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TypeArmoured personnel carrier
Place of originUkraine
Service history
In service2006
Production history
DesignerKremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant
ManufacturerKremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant
Unit cost$50,000–250,000
VariantsHunter, Commander, C
Mass3.56 t. and up depending on the armour
Length5.3 m.
Diameter18–20 inches

Armor10 mm. D6, D7 class
Engine4-cylinder 3.9-liter diesel
Payload capacity2 t,
TransmissionIveco manual
Suspensionindependent, 4x4
Ground clearance300–600 mm. adjustable
Speed140 km/h

VEPR (Ukrainian: Автомобіль Високо-Ефективної ПРохідності (Avtomobil Vysoko-Efektyvnoyi PRokhidnosti) is a Ukrainian multi-purpose off-road vehicle designed and assembled by the Kremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant. (The name is a pun:Ukrainian: Вепр, wild boar.)

The designers' goal was to create an SUV-type vehicle which would have the same terrain ability traditionally reserved for larger cargo vehicles, such as the KrAZ and Ural. The patent has been received for the passenger-cargo vehicle.

The per-unit price of the VEPR is estimated to be between $50,000 and $250,000.


Fuel consumption is said to be modest for a vehicle of this size, with 14 liters per 100 km in urban areas, and 11.5 liters per 100 km on highways. This makes the VEPR more fuel-efficient than the smaller Hummer.[1][2]

Standard modification includes:

  • Adjustable pressure tires for use on all terrains
  • A/C and heat independent of the engine
  • Drum brakes of closed type, for harsh temperatures and driving over ford crossings, can clear up to 1.5 meter water level
  • Stainless steel frame and parts
  • BTR-94 wheels [3][4]


  • VEPR-K "Commander" (ВЕПР-К «Командир»)
  • military armored variant
  • extreme off-road, civilian unarmored variant. It is said to be targeted at the American Hummer SUV.[5] photo
  • VEPR-K "Sport" (ВЕПР-К «Спорт») - unarmored rally car, at least one was made in 2013[6] photo
  • VEPR-M "Hunter" (ВЕПР-М «Мисливець») - Fully enclosed unarmored cab-forward truck photo
  • VEPR-S "Special" (ВЕПР-С «Спеціальний») - fully enclosed cab-forward multi-purpose armored vehicle with «Кольчуга» passive sensor or «Мандат-Б1Е» electronic countermeasure system. Only 15 were made. Not produced since May 2011[7] photo


At least 10 vehicles have been produced for the Siberian Tyumen and Yakutiya regions, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan until 15 March 2006.[8]


Map of VEPR operators in blue

Current operators[edit]

  •  Georgia - 1 VEPR-S "Special" since May 2008[9]
  •  Greece - 1 VEPR-S "Special" since May 2008[9]


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