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Victor Bisbal Melero
Real nameVictor José Bisbal Melero
NationalityPuerto Rico
Born2 July 1980
Salinas, Puerto Rico
Boxing record
Total fights27
Wins by KO17
No contests0
Victor Bisbal
Medal record
Representing  Puerto Rico
Men's Boxing
Pan American Games
Bronze medal – third place 2003 Santo Domingo Super Heavyweight
Central American and Caribbean Games
Gold medal – first place 2002 San Salvador Heavyweight

Victor José Bisbal Melero (born 2 July 1980 in Ponce, Puerto Rico is a heavyweight boxer from Puerto Rico, best known for winning a gold medal at the 2002 Central American and Caribbean Games in the heavyweight division,[1] and for winning a bronze medal at the 2003 Pan American Games. He also participated at the 2004 Olympic Games in the super-heavyweight class.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Victor Bisbal began in the sport at the age of 15 years. Before beginning boxing, he competed in hurling and discus, winning four LAI championship rings in University competition and holding many Puerto Rican distance records. He graduated in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Physical Education from Turabo University in Puerto Rico. Victor got married on March 13, 2010 to Mariler Mejias, a volleyball player. Victor has three siblings, brothers Ricardo and Gerardo and sister Mayela. His brother Gerardo Bisbal is also a boxer and National Champ of Puerto Rico, bronze medallist in 2002 in 81 kg, 2006 in +91 kg and 2010 gold medallist Central American and Caribbean Games, having participated in 2003 in 91 kg and 2007 in +91 kg Pan American Games.

Bisbal worked with the Sports and Recreation Department and the Salinas municipal gym for years.[3] However, he was ousted when Ricardo Rosselló won the 2016 elections.[3] Afterwards, Bisbal joined his brother (who is a mechanic by profession, like their father) in operating a workshop at Salinas.[3]

Amateur achievements[edit]

Record 60–11 Puerto Rican National Champ 1999–2004 Bisbal began boxing as an amateur at 18 years old; he had victories against Jason Estrada (USA) (2 times), David Cadieux (CAN) (2 times), Davin King (USA) (1-1), George Garcia (USA,MEX)(1-1)

He was defeated by Manuel Azar (ARG)(once), Pedro Carrion and Michel López Núñez (CUB)(once), Davin King, George Garcia and Calvin Brock (USA)(once), Andrey Derevtsov (RUS)(once), Bermane Stiverne (CAN), Sebastian Koeber (GER), Jaroslav Jakstov (LIT)(once)

He participated in 1999 Pan American Games Qualification Tournament for Central American - Salinas, Puerto Rico. These were his first amateur fights. Results were:

won against Benjamin Garcia (MEX) 11:10 quarterfinal

won against Leon Palmer (JAM) RSC 3 semifinal

won against Juan Romans (COS) 9:6 final

Participated in 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada with only 7 fights, results were: +91 kg

lost against Manuel Azar (ARG) 14:7 quarterfinal

Participated in 2000 Boxing Olympic Qualifications, results were:

lost against Calvin Brock (USA) RSCH 3

Participated in 2002 Central American and Caribbean Games, Cartagena, Colombia results were: 91 kg won gold medal

won against Cesar Uribe (MEX) KO 1, bodyshot, quarter final

won against Elibert Cova (VEN) walkover, semifinal

won against Kertson Manswell (TRI) RSCO 4, final

Participated 2002 World cup, Azerbaijan results were: +91 kg Participated with Mexican team because Puerto Rico did not participate.

Mexico vs Korea

won against Mouzafar Saipov (KOR) walkover

Mexico vs Russia

Lost against Andrey Derevtsov (RUS) 21:19 After this fight the spectators booed the decision.

Professional career[edit]

Bisbal signed with Top Rank for his professional debut in the year 2005,[4] but after a defeat he continued his career without a promoter. He continued fighting and his manager was Evangelista Cotto, Bisbal posting a record of 13-1 11 knockouts. In 2009, a year since his fight number 15, Victor Bisbal began with a new manager Orlando Piñeiro, who also manages Juan Manuel Lopez, hoping that his career will reach many championship titles. Victor and Juan Manuel are very good friends, Victor can always be seen in the ring before and after Juan Manuel's importants fights.


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