordinary least squares
Orthogonality principle
Otsu's method
Overlap–add method
Overlap–save method
Pairwise error probability
Particle filter
Periodic summation
Phase margin
Phase response
Phase vocoder
Photoacoustic Doppler effect
Pitman closeness criterion
Point estimation
Poisson wavelet
Pole–zero plot
Polynomial signal processing
Population variance
Posterior probability
Precision (statistics)
Principal component analysis
Prior probability
Probabilistic data association filter
Process gain
Projection (linear algebra)
Prony's method
Pulse (signal processing)
Pulse compression
Pulse duration
Pulse shaping
Pulse-density modulation
Pulse-Doppler radar
Pulse-Doppler signal processing
Pulse-width modulation
Pyrrho's lemma
QR algorithm
QR decomposition
Quadrature filter
Qualitative variation
Quantization (signal processing)
Quartile coefficient of dispersion
Quasi-analog signal
Quasi-maximum likelihood estimate
Quaternions and spatial rotation
Radar horizon
Radar signal characteristics
Radar tracker
Radio spectrum scope
Radio-frequency sweep
Random modulation
Range (statistics)
Rao–Blackwell theorem
Rasta filtering
Ratio estimator
Reconstruction from zero crossings
Recurrence period density entropy
Recurrence plot
Recurrence quantification analysis
Recursive Bayesian estimation
Recursive filter
Recursive least squares filter
Regressive discrete Fourier series
Regularization perspectives on support vector machines
Regularized least squares
Relaxed intersection
Rescaled range
Restricted isometry property
Restricted maximum likelihood
Return ratio
Reverberation mapping
Richardson–Lucy deconvolution
Ringing artifacts
Robust measures of scale
Rodrigues' rotation formula
Root mean square
Root-mean-square deviation
Root-mean-square deviation of atomic positions
Rotation (mathematics)
Rotation matrix
Rotational energy
Routh–Hurwitz stability criterion
S transform
Sampling (signal processing)
Savitzky–Golay filter
Scanning mobility particle sizer
Score (statistics)
Scoring algorithm
Sensitivity index
Sensitivity time control
Sequential estimation
Set estimation
Short-time Fourier transform
Shrinkage (statistics)
Shrinkage estimator
Sieve estimator
Signal (electrical engineering)
Signal analyzer
Signal averaging
Signal chain
Signal reconstruction
Signal regeneration
Signal subspace
Signal-flow graph
Simple linear regression
Sinc filter
Sinc function
Singular spectrum analysis
Singular value decomposition
Skewness risk
Small area estimation
Smoothed maximum score estimator
Sombrero function
Sonic artifact
Spark (mathematics)
Spectral concentration problem
Spectral correlation density
Spectral density
Spectral density estimation
Spectral edge frequency
Spectrum analyzer
Squared deviations from the mean
Standard deviation
Standard error
Standardized moment
Stationary process
Stationary subspace analysis
Stationary target indication
Statistical dispersion
Statistical noise
Statistical signal processing
Stein's unbiased risk estimate
Step detection
Stochastic optimization
Stochastic resonance
Sub-band coding
Super-resolution imaging
Symmetric mean absolute percentage error
Taylor's law
Tikhonov regularization
Time reversal signal processing
Time-invariant system
Time-lapse phonography
Time-to-digital converter
Time-varied gain
Time–frequency analysis
Total variation denoising
Track algorithm
Transfer function
Transform domain
Trimmed estimator
True variance
Variance inflation factor
Variation ratio
Whittle likelihood
Wiener deconvolution
Wiener filter
Wiener–Hopf method
Zakai equation