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At the back of a Royal Society editathon in 2013
System-users.svgThis user is an alternative account of Johnbod.

This was an alternative account for John Byrne / User:Johnbod as Wikimedian/Wikipedian in residence at the Royal Society in London, January to June 2014 (but only one day per week). See the project page at Wikipedia:WikiProject Royal Society and this Wikimedia UK blogpost. Now the project is over the account is essentially dormant.

Please let me know your thoughts on what can be done in this exciting role on the talk page here, or by email if you prefer.

What I'm doing[edit]

- only one day a week, remember. Also, what I'm not doing - my Conflict of Interest policy.

Current and future[edit]

I've done my last training event, for Research Fellows, and am spending my last two weeks finishing off the Journal subs admin, uploading images, and writing my final report. I technically finish on July 7th, but will be doing some things after that.


The March 4 editathon


- I was in the Royal Society on these days:

  • January 8, Inductions (RS and WMUK), introductory meetings around RS departments
  • January 15, two presentations on Wikimedia to RS staff, library tour, planning meeting
  • January 22, two presentations on Wikimedia to RS staff
  • January 28, staff meeting, introduced to the whole staff
  • January 29, two presentations on Wikimedia to RS staff, the last for now, 3 internal meetings


  • My February and March Report
  • 5 Research Fellows Communication training (spoke and mingled), Picture Library meeting, drop-in session (at the end of a Tube strike day, so not well-attended)
  • 10-11 New Research Fellows Induction, short speaking slot to about 70 new Research Fellows, and to have a table at the "Opportunities Fayre".



  • No public events, Easter, and the RS offices were moving about during redecoration, so like other RS staff I worked at home much of the time. The Royal Society Journals subscription offer was pulled together, going live on May 1st, and work continued on other fronts.
  • I was in on Wednesday 2nd, for meetings including Jon Davies of WMUK, and on Tuesday 15th.
  • On May 1st I started work four days a week at Cancer Research UK.


  • I was in on May 7th and 13th for meetings, and also working at home, on two events for June.


Media coverage[edit]

Mainly March 4th:

On the day, there were interviews with: The Guardian, German Radio, and Motherboard, VICE's science and tech platform, resulting in:


DYKs from events[edit]

Another good hook. Cheers. Victuallers (talk) 09:52, 12 March 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for your help Victuallers (talk) 18:22, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

The DYK project (nominate) 00:02, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

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