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This report has been generated because of a request at User talk:Betacommand. It covers the archives that match User talk:Betacommand/20060127, User talk:Betacommand/20060409, User talk:Betacommand/20060508, User talk:Betacommand/20060713, User talk:Betacommand/20060906, User talk:Betacommand/20061017, User talk:Betacommand/20061117, User talk:Betacommand/20061207, User talk:Betacommand/20070101, User talk:Betacommand/20070201, User talk:Betacommand/20070301, User talk:Betacommand/20070401, User talk:Betacommand/20070501, User talk:Betacommand/20070601, User talk:Betacommand/20070701, User talk:Betacommand/20070801, User talk:Betacommand/20070701, User talk:Betacommand/20070901, User talk:Betacommand/20070701, User talk:Betacommand/20071001, User talk:Betacommand/20071101, User talk:Betacommand/20071201, User talk:Betacommand/20080101, User talk:Betacommand/20080201, User talk:Betacommand/20080301, User talk:Betacommand/20080401, User talk:Betacommand/20080501, User talk:Betacommand/20080601, User talk:Betacommand/20080701, User talk:Betacommand/20080801, User talk:Betacommand/20080901, User talk:Betacommand/20081001, User talk:Betacommand/20081101, User talk:Betacommand/20081201, User talk:Betacommand/20090101
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Discussion Topic Replies (estimated) Archive Link
'bad rationale' at Image:%attac aus stand.JPG 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
.{35} 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
"Assume good faith"? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
"category disbanded" 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
"Copyvio abuse" 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
"dispute" disputed 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
"Disputed fair use rationale" 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
"Don't close unless you're an admin" 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
"I do not want to see images deleted" 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
"oldrequestbot" for Articles requested for more than ... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
"Orphaned" non-free image notices 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
"Removing old protection"? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
"undo" 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
"Up to" stub class 8 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
"Working on Current event Backlog using AWB" 7 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
"WP:NFC not allowed in list" 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
"Your recent Non-Free image upload?" 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
#10(c) and page moves 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
$2 bill 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081001
(Not) orphaned fair use images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
(VP) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
??? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
? Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060508
[Image:Birminghambullslogo.GIF] 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
{{cl|Actor stubs by county}} 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
{{[[Template:db|db]]|image replaced with an SVG version}} 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
{{tl|commons ok}} 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
{{tl|non-free use disputed}} 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
{{tl|Oldprodfull}} Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20080201
{{tl|WorldCoin}} and {{tl|WorldCoinGallery}} 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
{{tl|WPSchools}} 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
{{tl|WPSchools}} 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
{{userlinks|}} 8 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
{{vandal|}} 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
. Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20080801
¡Hola! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
.sch as part of wikiproject law? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
/Commons#Userboxes 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
132 days left 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
1852 Establishments 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
2002 Logo (AGAIN) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
24 hour block 7 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
29 December 2008 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
2 images marked as "orphaned" in error 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
2dof plot deletion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
33-snowfish 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
3RR 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
4,000 Years old Bronze Picture in History of China 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
666 Satan 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
9. A generic template tag is NOT a valid fair use rationale. 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
9/6/07 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
:72_aunt_jemima.gif 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
:P 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
=/ 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
[[Image:Alex garden.jpg]] 5 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
[[Image:Alex garden.jpg]] 5 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
A. S. Amanzholov 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
a "Book Cover" permitted image. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
A (very) minor complaint 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
A belated congratulations :) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
A bicycle 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
A big Thank you, for motivation WP:SEI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
a bit help 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
A bot suggestion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
A by-category listing of tagged images 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
A by image-tag-type listing of tagged images 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
A couple of concerns 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
A couple of things 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
A Few Usernames that Slipped By... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
A further note about civility 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
A mess 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
A Message By the El-Dude-O' 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
A mistake? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
A note left at User talk:BetacommandBot/Templates 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
A personal request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
A personal request 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
A possible solution to the problem your bot is fixing 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
A question regarding your delinking 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
A response concerning requests to make BetacommandBot less disruptive? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
A suggestion 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
A suggestion 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
A user uploading oodles of pics with false license claims 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
A very Californian RfA thanks from Luna Santin 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
A week and a half 17 User talk:Betacommand/20090101
Aargh! Slow down on my talk page! 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
About "Italian Military Coat of Arms" pic 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
About Image:Gurps4e.jpg 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
About Image:mappart1, part2, part3 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
About Orphaned fair use image (Image:Coat of arms of Bulgaria Еnd of the 14th century.jpg) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
About the image of Mr. and Mrs. McCormick. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
About the issue with Duane 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
About the screenshot of Photoshop CS3 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
About WS template and your bot again 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
About your BettacommandBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
About your Bot and an image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
ACC Tool 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
Account creation blocked when requiring username changes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Active Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
added article - Abhideyaka Abhishekam 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Added fair use 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Added fair use rationale 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Adding {{tl|reflist}} and <references/> 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Addition to cat wrap 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Advice request 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
AfD close rationales 13 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
AfD close rationales 13 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
AfD Concerns? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
AfD Nomination: Koji Date 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
After The Fire 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
AGAIN Re: London Calling (song) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Again VandalProof Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Aggresive editing 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Agree completely 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Agrippa 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
aguas frescas 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Ahem 9 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Ahoy Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060508
AirportProject 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Albinism ext. link removal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
album cover fair use rationale 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Album cover fair use rationale 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Album Cover Image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Album Covers/Movie Posters 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Album covers 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Album Covers 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Album covers 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Album Covers 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Album covers 12 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Album Covers 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Album Covers 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Album covers 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Album covers are no longer fair use?? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Alex (comic strip) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
All my images? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
All red ink is not bad 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
All the images you tagged 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Almaty2014.jpg 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
alternative logo template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Alternative music articles by size? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Am I approved? (Again) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Am I approved? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
amazingislandlagu.jpg Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
AN/AE filing notification 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
AN/I Notice 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
AN/I Notice 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
AN/I notification 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
An Award for You! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
AN discussion (another one) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
An explanation required. 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
an idea for user-friendliness 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
An image i uploaded 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
An image with a dishonest tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
An old Asian saying 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
AN Thread 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
AN thread 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Ancient Egypt 5 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
And now it is this one 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
and now this one 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Angela Shelton 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Angyali udvozlet.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Anheuser-Busch 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
ANI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
ANI discussion notice 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
ANI report 7 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
ANI thread (MickMacNee talk page) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
ANI thread 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
ANI thread and 3RR breach 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Annoying and Assuming 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Another false source/license guitar image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Another odd tag 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Another request for a response 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Another Vandal Proof Rejection 12 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Antivandalhammer 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Antiword Article 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Any chance you could whitelist User:Melesse? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Any idea why "MOVEit" page got deleted? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
appleton's cyclopedia 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Approval 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Approval for Vandal Proof 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Approval withdrawn 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Approved bots 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Approved for VP but can't login 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Approved to use Vandalproof, but wasn't added to Approved List 4 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Arbcom case 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
ArbCom voting 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
arbitration 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Arbitration case 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Archive 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
archives 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Archiving AN 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Archiving ANI 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Are we really commenting out discussion about the Bot's operation on this talk page? 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Are we still working on... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Are you a human being or a bot? 11 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Are you reading? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601 is not a fan site Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Armageddon Image Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Article size bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Article taggin 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Article tagging gone mad 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Articles by length 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Articles you might like to edit, from SuggestBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Articles you might like to edit, from SuggestBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Ascari Limited 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
AsgardBot Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Aspley High Logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Assessment bot help? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Assessment bot help? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Assessment categories 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Asterisk spacing 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Asterix cover page images deleted under fair-use rules 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
ATL 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Authorization list for VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Auto article assessments 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Auto assessment 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Auto reporting Bad username 19 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Automated licence check 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Automatic addition of Wikipedia-Project templates 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Autostereogram 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Auxillary Constable 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Award notice 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
AWB 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
AWB speed 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
BABS 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
BABS again 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
BABS again 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Bad Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bad edit 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Bad Idea 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
BAG/BRFA issues 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Balls and vase problem 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Baltie entry deleted 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Ban (law) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Bannershell 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Barnstar 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Barnstar Smile.png 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Barnstar 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Barnstars 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Baseballthinkfactory Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Battle Natural Bridge Flag 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bbb87.jpg Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070801
BBCNOW 14 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
BCB at commons 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
BCB edit count 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
BCB edit data 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
BCB missing notification of page uploader/image use page? 11 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
BCBot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
BCBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
BCBot idea 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
BCBot must not tag without also performing notification 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Being productive and cooperative 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Benjiwolf Sockpuppet - back while banned 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Best of Monkees cover 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Best of the Monkees image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Betacomandbot bug 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
BetacommanBot suggestion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Betacommand... 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Betacommand2 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
betacommand bot mismarking 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
BetaCommand is a man on a mission 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
BetaCommand is broken,. 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Betacommand log 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Betacommand made an odd edit. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Betacommandbot: specify concern in templates? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Betacommandbot: Using template in edit summary 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
BetacommandBot & rivers of somerset 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
BetacommandBot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Betacommandbot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Betacommandbot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
BetacommandBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
BetacommandBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Betacommandbot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
BetacommandBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
betacommandbot adding {{tl|lake project}} Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Betacommandbot again 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Betacommandbot and fair-use rationale 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
BetaCommandBot and NFCC10c - New discussion page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
BetacommandBot and PNG crusade bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
BetacommandBot and the vandal, a parable 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
BetacommandBot and UAA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
BetacommandBot bug 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Betacommandbot bug report 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
BetacommandBot Can Now Increase Speed!!! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
BetacommandBot choking Wikipedia with overlinks 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
BetacommandBot edit to zemirot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
betacommandbot erases from buttons and banners page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
BetacommandBot Exclude not working 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
BetacommandBot Exclude not working 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Betacommandbot exemption 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
BetacommandBot Extensions 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Betacommandbot is destroying Wikipedia (Part 2) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Betacommandbot is destroying Wikipedia 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
betacommandbot not notifying contributor 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
BetacommandBot now attempting to delete all book cover images, despite Wiki's policy to keep them. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Betacommandbot orphaned non-free notice after speedy tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
BetacommandBot placing talk page templates on the article page 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
BetacommandBot problem? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
BetacommandBot question 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Betacommandbot removing birth/death/&c. categories 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Betacommandbot Requesting things that do not make legal sense 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Betacommandbot Talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Billings, Montana 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Blacker Gachet image Help! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Block? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Block 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Block 21 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Block of {{User|Irpen}} 31 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Block of User:I Love My Family, My DNA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Block reinstated 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Blocked 20 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Blocked 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Blocked 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Blocked 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Blocked 23 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Blocked 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Blocked 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Blocked 9 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Blocked 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Blocked 13 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Blocked again 12 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Blocked Betacommandbot 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Blocked for 3RR on WP:BOTS 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Blocked for one week 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Blocked for violation of civility parole. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Blocked your bot 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Blocking Bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Blocking proxies 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Blocking StubListBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Blue Star Camps 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
BoardFusion Article Deletion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Bobgalbraith username block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Book cover images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bookcover on page for Aharon Shulov 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Bot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot approvals process 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Bot blew a gasket again 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Bot Blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Bot blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot blocked 11 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bot blocked 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot code 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
bot comments on user pages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
bot deleted public domain image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot discussion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot edits 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot edits to Neopets: The Darkest Faerie 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Bot error...? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot error (no, really this time) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot falsely tagging "Images" as orphans 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot Fault 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Bot Feature request 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot feature request 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot for templates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Bot for WP birds like WP:DABS 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot help for Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Bot ignores {{tl|notorphan}} tag. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Bot ignores public domain template? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot is malfunctioning 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot is malfunctioning 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot is tagging images with 10c when articles are disambiguated 9 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot Issue 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Bot Issues 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot keeps tagging non-orpaned images as orphaned 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot leaving malformed code 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot Malfunction 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot malfunction 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Bot malfunction 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot malfunction 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bot malfunction 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot malfunction 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bot malfunctioning 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot message 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Bot message to pages using Template:Loire-geo-stub 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot messages... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bot messages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Bot mis-tagging 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Bot misfiring 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot misidentified source of protected image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot mistakes and stupidity 22 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot msgs are misstating policy 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot needs fixing or ditching 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot not editing right! 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Bot notification for reverters? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot notifications to talk pages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Bot problem? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot problem 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot problem 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot problem 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot problem 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot problems?! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Bot problems 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot punctuation malfunction 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Bot query 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Bot question 8 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Bot Questions 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
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Bot reports 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Bot request 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Bot Request 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
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Bot requests 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
bot requests 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot RFA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot Run 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Bot running amok 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot screwing up 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Bot script 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Bot service to /Log page 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Bot status 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Bot stopped 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Bot suggestion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot suggestion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bot suggestions 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Bot tagged image for deletion incorrectly 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Bot tagging disambiguation articles as uncategorized 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bot tagging GPL-2 images as disputed FURG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Bot Tagging Speedy Deletion? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Bot task 5 status 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Bot to move files from en to commons 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Bot unblocked 9 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bot username reporting 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Bot vs. Bot Number 2 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Bot vs Bot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Bot work on assessment 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Bothersome Bot 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Bots exclusion 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bots should not write in the first person 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Bots template ignored 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Bowling Green and Tom Noe 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Bradford City A.F.C. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Brahma Kumaris article 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Brands of the World logos 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Brannigans head 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Breakdown of non-free and public domain content by image-licensing template 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
BRFA Template Mode 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Broken... 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Broken bot. Again. (Image:RedRobe cover (Amazon).jpg) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Broken bot left another wrong message 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bryan Neilbling 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast and crew 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Bug? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Bug? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Bug? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bug: BetacommandBot makes multiple identical reports 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bug: BetacommandBot makes multiple identical reports 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bug: Bot generating incorrect links in talk page comments 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Bug: There is only one template at Wikipedia:Non-free use rationale guideline 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Bug edit? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Bug in bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Bug Report, Unspecified-Source Routine 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Bug reporting 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Building a better BCB FAQ 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Bundled nominations? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Burnout Paradise Cover 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
By template listing 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
bypass redirect, making way for new template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Cadbury Schweppes 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Califone page 12 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Calling foul on a Commons image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Camber Corporation 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Camino Icon 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Can BetacommandBot be slowed down? 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Can someone deactivate this stupid idea of a robot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Can we get an administrator to shut this bot off? 17 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Can you be any more vague? 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Can you be any more vague? 19 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
can you explain your edit of Bahá'í Faith in fiction 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Can you tell me what triggered this? 12 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Canons regular 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Canorus-logo-full 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Canvassing or helpful pointers? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Cardiff 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Carl Linnaeus tagging 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Carlos mejia Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Carlton Players, Birkenhead 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Cat Exclustions 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Categories 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Category:1314 BC 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Category:Complex systems 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Category:Disputed non-free images as of 2 January 2008 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Category:Disputed non-free images as of 2 January 2008 1 and the like 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Category:Eyepatch wearers 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Category:Images with permission confirmed 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Category:Publicity photographs with missing fair-use rationale 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Category:Unassessed school articles 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Category:Wikipedians in Apple Valley, Minnesota 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Category bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Category names 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Category number introductions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Category Removal 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Category renaming/merging 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Category tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
CCleaner image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
CD Covers 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
CDA Logo fair use 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Certain public domain images and moving images to Commons 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
CfD nomination of Category:French Muslims 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
CfD nomination of Category:Wikipedians who like The Price is Right 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
CfD query 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Change automated edit summary 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Change in image template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Change in image template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Chupacabra copyvio 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Churchlands Senior High School 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Civility 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Civility 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Clean up using... ? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Cleaning up fair abuse 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Cleaning up the bot status page. 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Cleanup & Wikify Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Cleanup 15 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Cleanup bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Cleanup request 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Clear rationale 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Co-nom 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
College football tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Comics bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Comment 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Comment 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Comment 3 User talk:Betacommand/20090101
Comment about User talk:BetacommandBot#Hello visitors 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Comments 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
commons-ok bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Commons duplicates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
commons image moving 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
commons ok 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
commons ok images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Commons rename bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Commons stuff 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Company logo - source to be added. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Complains about your bot's edit on Image:Kelly_Rowland_Daylight.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Complaint 10 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Composure 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Concern about BetacommandBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Concerning a warning I got 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Concerning recent deletions 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Concerning this 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Concerns 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Conclusion of the AN thread 19 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Concrete examples of album covers with adequate rationale & sourcing? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Conflict between WP:FUC and WP:FURG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Confused about reverts 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Congratulations 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Consensus on proposal 75 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Consistency Theory image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Contributions tool 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Cookie 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Copy image discussion to commons 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Copyrighted MMA images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Copyvio guitar images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Cornwall Pirates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Correct image on the right page for the right reason, but rationale has shortcomings ... 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Correct image on the right page for the right reason, but rationale has shortcomings ... 16 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Correct me if needed 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
CorrectBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Corrected underscore in my sig? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Could you please explain something? 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Courtesy inform of a thread about you at WP:AN 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Courtesy notice. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Cover for Illegal Alien (novel) 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Criteria for releasing source code. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Criterion collection essays 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Croatian football club logos 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
CSD Backlog 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
CTT logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Cultural Interest Fraternities and Sororities 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Curious 39 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Currently Online 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Curves For Women 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Custom Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
CVA-01 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
CVG 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
CVU 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
daniel dicriscio Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Date and time stamps on talk pages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Dave Wong 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Deactivate this bot now! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Deary me 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
December 2008 11 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Decline? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Decorated Period a stub? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Decorated Period a stub? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Defaultsort 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Defunct 19 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Defunct Counties 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
deletable image-caption 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Delete Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Delete versions 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Deleted images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Deleted images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Deleted Message 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Deleted pages 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Deleted user talk pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Deletedpage 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
deleting messages 22 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
deleting refs 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
deletion-addict 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
deletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Deletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Deletion of Allan Ludwig 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Deletion of fairuse images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Deletion of Image:Vectrex_3dimager.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Deletion of source link from Ferdinand Magellan 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Deletion of Template:Smiley 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Deletion of unblock request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Deletion of useful links 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Deletion review for Image:DragonsLairTheLegendScreen.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Deletion review for Image:Rollercoasterscreen.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Deletion review for Image:RollerCoasterTitle.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Deletionism 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Deletions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Deletions 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Deletions 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
DeliveryBot 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Denied for VP? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Denmark Vesey House 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Destructive edit to Talk:Let It Be… Naked/Temp 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Detroit, Michigan 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Developing Sailing Articles Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Did you make a mis-editing? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Did You Miss Something? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Difficulties with user: auburnpilot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Diligence! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
dino size followup 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
DinoSizedBot 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Direct Support Professional 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Directives from "Above" 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
disambiguation pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Disappeared from list of Vandalproof 1.3 users 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Discussion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Discussion at Wikipedia talk:Possibly unfree images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701 and taking up too much RAM 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Dispute? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Dispute on image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Dispute on image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Dispute over Oboro image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Disputed fair use for Image:Golb book cover.jpg in the Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? (book) article 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use for Image:Gold Greatest Hits.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use for Image:Takemitsu litany excerpt.ogg and others in the Takemitsu article 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Disputed Fair Use Logo on Saint Francis House (Boston) article 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Disputed Fair Use Logo on Saint Francis House (Boston) article 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:A reformed Scrooge discovers Christmas.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Autodesk logo.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Cartman-go.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Dan Lewis 1987.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Madonna Crazy For You 1991 Cover.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Nada Surf Lucky.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Netscape-logo.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:NSWPatriots.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Oh_Starry_Night.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Rac1.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:WJEC.png 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:XXX 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:XXX 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Yoshi2-title.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Disputed fair use rationale from User:Pokemon subtitle.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale from User:Schellack 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed fair use rationale from User:Schellack 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputed vs none 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Disputing fair-use rationales when rationales have already been provided 33 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
disruptive 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Disruptive behaviour 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Do not post no fur notices on non-uploader pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Do We Even Need Images? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Do whatever you want! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Do You Enjoy This 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Do you run the "tranferring image to Commons" bot? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Doesn't hurt to ask 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Doh! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Don't.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Don't abuse warning tags 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Don't remove my comments from this page 18 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Don't revert my edits as vanda 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Done! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Donnie Davies 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Double hit 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Double tag 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Double tagging 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Dr31 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Dragonology 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Dreams So Real 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Droit 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Dual Licensing Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
dual use templates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Dude 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Duel 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Dukecover.PNG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Duplicate messages, please shut down 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Duplicate tagging 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
DVD covers/movie posters removed 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
E-mail 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Eagle_101 Userspace deletion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
earl butz 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Earthrise disabmiguation 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Earthworm Jim page - Fan sites Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Economic interdependence 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Edit comparison 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
edit on "bob murray" 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
edit on "Kevin Towers" Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060508
edit protected 22 User talk:Betacommand
Edit summaries 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Edit summary 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Edit summary 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Edit summary phrasing for user talk pages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Edit to Irish railway stations 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Edit warring 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Editing restrictions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
Edits of images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Edits to Image:Stokecity1972leaguecup.jpg 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Egyptian Railways 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Elton John cerificate deleted 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Empty categories 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Endash 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Error 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Error 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Error in edit 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Error in some recent edits related to WP:CFD/WU 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
error with this bot? (Image:Cambodiaflag emblem map by Melanochromis.jpg) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Errors 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Errors in SpebiBot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Eureka 2 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Euro coins and notes complaint 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Ex-editor 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Examples of album covers with adequate fair use statements? 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Excellent point 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Excellent spam clean up 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Exclusion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Excuse me 19 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Excuse me if my ignorance strikes again, but... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Exemption for official exemptions? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Explain Yourself 12 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Explanations 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Externa Link removal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Failure to support conclusions 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair-Use for Image:Mrs. Load.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Fair-use images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Fair-use images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Fair use 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Fair Use 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Fair use 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Fair Use 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Fair Use Album Covers 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
fair use book covers 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair use cats 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Fair use disputed for Image:NDA1.JPG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair use disputed for Image:PLTSlogo.gif 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair use disputed for Image:Whidbey News Times Logo.gif 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair use disputed for Image:Whidbey News Times Logo.gif 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair Use Essay 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Fair use for Image:AClashOfKings.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Fair use Image:Renegades-logo.GIF 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Fair use in LRMad.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair Use Nazi 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Fair use of a LIVING person. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair use orphans 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Fair use policy disputed 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair use question 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Fair use question 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair Use Rational Added for Image:Floreelogo.gif 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Fair use rationale 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair use rationale for Image:Gravitypope logo current2.jpg Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Fair use rationale for Image:Hellogra3.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair use rationale for Image:NLE-NYM-Logo.png (FYI COPY) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Fair use rationale for Image:STB-tvchannel-logo.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Fair use rationale for Image:Tajik rouble reverse detail.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Fair use rationale for Image:Tolwyn04.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Fair use rationale for Image:WNMU seal.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Fair use rationale for Image "Uggsy Box" 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Fair use rationale for images challenged on Vic McGlynn article 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Fair use rationale use on pagename 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fair use rationale when article has been moved 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
fair use rationales 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Fair use reasoning given, but now the bot's a critic? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Fair use tagging for images with {{[[Template:Wrong-license|Wrong-license]]}} 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Fair Use template tagging 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
False accusation of vandalism 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
False alarm 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201 thread is on WP:AN not ANI 11 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Fascistic removal of images. 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Fauna Barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Favorite statements about ORFU images: Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Feature request 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Feces 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Ferion Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Final Fantasy X 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Final warning, next step 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Firefox 1.4/2005090806 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
First person 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
fix refs? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Fix the problem 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Fix your bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Flagbot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Flagged image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Folsom Field images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
foo 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
foo Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Fool 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
For tomorrow's edits... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
For You 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
For your great contributions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Forum link on Dragon's_Gate 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Found another copyvio guitar image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Franklin Dam 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Free bandwidth 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Free image tagged with invalid rationale 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Freedom Ships 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Freeston Image.JPEG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Friendlier name for BetacommandBot interaction purposes 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Friendlier name for BetacommandBot interaction purposes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Friendlier name for interaction purposes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
FU header 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
FU Rationale 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
fuck you faggot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
FUCK YOUR BOT 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Fuglyness 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Funny/sad userbox 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Furious Dragon.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Furry critter size articles 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
FYI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
FYI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
FYI 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
FYI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
FYI 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
FYI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
game screenshorts 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
General problem with the operation of the bot WRT tagging FU images 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
General Property Trust 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Geomancer.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
George Money 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Gerry Adams removal 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Get a life 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Get a life Please find another purpose for your account moved by Shadow1 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Get rid of this damn bot NOW!!!!! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
GHe's RfA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
GIen's RfA: Thank you! Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Give it a break 10 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Give it a break for a while will you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Gods own country.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Golden Skate links 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Good call 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Good Job 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Good Job 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Gorillaz "5/4" Screenshot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
GR templates 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Grammar 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Grammar 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Graveworm 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
guide 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Gulfside United Methodist Assembly 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
gun registry 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Gwm-logo.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Hadassa Ben-Itto 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Handout of WPF1 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
happy Mango season 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Happy Spread-the-funny and-slighty-random-love day! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Happy Valentine's Day! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Happy Valentine's Day! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
HarcenBot making a mistake 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Has my question already been answered? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Has my question already been answered? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Has this bot tagged your image? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Have a barnstar 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Have the bot check this page out: 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
HBC AIV helperbot task 3 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Heads up 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
heads up 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Headsup on bot issues 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Heartland XV image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Hello? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
hello 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Hello 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Hello 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Hello 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Hello 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Hello visitors 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Hello visitors 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Help... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Help! Need a droolproof how-to! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Help? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Help 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Help 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Help and ideas needed 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Help from BetacommandBot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Help Me!!! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Help required 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Help to bring Images up to Scratch 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
hercule 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Here I am again 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Here we go again!!! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Here we go again! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Heretic images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Heritage USA article 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
heroes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Hey!! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
HEY! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
HEY! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
HEY! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
hey, can you help me out here? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
hey 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Hey 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
hey 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Hey 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Hi, I am Marc 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Hi. You never answered this question of mine I posted back then... 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Hi ... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Hi 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Hi 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Hi 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Hi Beta 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Hi its Marc 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Hi thar - You've been Reg'd 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
HighInBCBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Hilarious 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Hm... 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Hmm... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Hmmm 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Home Alone 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
How, if at all, could I get my Philip Riteman article restored? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
HOW? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
How about fixing the issues instead of deleting important images? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
How can we stop this nuisance once and for all? 15 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
How do I ensure that my sound clips are not deleted? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
How do I use the "UserCompare Tool"? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
How many fair-use images can a deceased person have? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
How many images left? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
How often do people get approved for vandal proof? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
How the hell can this bot read valid/invalid rationales? 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
How to 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
How to check undefined parameters? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
How would I get a page reinstated? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Huh? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Human.svg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
I'll ask again 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
I'm considering indefinitely blocking your bot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
I'm sorry for vandalizing your bot's talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
I'm trying to do this right, how about you? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
I7 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
I archived my talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
I can't sign in? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
I don't understand why... 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
I found ya fair use fo Image:ChangingFaces.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
I give up 25 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
I hate this bot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
I hate this bot 30 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
I hate your bot 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
I have a hand! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
I have not been able to get on Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
I have to know(ok, I don't have to) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
I just don't understand this robot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
I just don't understand this robot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
I just received one of your bot notices regarding 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
I need a lawyer 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
I second this 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
I sort of understand why you blocked me, but... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
I tagged images as per template 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
I think i fixed it. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
I think your bot is destructive and wrongheaded. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
I uploaded a Company LOGO image, but your bot has a problem with it 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
If you have a minute 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Ignoring bug reports? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
ignoring exclude? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Illegal Alien -- again 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
im bored aka i would like to hear from you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image-Renaming Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Image:μTorrent 1.7.2.png 11 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:1067fox.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:10 Heller Note.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:10 Heller Note.jpg 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:2007ClaxtonShieldLogo.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:2079b.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:407guydenning.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:42 (Doctor Who).jpg 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
File:4550393.gif 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:53logo.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:702 No Doubt.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:A9 1 b.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:A Final Hit.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:ABCwelknoids082.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Abelia Soul Calibur.jpg 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:ACAT logo.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:AEBDavie.gif 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:AHardDaysNightUSalbumcover.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Alec.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Alfredo Lopez.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Allaboutradiation2.jpg 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Amc united kingdom.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Analysis Group.gif 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:AOH shield.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:AOV XXX Action Clips.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Arbcom.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Arnold Layne.ogg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Atlanta city seal.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Australis_Dino Crisis 3.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Avocent logo.png [1] 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Babelgum_Logo.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Barareh 817 0001.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Bcc.gif for Speedy Deletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Bd galactus-visage.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Beetlejuice soundtrack.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Behold a Pale Horse cover.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Bellissima poster.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:BisphamHighlogo.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:BKkidsclubgang.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Blaine1.gif 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:BottledBeerlogo.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Bowyer-Anchored.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:Briarrpb.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Bright Eyes - Cassadaga.jpg and Image:Bright Eyes - Four Winds.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Poster.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101 screenshot confirms bb9.JPG 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:CheatBase.JPG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Chika with high commissioner kolade-1- (2).jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Chokecvr.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:ChoSeungHuiNBC1.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Chrysler's Eagle logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Coast guard flag.gif 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Colonel_Green.jpg‎ 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:CSS.JPG 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Czeslawa-Kwoka.jpg and Image:Czeslawa-Kwoka2.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
Image:Darkprincecover.jpg 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:DCARead.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:DDuchene.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Deed poll certificate for Elton John.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:DFA1979-headsup.png 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Dino Crisis 3 Australis.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:Discogs.Logo.png and other FU images uploaded before 4 May 2006 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Disguise2.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:DKBB 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Image:Donkey Kong.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Dvb at Crean.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:DylanDead.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:Edmonton Journal.jpeg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Fairy Kameo.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Fannwongchrislee.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Favorites.PNG deleted after fair use rationale added 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Image:Flag of Panama.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:FlamingLips_Shambolic.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:FRDavidWords7InchSingleCover.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:Frontispiece of book published ca 1935.jpg 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:GOI_Single 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Gulagbook cover.JPG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Gwm-logo.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Hamumu.PNG Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Happy Slip Logo.JPG (copied from here) 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:HarryPotter 1.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Horizons-_Empire_of_Istaria_logo.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:Huntington Avenue Grounds.jpg 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Iamthemovie.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:IBM_logo.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Im mrsnash.jpg 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:IMAX Theater.JPEG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Image:IMG 1971.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:Infrastructure_comparisson.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:Inwonder presence cov.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Image:Iran Azeri Cartoon.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:ITawAPuttyTat1.JPG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:Itchy.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:Ivo robotnik01.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:JemtalentsearchVHS.JPG - how can I keep image to stay? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Joanbennett13.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Juan Bimba.gif 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Kameo2.jpg Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:KNAC.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Kumamoto gakuen logo.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Like Phantoms Forever cover.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Logo-peterborough.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Lorezjacket.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Marvin Monroe.jpg 25 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Masque of the Red Death (screenshot).jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:May31-Jpkoester-cdvf.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Mayre.jpg 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Mehrunes Dagon.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Metamorfoz.JPG 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:MKDE server.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:MystCover.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Image:National_Front.gif 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:NBB Album Cover.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Newmoon2.jpeg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:NIC-Logo.jpg. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Nikkor lenses 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image:Northern bank logo.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Northern Territory crest.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Notre Dame Leprechaun.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Oberweis Dairy.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Pavithrotsavam ritual.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:PhilTrust_banner_408x71.gif 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Pinski-Tailor.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Pint&dale.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Pio.gif 9 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:Pls-logo.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Poison.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Polska Flaga Berlin.jpg 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Presence proF.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Image:Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Purple_dragon_book_b.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Pyat rublei 1997.jpg 21 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Rabbi Prinz1.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Rainf.gif 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Rebecca Maddern.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Rena-udeba1.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Romania nuts l2.png Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Rsflogosml.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:RTHK-logo.svg 12 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Ruthann cover front.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:SanBernardinoValley-1907-loc.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Scottish Government logo.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Servant of the Bones.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Shauna parsons.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image:Soaring Magazine January 1972.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Sonic the Hedgehog 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Sosai3.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Spansion-logo.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Image:Sportscenter Brasil.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:SRK&Kajol.jpg 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Supertux.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Surteeslogo.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Ta Keo temple.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Image:Tarutaru.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:TCSL.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:The Amityville Curse 1990 DVD Cover.JPG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:The Bachelors Greatest Hits.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:The View.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image:Theblastcover.jpg 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Therion1.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image:Tnp-logo.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:Too short cert.png 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Trilok Gurtu 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image:Tuff.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image:TYTDUK.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Image:Ultra Hi-Res Cube Demo.gif 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:US Government most-wanted Iraqi playing cards.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Uta-med.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:Vaughnlogo.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:VPApproval.jpg listed for deletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image:Wajahp.png, Image:Wajalogo.GIF, Image:Wajaexample.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:Wantagh-SOB Interchange(MSBA).JPG image solved? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
File:Warrant for Genocide - 1897959494.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image:WCBU2.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:WDMK-FM.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:When You Say Nothing at All.JPG and Image:When You Say Nothing at All.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image:Whitecastle.gif 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:WOTW-NYT-headline.jpg tagged as orphan. It was not. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image:Wright Airlines Logo.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image:Wrinkly Kong 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image:WxWidgets.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image:Yamaha_motors.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image question 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image backlog deadlines 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image concerns 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image Conversion = Image:ACL logo.png 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Image deleted on October 2007 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image deletion 5 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image deletion of Image:Something Corporate Promo.jpg and Image:Something Corporate.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image deletions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Image fair use rationales 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image for You Really Got Me 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image formats 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Image from Polish Armed Forces in the East‎ 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image had rationale, yet got tagged 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image incorrectly claimed to be orphaned 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
image is being used in an article but bot tagged it anyway 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image licensing tallies 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image licensing template usage list 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
image market by your BOT 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image mistagged twice 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Image Moonbuggy.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image moves to Commons 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image notices 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image on Renaissance Learning 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Image question 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Image question 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image Rename BOT 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Image rename bot pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
image rename keeps failing 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Image renaming 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image stats 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
image tagged 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image tagging 15 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Image tagging 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Image tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
image undeletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Image upload and deletion stats (2007) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Image uploads 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Image used in The Class (Erich Segal novel) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Image wrongly stated as orphaned 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Images Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Images 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Images are being used 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Images for renaming 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Images for Taxi (TV series) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Images Help 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Images Herc_Giant and Herc_Fight 13 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Images in List of characters in Daria 14 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Images in List of ReBoot characters 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Images renaming 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Images set for deletion 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Images used in articles which are renamed/moved 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Impostor - User:KabelBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Improper tags on Image:AAJ TV.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
In case you don't know 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
In case you missed... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
In response: Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20080401
In Search of Lost Time 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
In the face of so much complains 30 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
In Use and Underconstruction tags 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
in usernames 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Inappropriate template substitution, [2] [3] [4] 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Inappropriate use of rollback 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Inappropriate Username 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Ince and Elton railway station 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Incivility 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Incorrect edit summaries 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Incorrect flagging of image 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Incorrect orphan assessment of Image:Bitoy Album.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Incorrect orphan assessment of Image:CatsRugbyClubLogo.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Incorrect orphan assessment of Image:Imxi.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
incorrect substitution 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Incorrect tagging, three times on the same article. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Incorrect tagging by bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Incorrect tagging of non-orphan images again 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
incorrect warning from bot re Image:Scarborough2.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Incorrectly Removing Categories 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Infoboxneeded 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Input requested 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Instead of mass-tagging... 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Institutions in the Southern Victory (Timeline-191) series 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Instructions on the bot talk page 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
International Union for Quaternary Research 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
interwiki links 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Interwikis in Portuguese 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Invalid block 35 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Invalid tag 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Invalid WP:UAA reports 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Invite 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Iraq football logos 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
IRC 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Irish Army Logos Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Irresponsible blocking 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Irritating, redundant, pointless, alienates good-faith editors 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Is the robot functioning correctly? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Is this bot really owned by a student? 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Is this edit really neccessary 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Is this image fine 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Is your bot hungry? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Issue with Betacommand bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
It was me.. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
ITSAGOAL 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
James Amann Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20080801
James Arbuthnot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
James Meiskin 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Javascripts 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Jawol, mein Fuhrer! 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
JDSAEFADHDTLV; AAAAARGH 21 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Jean Baptiste Sipido 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Jeff Burrows 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Joe Walsh (Rugby League Footballer) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Joeydeacon2.gif 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
July 2008 14 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Just a heads-up 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Just a note 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Just a question.... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Just a question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Just a question 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Just ain't fair! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Just for the convenience 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Just so you know 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Just stop... 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Just to let you know 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Just wondering (heads up) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Just wondering 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Just wondering 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Just wondering 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Justin Beaver 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Kalashnikov Rifles 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Katelyn Tarver 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Keep-Your-Right-Up 000.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Keep on truckin' 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Keep the bot in mainspace 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Key 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Ki Longfellow book cover 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
KIJHL logos 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
King Willan Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Knac.jpg 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Koji Date Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060906
La Coka Nostra 7 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
La Mariage Anglais 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Lakeside School 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Larry Martin 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Las Vegas Monorail 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Lasse Gjertsen 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Last night's no fair use tags 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
law enforcement 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Law enforcement articles 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
law enforcement wikiproject 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Layout Bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Lazy Deletionist Barnstar 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Le Kevin Smith and Football player stubs in general 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Leave me a message! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Leave me alone! 13 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Leave my image alone 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Leave my user page alone 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Legacy images without rationales 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Leicester City logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Leonard Cohen 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Let us find out what happened 15 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Lincoln Heights Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Link 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Link 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Link changes in stub templates — problem 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Links to AFV Database 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
List of animals in The Simpsons 14 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
List of bus operating companies 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
List of capitals of subnational entities 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
List of characters in Digimon Adventure 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
list of DS9 episodes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
List of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
List of Metalocalypse characters 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
List of minor characters in Xena: Warrior Princess 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
List of minor characters on xena: warrior princess 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
List of recurring characters from The Mighty Boosh 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
list of stubs 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
list of stubs 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
List of Torchwood monsters and aliens 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
List of Touhou Project characters 14 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
List of wikipedians by edit numeber 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
list of wikis 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
List of Wild Arms 2 characters 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
little guide 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Logic used by the Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Logo preprocessing 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Logos 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Logos 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Logos 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Logos again 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
logos for deletion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
LOL 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
London Calling (song) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
look what your bot did 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Looking for a WikiProgrammer 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Lord Strathcona Elementary School pictures 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Lorentz ether theory 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
LostBot trial 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Love 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Love letter 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Lucy Lawless 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Lynn Anderson-Greatest Hits Image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
m:Requests for comments/Save the Siberian Wikipedia 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Majestic Tower Wellington 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Making changes to Edwin McCain's page 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
MakkankosoppoPiccolo.JPG 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Malfunctioning Bot tagging articles as Stubs 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Man, you are tough! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Manic Street Preachers discography 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
March 2007 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Maria Arredondo - album covers 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Markup problems with some of your warning tags 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Marty Meehan 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Maryland Championship Wrestling 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Mass image tagging 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Master Jay's RfA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
May I have another run for WikiProject Kentucky? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
McGrory image removal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Med project 4 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
MediaWiki message 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Medievia 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Mega server 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Melechesh logo 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Mess 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Mess 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Message 5 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Message from LDEJRuff 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Message from Jai 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Message left on talk pages by the bot regarding non fair use images 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Messages Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
MessedRobot II online 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Mey 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
MfD nomination of User:BetacommandBot/Opt-out 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Michael Hill 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Migrating CopyrightedFreeUse 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
MikMod - false alarm 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Minor issue regarding your sig. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
mis-tagged 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Mis-tagged image for non-free use rational 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Misdirected message 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Misidentified orphan 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Misleading tagging by BetacommandBot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Missing non-free use rationale 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
missing ref tag bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Misstagged 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Mistaken bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Mistaken bot message 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Mistaken Cleanup? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Mistaken orfud 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
MKDSluvr saw the fair use rationale for Image:Mario Party 8.jpg 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
MMZ pics 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Mobile phone culture 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Mobutu Sese Seko 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Moderator? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Monster.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
More about VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
More bot wars 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
More bugs 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
More copyvio guitar images that are also being added to Commons 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
More on ADERANT 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
MotherLoad 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
MotherLoad DRV 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Move to commons 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Moved warning 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Moving Categories 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Moving instead of deleting 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Mre Bag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
msg posted to Talk:Hicom Trading E 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Mugshots 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Multiple Image Deletions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Multiple messages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Multiple messages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Multiple notifications 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Mutha Records 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
My bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
My bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
My bot request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
My compliments 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
My discussion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
MY IMAGE 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
My image is getting deleted?? Why!?! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
My Logos 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
My new tool (CfD assistant) Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060906
My NON-Orphan images. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
My orphaned images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
My photo 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
My response Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070101
My RFA 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
My talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
My talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
My user page? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
My user page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
My User Talk Page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
my username 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
My userpage 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
My VandalProof app 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
MySpace link on Jason Falkner 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Need a word change 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Need Help! :( 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Need help to create a bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Need images deleted 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Need to follow up on what you are tagging 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Need your assistance 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Needs to be changed Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060127
Nephalometer 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Neptune.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
new bug? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
New comment 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
New comments on article pages: good feature 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
New fair use for Image:Manhuntcd.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
New job for your bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
New straw poll 1 User talk:Betacommand/20090101
New to VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
New userboxes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
New userboxes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
NewCIULogo.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Next phase 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Next phase 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
NFC/FU images in lists 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
NFCC 10(c) and backlinks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
NFCC for Partsandlaborgroundswell.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
NHL Logos 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Nicole Wray's Album Covers Images Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Nil by Mouth (film) 9 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
No fair use? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
No idea what's wrong with this image now 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
No such thing as $2 bill 4 User talk:Betacommand/20081001
Nobots 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Non-free? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Non-free content criteria rule #8 6 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Non-free image stats 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Non-free images in lists 14 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Non-free logo list 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Non-free use disputed for Image:1090317722-00.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Non-free use disputed for Image:EdithNesbit ThePhoenixAndTheCarpet.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Non-free use disputed for Image:RCMP logo.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Non-free use disputed for several images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
non-Free Use Rationale 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Non-free Wikimedia logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Non-orphan Image:Shaw Communications logo.png tagged orphan 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Non-orphan image gets orphan image tags 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Non-orphaned image tagged as orphaned 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Non-orphaned image tagged as orphaned 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Non Free-Use Rationale 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Nonsense? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Nontrinitarianism RFC 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Nope 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
North by Northwest 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
North Carolina Project 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Not an orphaned picture, do not delete. 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Not Here to Complain 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Not listed as VandalProof user 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Not on the user list 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Not on VP list 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Not orphan 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Not spam 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Not transwikiing a good image 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Not vandalism 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Not worth the effort 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Note 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Note 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Note 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Note to the operator 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Notices 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
notifcation delivery 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Notification about tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Notification of modification of bot approval 21 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Notifications 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Notifications to departed editors 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Notifying 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Notifying users 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Notorphan template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Nova Scotia flag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
NPW Checkpage 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Nuclear War screenies 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
October, 2007 8 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
October 2007 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Odd removal 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Oddity 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Oh marvy. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Ohlone 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Oi you 14 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Ok, you've made your point, but is it worth it? 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
OK to delete the following orphans 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Olympic athletes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Oops 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Oops by me too! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Opensource v. trusted source 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Operation Neptune Title Screen 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Opinion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Opting out 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Optional parameter in the "usernameblock" ("unb") template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Organization logos 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Original uploader 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphan image Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Orphan re-tagging 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned fair use image (Image:Concordmills.png) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Orphaned image (Image:Logistics Management magazine cover.gif) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned image (Image:Logistics Management magazine cover.gif) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Orphaned image has been used 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Orphaned images check throught Category:Digimon media 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Orphaned non-free image (Image:Miranda 3.png) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Orphaned non-free image (Image:Packager - Botticelli's Venus.png) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Orphaned non-free image (Image:Persistent logo.gif) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned non-free image (Image:Plion.jpg) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned non-free image (Image:Preview.png) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Orphaned non-free image (Image:RuneScape process.PNG) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Orphaned non-free image (Image:Teaser2blg.gif) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Orphaned non-free images Allisee and Actooffaith 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Orphaned non-free media (Image:Cifra 3 clock 2006-07-07.jpg) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Orphaned non-free media (Image:Iapt.gif) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Orphaned non-free media (Image:UTC logo.jpg) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Orphaned non-free media 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Orphaned pictures 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Orphaned screenshot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Osmond Barnes 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Other Form 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Other question at that request 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Over-categorization 11 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Over-eager archiving 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Overdue image investigations 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Overwrought comment 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Pac-man.png 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Page protection 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Page protection requested at User:BetacommandBot/Opt-out 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Page top 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Pages 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060127
Pallywood 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Paul Bunyan's Axe 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Paul Flynn Image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Pausing your bot's operations 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Pausing your bot's operations 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Pavithrotsavam 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
pd-ineligible 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Pedantic Note 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Penguin 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
People using the nobots template inappropriately 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Perhaps... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Personal attacks 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Phase 4 - have you started? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Phi Psi Crest not a Logo? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
photo rosie 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
photo rosie 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Photographic Societies 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Picture 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Picture Removal 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Pictures I Have Uploaded 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Ping! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
ping 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Pinging per your request re: Bot Tagging for Museums Wiki project 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Platowasabore 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Playboy Special Editions Models Category 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Please! Some more time! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Please 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Please add a cleanup function 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Please add this image to your ignore list 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Please answer my concerns - about the volume of work you are causing 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please Approve! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Please approve 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Please check Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please check image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please clarify 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Please clarify cryptic #10c concern 8 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Please consider my application 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Please delete all my images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Please do not msg me using the bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please don't be lazy 10 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Please don't edit my user page. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Please don't notify me anymore 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please explain the revert 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Please explain why your bot tagged this image. 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Please explain why your bot thinks the image should be deleted 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Please explain why your bot thinks the image should be deleted 9 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
please familiarize yourself with a subject or ... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Please fix your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Please fix your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please fix your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please fix your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please fix your bot to check for "not orphan" tag. Second warning. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Please help 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Please Help 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Please help 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
please help coelacan will not leave me alone Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Please preview better 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Please revert duplicate messages 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Please Stop Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Please stop 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Please stop 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please Stop Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Please stop 18 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Please stop changing the section headings 7 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Please stop making whitespace edits 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Please stop sending me Image deletion messages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please stop the bot, for standard use cases, until standard rationale templates/text is available. 28 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
please stop the bot removals 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Please stop your bot, until standard rationale templates/text is available for standard use cases. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please stop your bot 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Please subst this template 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please switch to multiple bots 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Please Take Note 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Please undo your edit to"Hashtgerd" article 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Point 15 is total rubbish 32 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Poke 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Polbot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Policy 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
policy vs. what the bot says 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Polish categories 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Polish category count 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Polydimensional programming is made up 27 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Portal:Pipe organ 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
possible improper tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Possible run 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Posting stops the bot, right? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Potential crisis... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
POV search 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Pradosham 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060127
Premature archive 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Problem? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Problem 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Problem 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Problem user 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Problem with a user talk page 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Problem with Bot? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Problem with this bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Problem with VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Problem with VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Problem with VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Problem with your bot again 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Problems with article 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Problems with bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Procedure for removing tags 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Proceedure for removing tags 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
proper tagging 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Proposal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Proposal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Proposal for a cooperative effort among several bot designers/code writers 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Proposed new "how to get started" page for writing bots - your opinion? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Proposed new "how to get started" page for writing bots - your opinion? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Proposed unblock 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Proposed way forward 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Protection of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Python Bots 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Pywikipedia 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Query (refer to owner; detailed response, please) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Query 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Query as to tagging nonfree images without rationales 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Question (and not a complaint) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Question 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Question 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Question 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Question 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Question 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Question 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Question 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Question 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Question about authority over policy 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Question about maxlag 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Question about page deletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Question about parsing MediaWiki API-derived XML using Python 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Question about python... 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Question about tagging the image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Question about the bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Question about VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Question for you re: where BCB is looking for article link 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Question re fair use of provincial flag 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Questioning removal of - Textbook about kulintang music. 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Questions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Questions from Lethaniol 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Questions needing answers 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Quick question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Quick Question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Quit picking on HeadwoundcityEP's image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
R from shortcut subst 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Radio Logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Rampaging robot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Rangeblock of lifted 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Rationale? What rationale? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Rationale 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Rationale issue 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Rationale of fair use for Article Name 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Rationale reverted 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Rationale television screenshots 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Rationales 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
RCI Fan links. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Re-visiting your most recent block Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20090101
Re. VP bug 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Re. WP:AIV & my report 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Re: {{tl|WorldCoin}} and {{tl|WorldCoinGallery}} 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Re: 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
re: Orphaned non-free image (Image:Tangeline.jpg) 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Re: Bot approval reviewers list 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
RE: Checking (Werdnabot) 5 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Re: Deletion of Image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Re: Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Cerebus 110 23 bc.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Re: Disputed fair use rationale for Image:GramParsonsLive1973.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
RE: Disputed fair use rationale for Image:UMass Lowell-logo.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Re: Image:Despot Djuradj lik s novca.JPG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Re: Image:JourneyBegins1.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Re: Ken Andrews 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Re: My edits to the RfA Report 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Re: My image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
RE: My talk page, Snakehead british cover 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
re: my thread on AN (reverted edit counter tool?) 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
re: Nanking Massacre Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Re: Non-free use disputed for Image:Kangaroo jack.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Re: NOtice Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20081201
RE: Orphaned non-free media (Image:Cantleaveemalone.png) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
RE: Orphaned non-free media (Image:CompactFluorescentLightBulb.png) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Re: Orphaned non-free media (Image:TraneingIn.jpg) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Re: Orphaned non-free media (Image:Weezer-Buddy Holly.ogg) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Re: PuzzlePotato.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Re: rphaned non-free media (Image:Cover-UnJourDEte.jpg) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Re: Simpsons 13 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
RE: Suspected sock puppets/HarveyCarter (6th) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Re: Unspecified source for Image:Connacthrugby.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Re: VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
RE: VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
RE: Vandalproof 1.22 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
RE: VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Re: VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Re: VandalProof Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Re: VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Re: Vandalproof Application 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Re: Vandalproof Application 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
re: VP 20 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
RE:Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Re:Bot for Writing systems 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
re:deletion notification of Image:23fournier-toratorapa.jpg 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Re:Heads up & question 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Re:Orphaned non-free media (Image:Mitre Peak.jpg) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
RE:Signature 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Re:vandalproof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Re:why 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
RE - Image:It's Immaterial.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Re Image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Re Jeff Burrows 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Read or Dream Non-Free/Fair Use Templates Added 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Reading School Logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Really unhelpful 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Reason for block 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
reason for not being approved 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Reasoning? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Reasons for block of User:Respect My Authoritah! ? 13 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Recent bot run for WikiProject Kentucky 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Recent edits 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Recent Infobox VG run 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
recent tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Recent upload.. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Red Hill Studios entry deleted 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Redirect from Auteur Theory to Auteur theory 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Redirect links 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Redirect templates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
redirected pages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Redirects. Again. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Redirects 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
RefBot status 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Reference recognition problem? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
References tags 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Refusal 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Regarding: References 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Regarding album cover for Raw Material 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Regarding Image:Ericson-alexander-molano.png 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Regarding Non-free use disputed for Image:Air Maldives4.jpg 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Regarding the block of a user... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Regarding the Image:Grand Theft Jimbo.jpg issue... 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Regarding the tag placed on Image:Beychok's Cover.jpg by your bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Regarding VP and your message on my talk page 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Regarding Warning... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Regarding WP:VPRF 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Regarding you/bot/etc. 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Regd your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Reguarding your denial of my VandalProof application. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Relatively minor contributor - surprising multiple idiotic bot messages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Relevant discussion 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Relevant message 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Remember ... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Remember to leave a message 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Removal 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Removal of AfD template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Removal of category from User:Aldaron/BGG 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Removal of external links 15 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Removal of external links 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Removal of Image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Removal of images 28 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
removal of link 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Removal of mobius strip image 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Removal of no source tag on image 4 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Removal of no source tag on image 4 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Removal of Orphan tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Removal of redlinked categories 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Removal of selflinks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Removal of US Aid link in 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict article 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Removal of Usenet posts 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Remove Repeated warnings 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Removing a tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Removing arbitrary web sites due to their domains 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Removing Blanked Pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Removing category not redlined 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Removing gamestooge edits 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Removing images that are not orphaned 8 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
removing rfc tag 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Removing Shark stuff 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Removing spaces 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Removing the link 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Rename bot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Rename image? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Rename images on Commons 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081001
Renegades Logo 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Repeat Messages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Repeat messages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Repeated 'orphan' tagging of Image:STH39p19.jpg by betacommandbot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Repeated deletion of source 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Repeatedly contesting images 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Replacement of images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Replacing CopyrightedFreeUse with PD-release 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Replied 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Reply: Your bot is being disruptive 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Reply 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Reply to your question on VPT 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Report from archive 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Reported you on admin noticeboard 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Reporting of usernames containing "=" 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Request... 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Request: List of tagged images, by category? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Request 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Request 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Request for arbitration 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Request for arbitration 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Request for BCB work 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Request for block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Request for bot delivery of a note to a number of editors on a list 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Request for bot work 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Request for clarification 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Request for comment 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Request for comment on main page deletion incident 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Request for moderator assistance 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Request for talk page banners 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Request for unblock Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Request to replace 2 images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Request your advice on an image 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Response to warning 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Responsibility 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Retired user: Gassyguy 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Retract your incorrect template 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Reversion 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Reversion of Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Newsroom/Suggestions‎ 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Revert 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
revert button 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Revert of my talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Revert of User:ZyXoas 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Revert on Wikipedia:Requests for de-adminship 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Reverted edits 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Reverted en dashes 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Reverting Edits 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Reverting my userpage 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Reverts 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Review of List of backmasked messages's links 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Reword warning? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Rex Allen - fair use rationale added (I hope!) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
RfA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
RfA nomination 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
RFA question 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
RfA thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
RFAR/Betacommand 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
RFC 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
RFC bot 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
RFC Contesting and Contesting controversies 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
RFC discussion of the username 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
RfC for flagging a merge relating to Morphogenetic fields 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
RFC Not Working 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
RFC template 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
RFC template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
RFCBio 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
RFCbot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
RFCN 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
RFCpol list not updated 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
RFCU 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
RisciLogo.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
RNHAlogo.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Rough Rider logos 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Roy Harper 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Roy Harper Album covers 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
RPG Maker 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
RPG Maker Series 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
RSPB image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Run time error 438 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
running Vandalproof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Russian Wikiproject Tagging 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
S495 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Salute! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Sandbox 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Sandbox question 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Saskatchewan Wikiproject 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Saturday Night Fever 8-track label image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Schedule for March 2008 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
School's IP talk page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
School Templates 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Scott Hahn / Rome Sweet Home 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Scott Wheaton 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Scott Wheaton 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
scouting licence..... 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Screenshots of Wikipedia are non-GFDL? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Sealand Coat of Arms 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
seaQuest Recurring Characters 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Second request 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
See also, external links bots 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Self link removal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Serious problems of the bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Seriously 8 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Seven devils 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Shadow Star images 14 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Shared templates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Sharks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Sharks watchlist 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Shepseskaf 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
short question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Should no rationale be reported as disputed rationale? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Shut it down! 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Shut this stupid thing down!! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
SHUT UP BETACOMMANDBOT! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
SIBC Logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Signature 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Signature change 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Signpost 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Signpost updated for April 14th, 2008. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Signpost updated for April 16th, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Signpost updated for April 21st, 2008. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Signpost updated for April 23rd, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Signpost updated for April 2nd, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Signpost updated for April 30th, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Signpost updated for April 7th, 2008. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Signpost updated for April 7th, 2008. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Signpost updated for April 9th, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Signpost updated for August 13th, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Signpost updated for August 20th, 2007. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
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Silver_Sonic_from_Death_Egg(Sonic_2) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Simple suggestion regarding the bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Six Feet Under 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Size of comment block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Sky Movies image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Slow Down, Betacommand 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Slow down a bit 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
SmackallBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Small bug with BetacommandBot? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
SmartTags 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Smile! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Smiley Award Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Smiley substituting 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Snowman's question 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Snowolf 13 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
So doff your cap 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
So why doesn't it stop then - it goes on and on and on - even why you follow the instructions to stop it. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Sock evidence gathering 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Sock puppet case 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Sock puppet question 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Sock Puppet Vandal 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Sock puppets 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Sock reports 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Sockpuppet tool output 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Some bot ramblings 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Some direction regarding Image:Sole-giaguaro.jpg 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Someone's complaining about you on ANI 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Someone attacked your sandbox 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Something 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Something fishy? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Something in the policy of non free images 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Something interesting... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Something must be done about Betacommandbot. 12 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Sorry Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Sorry 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Sorry 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Sorry for my edits. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Sort key and non-diacritics (again) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Sorted - requested analogues for WP:DABS 10 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
SOS Image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
source? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Space warfare in fiction 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Space warfare in fiction 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
spam bot block 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Spam in my inbox: 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Spam kill 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Spam removal 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Spam report 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Spamstar of Glory 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
SpebiBot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
SpebiBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
SpebiBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
SpebiBot up and running 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Speedy-image-c 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Speedy 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
speedy deletion 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Speedy deletion of Template:Botwait 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
Speedy deletions 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Speedy Reasons 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Spelling 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Spelling error in bot edit summaries 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Spin Doctors 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Spoofers :P... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Sports club logos 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
sports logos 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
SquelchBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Stamp image. 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Star Trek AfDs 9 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Star Trek AfDs 9 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
StarCraft and petition reference 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Starherelogo.gif 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Statistics on success of image tagging 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Stats 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Status Indicator 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Stco23 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Stefan Zweig 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Sterile edit warring on Image:Gatesheadcrest.jpg 8 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Still having problems 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Still not on the user list 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Still not tuned enough 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
STOP! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
STOP! 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Stop. Read. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
STOP 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
stop 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Stop 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Stop 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Stop 28 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Stop immediately 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Stop or be blocked. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
stop plz 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Stop posting complaints to User:Paranoid 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Stop spamming my talk page, please 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Stop stalking my images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Stop substituting 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Stop tagging my image. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Stop this stupid BOT! 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
STOP YOU Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Stop Your Bot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Stopping using VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Struggle.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Stub of the day ? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Stub templates again 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Stupid, you are. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Subdividing 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
subst'ing 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
subst:unsigned 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
subst regex 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Substantial edits at the Dorje Shugden article 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Substituting {{tl|unsigned}} 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Substituting redirect categories. 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
substituting unsigned template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Substitution 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Suggested change in operation 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Suggested help text for categorizing 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Suggested rename of User:Non-Free Content Compliance Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Suggested tweaks to the bot messages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Suggestion: Categorize by type 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Suggestion: licensing category specific comments 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Suggestion 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Suggestion 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Suggestion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Suggestion for Betacommandbot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Suggestion for reducing repetitious text on talk pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Suggestion on notices 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Suggestion to the operator 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Sunset Beach pictures 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Superman vs. Spider-Man 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Superuser bot 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Survival Horror 7 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Survival Horror 7 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Susanne Lewis 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
switching license templates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
switching license templates 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Ta 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Tag at Pallywood 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Tag for no fair use rationale 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Tagging Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Tagging articles as apart of WikiProject Lists 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Tagging for WikiProject Arthropods 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Tagging for WikiProject Ireland 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Tagging images with FU rationals 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Tagging missed redirect 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Tagging of Image:9107 cover.jpg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Tagging of Irish Defence Forces pictures 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Tagging trains article talk pages 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Tagging WP India 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Tags 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Take a hike. 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Talk:List of Wild Arms 2 characters 19 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Talk:Makara Jyothi‎ 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Talk:Toronto 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Talk page notice 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Talk Page notifications 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Talkheader 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Talkpage abuse 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Task number? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Task number? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
TD_Banknorth_Garden 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Technical discussion at WP:AN/B 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Technical question 14 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Tell me how to exempt my talk page from the bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Template:Atlanta-stub and Image:Atlanta city seal.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Template:Deletedpage 18 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Template:Logo and Template:Insignia 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Template:missing rationale2 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Template:Municipalities_in_Salamanca to List_of_municipalities_in_Salamanca 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Template:Smiley 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Template:User wikisk 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Template:User wikisk 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Template:Wider attention list 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Template:Wider attention list 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Template 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Template confusion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Template edits 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Template Tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Template used 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Templates, your bot and fair use 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Templates on Public Domain image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Temptation.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
testing 5 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
TfD nomination of [[:Template:{{ucfirst:Commons ok}}]] 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Thank you! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Thank you, could you take a look at this? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Thank you. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Thank you Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Thank You 1 User talk:Betacommand/20081001
Thank you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Thank you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Thank you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Thank you 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Thank you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Thank you 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Thank you 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Thank you for the Lock on Biblical literalism 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Thank you for the unblock 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Thank you for your assistance 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Thank You So Much 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Thank you very much 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Thanks! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
thanks! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Thanks! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Thanks! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Thanks! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Thanks! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Thanks 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Thanks Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Thanks 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Thanks 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Thanks 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Thanks :) 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Thanks a bunch 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Thanks for accepting my application to use VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Thanks for approving me 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Thanks for notifications 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
thanks for notifying me 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Thanks for stopping by... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Thanks for the revert 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Thanks for trying to clean up after yourself... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Thanks for VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Thanks for VP but help! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Thanks for your vigilance! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060127
That cool button that shows you're online 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
The above three undelreqs 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
The Atlas Award 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
The Bot Builder Award 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
The Capitol Albums, Volume 2 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
The Green Hornet vandalism--not me! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
The Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
The instructions at the top of this page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
The IP was blocked? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
THE MEDIC DROID 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
the poor bot can't spell :) 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
The Robotic Touch 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
The Robotic Touch 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
The roughly 170,000 "legacy" NFC images 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
The sockpuppet template bad substitutions 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
The syntax for <nowiki>{{speedy-image-c}}</nowiki> 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Thinking out loud suggestion 8 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
This bot is annoying 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
This bot should stop posting to WP:UAA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
This bot sucks 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
This is going too far 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
This is incivility? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
This reminded me of you. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060127
Thoroughbred horse racing Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Those Pokémon images you deleted 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Those stupid messages 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Thought you might want to know 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Thoughtful question 9 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Throwing rocks at my head 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Thug World Order 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Tildes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Timer 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
TimeStamp Error in BetaCommandBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Timing 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Tip of the Hat 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Tired of being flagged 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Today Images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Today Images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Tok'ra redirects on your watch list 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Tom Hanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Too strick with the orphaned tag. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Toolserver bot hogging server... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Toolserveraccount 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
tourettes guy! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Transcluded images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Transparency 22 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
Trolling? Re: User talk:BetacommandBot/Opt-out 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Trusted person 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Trusted user 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Two issues with auto assessment 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Two problems 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Two quick questions 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Typo in warning 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
U.S. County template 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
UA 175 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
UAA 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Uh, problem... 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Um...? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Um, why did you delete BabasChess entry? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Unblock? 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Unblock 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Unblock 6 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Unblock 6 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Unblock of BetacommandBot and your pledge 19 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Unblocked 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Unblocking 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Uncategorized article Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Uncategorized tag 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Uncivil edit summaries and comments 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Unexpected tagging 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Université de Sherbrooke coat of arms 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
University Logos 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Unlicensed image 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Unpopulated categories data dump 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Unprotecting on user pages. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Unprotection 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Unprotection 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Unprotection of my user page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
unvisible deletions 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Update on List of fictional South Park species‎ 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
updating WP:BABS. WP:FABS, WP:DABS, WP:MABS 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Uploader 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Uploader notification 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Use less text 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Use of fair use images 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Use of repost criteria for speedy deletion 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
use of SmartGuns.jpg 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Use of U.S. military decoration image on User:BetacommandBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Useless bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
User:ßetacommand 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
User: 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
User:AmiDaniel/VP/Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
User:AmiDaniel/VP/Approval backlog 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
User:Betacommand/Commons 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
user:Betacommand/Commons 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
User:Betacommand/Commons 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
User:Betacommand/Datadump/20070301 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
User:Betacommand/Edit count 12 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
User:Betacommand/FUIR 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
User:Betacommand/monobook.js 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
User:Betacommand/rollback 5 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
User:Betacommand/Sandbox 4 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
User:BetacommandBot/Sandbox 3 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
User:BetacommandBot 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
User:BetacommandBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
User:BetacommandBot tagging images as orphan twice 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
User:BJBot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
User:Eagle 101/SpamInDabs 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
User:FellowWikipedian 6 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
User:Giano II's attack page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
User:JU580 Orphaned non-free image (Image:JAT logo.gif) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
User:Juro, User talk:Juro 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
User:Karaku 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
User:Qwerty599 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
User:Rex Germanus 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
user:TARBOT Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
[[User:Welala!!!]] 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
User:Wirralgrrl1983 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
User:ZyXoas 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
User behavior 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
User dubnine12c 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
User List Bug 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
User notification 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
User page 18 User talk:Betacommand/20090101
User page protection 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
User page status 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
User talk:Betacommand/North Carolina Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
User talk:BetacommandBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
User talk:Dr31 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
User talk:Eagle 101 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
User talk:Ian 101 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
User talk:Ian 101 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
User talk:RupertMillard 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
User talk:Staeckerbot/Suspicious images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Usercompare 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
UserCompare 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Username block suggestion 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Username blocks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
username blocks 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Username blocks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Username reported 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Usernames 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Userpage of SMS Bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Users having 1.2.2 problems 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Using {{tl|speedy-image-c}} for album covers 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
using new nobots template but not opt-in - acceptable? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Van Hillary 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Vandal from Action Quake 2 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Vandal proof (again) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Vandal Proof 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Vandal proof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
vandal proof 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Vandal Proof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Vandal Proof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Vandal Proof Request Backlog, Can you clear it? Prom3th3an (talk) 11:37, 25 May 2008 (UTC) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Vandal Proof V1.31 Problem 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Vandalism? 12 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VandalProof.js 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Vandalproof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
VandalProof 1.2 Now Available 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
VandalProof 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
VandalProof 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080701
VandalProof Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Vandalproof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Vandalproof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Vandalproof 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VandalProof 13 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Vandalproof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VandalProof 4 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
VandalProof 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Vandalproof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
VandalProof 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Vandalproof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VandalProof 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
VandalProof 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Vandalproof access revoked 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Vandalproof Application 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Vandalproof application 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
VandalProof Application 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
VandalProof Approval 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VandalProof approval 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
VandalProof approval list at User:AmiDaniel/VP/Approval 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
VandalProof Approvals 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
VandalProof Corrupt User List 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof is not working 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Vandalproof issue 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
VandalProof login 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof login errors 5 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof login issues 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof Moderation 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
Vandalproof Problem 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof queue 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
VandalProof rejection 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VandalProof Rejection 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VandalProof request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VandalProve Approved? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Vandelism 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Various logos 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Venus Butterfly 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
Veoh 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
View comments 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Village pump (miscellaneous) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
VisitEureka 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VP.1.3 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
vp2 Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP: Strange usernames 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VP: Unable to log in 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
VP 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VP 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
VP 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
VP 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
VP Application 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
VP application 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
VP Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
VP approval 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP approval 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
VP approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
VP Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VP Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP Approval 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
VP Approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VP Approval blacklog 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
VP approval blanking 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP approval granted, but nothing happened 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
VP approval list 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP Approval Requests 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
VP Approvals 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
Vp Approvals 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP decline 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
VP kicked me out 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Vp list 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
VP Login 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
VP Moderation 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
VP Not Approved 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
VP Ongoing issue 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
VP Problem 9 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP Question 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
VP Rejection 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
VP Resubmission 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
VP User List 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP user list corrupt 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VP Userlist 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
VPRF 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Warhawk 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Warn tabs 3 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
warning 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Warning 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Warning 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Warning 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Warring? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Weekly Standard cover image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Weird edit from bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Welcome template... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Welcome to VandalProof! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Welcome to VandalProof! 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Welcome to VandalProof! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Well 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Welsh-speaking people and Welsh language poets 8 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
West Perth Football Club 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
WFCI.jpg (Blue Network) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
What's going on? 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
what-did-i-do? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
WHAT?????????????????? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
What? 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
What are you doing? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
What do you think you're doing? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
what exactly is your problem? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
What I would have done differently 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
What is going on? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
What is this? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
What some people have to say about the RFC bot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
What the? 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
What the beeswax is going on? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
What the hell did you do to my user "talk" page 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
What will satisfy you ??????? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Whats /bomg 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Where have the open discussions gone? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Which set? 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Who can I bitch at? 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Who cares? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Whoa! is not spam 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Whoops! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Why... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Why? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Why are categories removed instead of replaced when renamed/merged? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Why can't delete-happy enforcers HELP FIND FAIR-USE RATIONALE?? 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Why did betacommand reverse itself? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Why did I received this? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Why did you remove a legitimate forum link? 11 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Why did you remove this external link ? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Why do you think the AFP is "not reliable source"? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Why does your bot keep protesting that the music samples that I upload are not valid under fair use rationale?? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Why is this bot replacing "Nobr" template with a much longer syntax? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Why is your robot running amuck and tagging non-fair-use images? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Why was article removed from category? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Why was I declined? 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Why was my VandalProof request declined? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Wiki stress 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
wikified EL 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Breakdown (-core) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Starfleet conjectural ranks and insignia 9 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/The Eagles (UK band) 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Wikipedia:Bot requests/Archive 51#Assessment bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Wikipedia:Bot_requests#Lots_of_images_now_appearing_in_incorrect_size 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Wikipedia:Bot_requests#WP:INDIA_Bot_Assisted_Assessment 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Wikipedia:Bot requests 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/BetacommandBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070401
Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working getting very full 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Wikipedia:External links reversion 3 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal/Cases/2006-11-18 Singapore Changi Airport 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration#BetacommandBot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration#Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration.2FBetacommand 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Betacommand 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Betacommand 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Betacommand 2 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Betacommand 2 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/IRC 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/IRC 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/The Troubles closed 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/The Troubles opened 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Betacommand 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/Hillock65 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Wikipedia:Suspected_sock_puppets/Momento 14 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/bird articles by size 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/bird articles by size 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity Newsletter 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity Newsletter 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity Newsletter 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/ 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
WikiPedia Requests For Adminship 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Wikipedia screenshots 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Wikipedia Signpost, January 10, 2009 1 User talk:Betacommand/20090101
WikiProject Aircraft 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Wikiproject Belarus 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Wikiproject Chemistry tagging Bot request 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
WikiProject Christianity Newsletter Issue V - May 2008 - delivery 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Wikiproject class rating 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Wikiproject Lakes 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Wikiproject Law 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
wikiproject law enforcement bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
WikiProject Lists 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
WikiProject Middle-earth opt-in 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
WikiProject Middle-earth opt-in 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
WikiProject Museums tags 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
WikiProject Museums tags 10 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
WikiProject newsletter delivery bot 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
WikiProject Novels opt-in 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
WikiProject opt-in 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Wikiproject opt-in 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
WikiProject ratings 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
WikiProject tagging (rant) 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Wikisource 3 User talk:Betacommand/20081101
Wikispecies logo 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Winhunter's RfA thanks 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
WMF deadline and Betacommandbot (discussion notices) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
wolfies 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
WolvesBadge.png 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Wondering 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Wong Fu Productions deletion and protection from re-creation Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Wording of the Infernal Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Worklist 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
World Series of Rock Concerts 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Would there be any way to consolidate messages? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Would you mind not having your bot run on user pages? 4 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
WP:AIV name dumping 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
WP:AIV spamming 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
WP:AN/I 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
WP:ANI 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
WP:ARCH 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
WP:ARCH bot request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
WP:ARCH bot request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
WP:ATT vs WP:EL 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
WP:BABS 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
WP:BAG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
WP:BAG 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
WP:BAG Alert Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20061017
WP:BN 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
WP:BOT question 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
WP:BOWN discussion of Image Bots 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
WP:CVU status Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070801
WP:EDUCATION 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
WP:FURG is not Wikipedia policy. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
WP:FURG still isn't policy! 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
WP:HI cats 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
WP:HI cats 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061207
WP:MTC 5 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
WP:NFCC#10 enforcement 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
WP:NFCC enforcement and your rationale 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
WP:NOVELS newsletter 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
WP:NOVELS newsletter 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
WP:RFBOT 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060713
WP:RFBOT 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
WP:RFCU 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
WP:UW 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070101
WP:VPRF approval 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
WP:WBE 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
WP:X assessment 3 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
WP fungi award 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
WPBeatles newsletter 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
WPF1 Newsletter 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
WPF1 Newsletter 6 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
WPF1 NW 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
WPF1 NW 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080401
WPF1 NW 200806 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080601
WPMCR Bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
wright93 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
WROG-FM/WEEL-AM Logos 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Wrong talk page notice 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Wrong template 1 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Wrong user to contact over this issue 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
wrongful removal Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Wrongly Taged 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Wrongly tagged image 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
WTF is this shit, hmm? 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
WWE Down Under 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
XFF 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061117
xkcd Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070801
xou dont get it do you? 1 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
xyz 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Yahoo Group 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Yahoo groups and Live Journal 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Yay! 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060127
Yep, another VP turn-down 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Yes, please stop. 10 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
yo 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
You've got the wrong person 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
You and Your Bot 22 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
You appear to be a little out of control, my friend 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
You are a liar 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
You deleted my images you... 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
You have ... 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
You know what to do Unknown User talk:Betacommand/20070601
You know you're a Wikipedian if ... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
You might want to check this out. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
You need to calm your bot down 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
You say "I do not want to see images deleted"... 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Your "Linux will not replace Windows" link 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080901
Your absurd warning 13 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Your barnstar. 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Your BetaCommandBot and my pages 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Your bot... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070201
Your bot, again. 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your bot, again :P 7 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060906
Your Bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Your bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your Bot 7 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Your bot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Your bot 8 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Your bot acting strangely 20 User talk:Betacommand/20080301
Your bot and CFD 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Your bot and the Leicester City logo 11 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot can't read. 4 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Your bot continues to complain about my logo uploads 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot continues to flag Fair Use media 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Your bot does not includes Template:deletable image-caption 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your bot incorrectly labels images with proper fair use rationales 5 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Your bot is annoying. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Your Bot is anyoing 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Your Bot Is Being Disruptive 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Your Bot is Broken. Take it offline, please, now. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Your bot is despicable. 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071101
Your bot is out of control again 6 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your bot is overwritting talk pages 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot is playing up 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Your bot is tagging images WITH FURs 2 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Your bot messed up my talk-page 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Your bot needs its gears adjusted 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your bot sent me an irrelevant message. 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your bot spat on my talk page... 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Your bot sucks 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070601
Your comment at WP:SSP/Sinh 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Your conduct: threats, rudeness, unsubstantiated accusations 6 User talk:Betacommand/20071001
Your conflict with User:Ctjf83 3 User talk:Betacommand/20071201
Your contribution 4 User talk:Betacommand/20080501
Your edits to List of fictional species in South Park 13 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Your input requested 8 User talk:Betacommand/20080101
Your message about unfree images 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Your monobook 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Your monobook file 12 User talk:Betacommand/20080801
Your pending unblock and offwiki 2 User talk:Betacommand/20081201
Your recent edit 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Your rewards 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070501
Your RfA 2 User talk:Betacommand/20061017
Your RfA 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
Your RfA request 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Your robot 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Your second Rfa was unsucessful 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070901
your sig 1 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Your signatue 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
Your signature 1 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Your spamming 7 User talk:Betacommand/20080201
Your Status Changer 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
Your Tags 3 User talk:Betacommand/20070801
Your test4 at User talk: 2 User talk:Betacommand/20060508
your vandalism reversion tool (popups) 1 User talk:Betacommand/20060409
Yourmomownsacat 5 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Zipper 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070301
Zoo Keeper boxart 2 User talk:Betacommand/20070701
ZX Spectrum 4 User talk:Betacommand/20070201