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Children Mahabali

Virochana (Sanskrit: विरोचन), in Hindu mythology, was an asura, grandson of Hiranyakashipu, son of Prahlada (Sanskrit: प्रह्लाद) and father of Bali. In the Atharvaveda (VIII.10.22) he was mentioned as the son of Prahlada.[1] According to the Chandogya Upanishad (VIII.7.2-8.5), he and Indra went to Prajapati to learn about the atman (self) and lived there, practising brahmacharya for thirty-two years. But at the end, he misunderstood Prajapati's teachings and preached the asuras to worship the sharira (body) as the atman. Thus, asuras started adorning the body of a deceased with perfumes, garlands and ornaments.[2] The son of Virochana was Mahabali.[3]


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