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Coordinates: 53°53′48″N 11°26′11″E / 53.896667°N 11.436389°E / 53.896667; 11.436389

Lloyd Werft Wismar
1951–1990 VEB
1990– GmbH
Industry Shipbuilding
Founded 1946
Headquarters Wismar, Germany
Products Fishcutters
River cruise ships
Passenger ships
Cargo ships
Number of employees
Parent Lloyd Werft Group
Website www.nordicyards.com

Lloyd Werft Wismar (former VEB Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar, Aker MTW Werft, Wadan Yards MTW, Nordic Yards Wismar) is a German shipbuilding company, headquartered in Wismar. Since June 1, 1990 it has been part of the Deutschen Maschinen- und Schiffbau AG (DMS AG),[1] 2009–2016 was part of the Nordic Yards Holding GmbH,[2] and since 2016 is part of the Lloyd Werft Group.


The ship repair yard was founded by Red Army on April 27, 1946.[3] The Ivan Susanin was the first ship repaired at this yard. The shipyard developed quickly, from Soviet ship repair yard to VVB Schiffsreparaturwerft Wismar, in 1948, renamed to Hochseeschiffbau Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar VEB, in 1951. The first new ship V. Chkalov was built for the Soviet Union as war reparations after World War II on March 30, 1954.

In 2016, Genting Hong Kong purchased Nordic Yards Wismar and combined it with the Nordic Yards Warnemunde and Stralsund shipyards and the German Lloyd Werft shipyard to form the Lloyd Werft Group.[4]

Ships built by Nordic Yards Wismar 2009-2016[edit]

Container ships[edit]

Ships built by VEB Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar 1951-1990 (selection)[edit]

Folding kayaks[edit]

  • Typ Kolibri

Cargo ships[edit]

River cruise ships[edit]

Ocean liners/Cruise ships[edit]

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