Virginia Square Shopping Center

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The Virginia Square Shopping Center in Arlington County, Virginia, United States opened in early 1952, to complement the adjoining Kann's-Virginia store.[1] At opening, the 15-store center included a Giant supermarket, People's Drug, Fanny Farmer candy, L. Frank Co. women's apparel, Jonas men's apparel, the Bo Peep Shop, and Mary Baynes Gift Shop.[2] An F.W. Woolworth variety store also operated at the center. Following the 1975 closure of the Kann's-Virginia and Kimel's Furniture Store, the center entered into a period of decline.[3] In March 1986, the Virginia Square retail landmark Mary Baynes Gift Shop closed its doors.[4] Redevelopment of the Center, talked about for almost a decade, finally commenced in Summer 1988, when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation demolished the old center and erected a new satellite office and other buildings on the site.[5][6][7]

The Virginia Square–GMU station on the Washington Metro is named after the shopping center.


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