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The V. G. Khlopin Radium Institute, also known as the First Radium Institute, is a research and production institution located in Saint Petersburg specializing in the fields of nuclear physics, radio- and geochemistry, and on ecological topics, associated with the problems of nuclear power engineering, radioecology, and isotope production.[1] It is a subsidiary company of the Rosatom Russian state corporation.[2]

The Institute was founded as State Radium Institute in 1922 under the initiative of V. I. Vernadskiy,[3] integrating all radiological enterprises present in St. Petersburg (then Petrograd) at that time. This also included a factory in Bondyuga (Tatarstan), which was used by Vitaly Khlopin (ru) and others to generate Russia's first high-enriched radium compound.[4] The Radium Institute was renamed to V. G. Khlopin in his honor in 1950.[5]

At the Radium Institute, the first European cyclotron was proposed by George Gamow and Lev Mysovskii (ru) in 1932, being constructed with the help of Igor Kurchatov, operational by 1937.[5][3]

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