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Vyalova cave (пещера Вялова) is a cave in a lower plateau of the Chatyrdag mountain, Crimea. It also has an 'old' name: Togerik-Alan-Hosar (Тогерик-Алан-Хосар).

The cave has a vertical entrance of 31 m depth, which gradually (at a depth about 16 m) transforms into a steep (almost vertical) shaft. The total depth of the cave is 124 m. It belongs to the Vyalova cave system.

The cave is named after Russian speleologist Vyalov.

Vyalova Cave System[edit]

Vyalova caves system is a system of 3 caves that are located on a lower plateau of the Chatyrdag mountain, Crimea.

The system consists of 3 caves (has 3 entrances): Uchunzhu cave, Vyalova cave and Obval'naya cave (or Landslip cave, Crimea).

The system is names after Russian speleologist Vyalov.

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Coordinates: 44°44′N 34°18′E / 44.733°N 34.300°E / 44.733; 34.300