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This article is about the audio news channel in Canada formerly known as VoicePrint. For other uses, see Voiceprint.
AMI-audio logo
Launched December 1, 1990
Owned by Accessible Media Inc.
Country Canada
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Formerly called VoicePrint (1990-2012)
Sister channel(s) AMI-tv
Website AMI-audio
Bell TV Channel 049
Shaw Direct Channel 288/825
Available on most Canadian cable systems Check local listings, channels may vary

AMI-audio is a Canadian 24-hour English language non-profit audio broadcast television service. AMI-audio is an audio-only service that broadcasts readings of news articles and features from more than 600 of Canada's top newspapers and magazines, as well as audio theatre and films. It is owned by Accessible Media Inc. (formerly known as the National Broadcast Reading Service—the organization was renamed following the launch of its sister television channel) AMI-audio is a volunteer-based service, where individuals perform voice recordings at various centres across the country.

AMI-audio is licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), and went on the air in 1990 as VoicePrint. The CRTC licensed AMI-audio as a "must-carry" service in 2001, meaning all digital cable and satellite providers must carry the service. AMI-audio is primarily accessed on the secondary audio program (SAP) of CBC News Network, while some providers carry the service on a separate channel through digital cable. The service is also available on the Internet, through

On March 5, 2012, VoicePrint was renamed AMI-audio. The re-branding is part of a new promotional effort by AMI to unify its services under a single brand for easier cross-promotion with AMI-tv and[1]


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1990–2011 2011–2012 2012–present

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