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TVEL (Russian: ТВЭЛ, tr. tvel) is also a Russian abbreviation of the "heat-releasing element", fuel rod.
Open joint stock company
Industry Nuclear industry
Founded 1996
Headquarters Moscow
Key people
Sergei Sobyanin (Chairman of the Board), Anton Badenkov (Acting President)
Products Nuclear fuel
Revenue 58 billion rubles. (2009)
Parent Atomenergoprom
TVEL Building in Moscow

TVEL is a Russian nuclear fuel cycle company headquartered in Moscow. It belongs to the Atomenergoprom holding company. The chairman of the board of directors is Alexander Lokshin. The acting president is Yuri Olenin.


TVEL works mainly in uranium mining and the production of nuclear fuel.

Operations include:

  • A machinery plant in MAS in the city of Elektrostal
  • The Chepetsky mechanical plant (in the town of Glazov, Udmurtia)
  • Novosibirsk chemical concentrate plant

TVEL supplies fuel to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Armenia, Lithuania, Finland, China and India. In the world, 73 power reactors (17% of the world market by number) and 30 research reactors are currently running with TVEL made fuel.[citation needed]

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