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Valley Centertainment is a leisure and entertainment complex in the Don Valley in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It was built on land previously occupied by steel mills which also includes what is now Meadowhall shopping centre and the Fly DSA Arena. It is home to several restaurants, bars, a cinema, and a bowling alley as well as other attractions.


The Cineworld cinema at Centertainment - the largest Cineworld in the country


The Cineworld cinema is one of the busiest in the UK, with 1.8 million visits a year[1] and has more screens than any other Cineworld multiplex with twenty screens in all. It is also one of the first cinemas to introduce digital screens and introduced an IMAX screen in 2012.[2]

Opening on 5 November 1998 as a Virgin Megaplex, it later re-branded in October 1999 to UGC before becoming Cineworld in 2005.[3]


The complex features a Hollywood Bowl bowling alley, which has twenty six lanes open until midnight every night. It also contains a bar, cafe and arcade.[4]

Other attractions[edit]

Valley Centertainment is also home to an indoor Laser Quest, Laser Quest Sheffield. Consisting of two floors of arena space for the children to explore. Painted brilliantly to look as though the children are in outer space. [5] Paradise Adventure Island Golf opened at the park in February 2012 featuring a large indoor mini adventure golf with 2 different courses. An indoor family entertainment centre called 'Monkey Bizness' opened in 2009, the largest of its kind in the country.[6]


Valley Centertainment has established itself as a popular destination for meals as it contains several restaurants, which at peak times can become very busy.[7][8] These are:

Public transport[edit]

Valley Centertainment is well served by public transport. It has its own stop on Sheffield Supertram's Yellow and Tram Train routes serving Sheffield City Centre, Meadowhall Interchange, and the nearby town of Rotherham.

It is within easy bus access of both Sheffield and Rotherham city centre.

Preceding station   Sheffield Supertram   Following station
towards Meadowhall
  Yellow Line   Arena/Olympic Legacy Park
towards Middlewood
towards Rotherham Parkgate
  Tram/Train   Arena/Olympic Legacy Park
towards cathedral

Road access[edit]

Valley Centertainment is easily accessible by road:


Valley Centertainment has its own large, free car park. Parking is safe and secure, rewarded by being given its fifth Park Mark Award.[10] Despite ample parking, finding a space can be difficult at peak times. Parking is particularly difficult when there is an event taking place at the neighbouring Sheffield Arena, Sheffield Ice Rink, or when nearby Meadowhall Centre is busy.[8] Valley Centertainment operate a strict policy of fining customers if they park in non standard locations.


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