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Wakfu (TV series).png
Based on Wakfu
Developed by Ankama Animation
Directed by Anthony Roux (fr)
Fabrice Nzinzi
Voices of

(French Cast)
Fanny Bloc
Adeline Chetail
Thomas Guitard
Patrick Bethune
Geneviève Doang
Dorothée Pousseo

(English Cast)
Jules de Jongh
Jessica Bell
Ross Grant
Kier Stewart
Hugo Chandor
Joanna Ruiz
Arthur Bostrom
Theme music composer Guillaume Houzé
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (+ 5 specials) (list of episodes)
Running time 22-25 minutes
Production company(s) Ankama
France Television
Original network ABC3
France 3
Original release October 30, 2008 (2008-10-30) – Present (Present)
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Wakfu: The Animated Series is a French animated television series produced by Ankama Animation, based on the video game Wakfu. The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October 2008, and new episodes would continue to air into January 2010 on France 3. The show is animated with Adobe Flash software; all the production is done in France except the special episodes "Noximilien l'Horloger" and "Ogrest, la Légende", both produced in Japan. The series is directed by Anthony "Tot" Roux, and character design is directed by Xavier "Xa" Houssin and Kim "Tcho" Etinoff.[1] During the London MCM Expo, the first two episodes were shown for the first time in English. A spin-off called Mini-Wakfu, which features humorous shorts with characters depicted in super deformed style, has aired since September 2009. The special episode "Noximilien l'Horloger", which tell the origins of the main antagonist, Nox, was produced in Japan, and features a radically different art style made by the same team of animators who worked on Kaiba and Kemonozume. The episode was directed by Eunyoung Choi with Masaaki Yuasa on character design. A Kickstarter campaign to produce an English-language dub of the series was launched in January 2014. [2]


Left to right: Evangelyne, Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove, Yugo, Ruel Stroud, Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm

The Brotherhood of the Tofu[edit]

Voiced by: Fanny Bloc (French), Barbara Scaff (English test dub), Jules de Jongh (English dub)
Yugo is a 12-year-old Eliatrope who recently discovered his powers, and is on a mission to find his true family. He has lived with his adoptive father Alibert, working alongside him at his inn, and has no memories of his real family. He has the ability to summon teleportation portals by rotating his hand in a circular motion and throwing them to where he would like to appear. As the series progresses, he learns other abilities, such as moving at high speeds and creating beams from his portals. Near the end of Season two, it's revealed that he is the King of the Eliatropes. In the Special Episodes following the second season, Yugo is shown to have not aged in 6 years since the quest of the Crimson Claws, a fact that depresses him as he wishes to be able to court Amalia, but fears that his child like appearance would hinder any chance of a serious relationship with her. The finale shows Yugo is able to utilize the 6 Eliatrope Dofus to attain godly power in an effort to defeat Ogrest but doing so costs him his brother's friendship and nearly destroys the world.
A "Tofu" (bird) that is always seen by Yugo's side.
Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm
Voiced by: Adeline Chetail (French), Sharon Mann (English test dub), Jessica Bell (English dub)
Known as the Adventurer-Princess, she is a 13-year-old Sadida. Because of this, she is able to talk to plants as well as control them. She is devoted to her friends and to helping Yugo find his family. Later, near the end of season one, it is reveled that she dislikes and has many disputes with her brother Armand. The Special Episodes 6 years after season two show Amalia has taken her mother's position as Queen of the Sadida and her forced marriage to Count Harebourg of Frigost begins the story. Though she initially accepts his proposal, she voids the agreement after learning the Count planned to use the Sadida forests as a fuel source for his kingdom. By the finale, Amalia and Yugo have shown a strong desire to be with each other, in spite of the difficulties caused by the difference in their races.
Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove (also nicknamed Dally in the English dub),(Messire Tristepin Percedal)
Voiced by: Thomas Guitard (French), David Gasman (English test dub), Ross Grant (English dub), Ben Diskin (Kickstarter trailer)
A 16-year-old lop, Percedal is a "Knight of the Order of the Guardians of Shushus", entrusted with the guardianship of the demon-sword Rubilax. He acts brave but foolhardy and is a strong fighter. As a Guardian, Percedal is responsible for making sure Rubilax does not escape its sword prison and possess its owner, or others, though when he is possessed by Rubilax he becomes a monster that is incredibly physically strong. He is questing with Yugo as repayment for Yugo's rescuing him from Rubilax's possession. As the series progresses, he falls in love with Evangelyne and she with him. He becomes a father to twins, Elely and Flopin in the Special episodes and is revealed to be the reincarnation of the Iop God, but he loses his powers during the fight with Ogrest when he loses his right arm.
Voiced by: Gerard Surugue (French), Matthew Géczy (English test dub), Kier Stewart (English dub)
A Shushu, or a demon trapped in an object, in the form of a gem on the hilt of Percedal's sword. He is obsessed with destruction, and lends strength to any being he possesses. He is usually in the form of a dagger, but can grow to the size of a longsword. His true form is a knee high demon, however he is still incredibly strong for his size and grows bigger every time he is hit. Rubilax can also create a small army of strong clay warrior-clones. As his time with the Brotherhood progresses, he eventually grows attached to the group, enough so to rebel against his own kind.
Ruel Stroud
Voiced by: Patrick Bethune (French), Paul Bandy (English test dub), Hugo Chandor (English dub)
Ruel is an old friend of Yugo's adoptive father Alibert, as well as a treasure- and bounty-hunter known as an Enutrof. As a favor to Alibert, Ruel agrees to accompany Yugo on his travels. Ruel is greedy and stingy. He is skilled as a fighter and is committed to seeing Yugo through trouble. Ruel wields a gold-plated shovel as a weapon.
A pig-like mole creature called a dhreller, which are said to be usual pets of Enutrofs. When it started to tag along, Ruel would try to drive it away. It is later revealed it is because after the death of his first drheller, Kamasu-Tar, he did not wish to have another one. It isn't until it saves Ruel from a Sadida prison that Ruel starts to show a liking to it, and now it is regularly by his side. Ruel later teaches him how to identify minerals through tasting rocks and tracking.
Voiced by: Geneviève Doang (French), Jodie Forrest (English test dub), Jules de Jongh (English dub), Cassandra Lee (Kickstarter trailer)
A 17-year-old Cra, Evangelyne is accompanying the Sadida princess Amalia as a bodyguard. She is committed to her job, but also acts as an older sister to the young Amalia. She wields a bow that can fire a variety of magic arrows, making a quiver unnecessary. At first she shows no attraction to Percedal but as the series progresses she admits that she loves him and starts a family with him by the time of the Special Episodes, marrying him at the end.
Voiced by: Dorothee Pousseo (French), Joanna Ruiz (English dub)
A shape-shifting dragon who comes into contact with Yugo during their visit to the island of Oma and is revealed to be Yugo's brother, born of the same dofus. After separating from his friends, Yugo trains alongside Adamaï in order to control his wakfu and stop Nox from his sinister plans. Following the Special Episodes, Adamaï has severed ties with Yugo and the Brotherhood, after Yugo attacked him in order to utilize the Eliatrope Dofus to challenge Ogrest. His current whereabouts are unknown, except that he is now allied with the Forgotten Brotherhood, led by Lady Echo.
Cleophee (Cleome in the English dub)
Voiced by: Maryne Bretieaux (French), Joanna Ruiz (English dub)
Evangelyne's younger sister. She is a tomboy and more easy going than her older sister. She was in the Cra military and is a skilled fighter who works well with Percedal in hand to hand combat, which seems to make Evangelyne worried that Percedal might like Cleophee more than her. After the battle on the Crimson Claws, she sailed back home to Cra City with Elaine and Black Ink.
Grufon (Skribble in the English dub)
Voiced by: Damien Da Silva (French), Arthur Bostrom (English dub)
A minor Shushu, who has been trapped inside a map. At the beginning he would only show the group where to go if they flattered him, but he would never give them proper directions. He was later eaten by an Arachnee (a spider-like creature), but ended up possessing the Arachnee and attacking the group. After being captured, Yugo promised to be Skribble's guardian if he would let them go. Skribble agreed and has since then been more agreeable to show the proper way.
Elely & Flopin
Elely is voiced by Caroline Lallau (French), Jules de Jongh (English dub)
Flopin is voiced by Karl-Line Heller (French), Julie-Ann Dean (English dub)
The twin children of Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove and Evangelyne, Elely is the daughter and is as wild and unpredictable as her father, while Flopin is the son and is as calm and cool as his mother, and is equally skilled with a wrist-mounted crossbow. When their parents and the other members of the Brotherhood were held hostage by Count Harebourg, they stormed the palace to rescue them. Flopin used his mom's bow to help free the Brotherhood while Elely merged with Rubilax to give them a fighting chance, with their fighting skills impressing their parents. After the climatic battle Yugo and Percedal have with Ogrest, and after Ogrest returned to a normal baby ogre, Elely was the first person in ages to make friends with him.

Side characters[edit]


They are a humanoid species who are close to all things Mother Nature, and are most noticeable for being barefoot, green hair, dark skin, and wearing clothes made out of leaves. The males have their hair covering their entire heads. They are all connected to the Tree of Life.

Voiced by: Phillipe Dumond (French), Tom Clarke-Hill (English dub)
Amalia's father and king of the Sadida people. He is a jolly man as well as not familiar with formalities despite his king status, always questioning why Eva would always bow before him. He temporarily left his post to Armand when the Tree of Life was sick, trying to cure it. He later regains his throne after being informed of Nox's plan by Amalia and Eva.
Amalia's Mother
She died before the start of the story. The king says that Amalia is the spitting image of her, both stubborn and adventurous. However, she appears in Evangeline's dream in her time at the Tree of Life
Voiced by: Cedric Dumond (French), James Nickerson (English dub)
Amalia's Brother and acting ruler of the Sadida while the king is away. He is arrogant man and believed the warning about Nox from his sister was nothing but her own imagination. He is attracted to Evangelyne, something that creeps her out and causes Percedal to become jealous. Armand also appears to have a racist view towards Iops, often insulting them. He is known to have very bad breath, a subject he is very touchy about, though is well known to the Sadida. Despite all this however, it is shown he truly does care for his little sister.


Voiced by: Thierry Mercier (French), Matthew Géczy (English test dub)
Yugo's adoptive father, who found him as a baby when Grougaloragran left him at the beginning of the series. He is also the town mayor and a chef, who runs an inn. After taking the young boy under his care, Alibert is also engrained a magical message through his eyes regarding Yugo's past. He raises Yugo for 12 years, training him as an assistant chef at the inn's restaurant, until the day their hometown comes under attack by a mysterious enemy and Yugo's past must be revealed.
Voiced by: Benoit Allemane (French)
A mysterious old man who cares for the infantile Yugo and later must hide him from the dangerous Nox. He is incredibly strong with the ability to breathe fire. Nox on their first battle stated he was a dragon, where in episode 17 it is revealed he is a powerful dragon in human form. He also has the powers to see into people's souls, which is why he picked Alibert for Yugo's father, as he saw he would be the perfect father.
Kabrok & Miranda
Kabrok is voiced by: Richard Darbois (French)
Miranda is voiced by Claire Buyot (French)
Kabrok is an Osamoda adventurer from days long past, who eventually found his true love in the form of an Ecaflip named Miranda. Soon after, the couple settled down and began running an underground item shop for weary travellers. However, Kabrok began to grow bored of his new life while Miranda forbid him to go adventuring, so he donned the guise of a villain called "The Black Crow" and has a ball of a time torturing a nearby village and destroying his competitors' shops in the process. He also dislikes Ruel as he often hits on his wife. Miranda is a strict saleswoman who will even put customers through a test so as to not deal with looky-loos. She sees everything has a price, despite her husband claiming it being priceless. She also has a strange habit of yelling for her husband, even if he is standing next to her. Despite this, she does show she loves him, as she forbid him from adventuring because she sees herself as his ultimate adventure, but in the end allows him to so as to at least restock their rare supply. They later return as the only supporters during the Brotherhood of Tofu's boufbowl game. In the season 1 finale credits, it is shown they are expecting a child.
The Puddlies & The Bullies
Two races of creatures, the Puddlies being tiny gelatinous beings that lack courage, while the Bullies are bovine-like monsters that plague the Puddlies by stealing their food with brute force. Yugo and company come across both races on their visit to Puddlie village and Sadlygrove feels a sense of responsibility in teaching them how to defend themselves against the Bullies. Eventually, Yugo takes on the Bully leader and defeats him, sending the whole stampede packing.
Xav the Baker
Voiced by: William Coryn (French)
A baker from Chtibrout Town who is famous for his incredible-tasting golden wheat bread. His storage is ruined by a monster called Breadnought, not long before the deadline of a baking contest where the winner can present their bread to the King of Bonta. To help Xav win the contest, Yugo becomes his assistant and trains under him, so Xav teaches Yugo how to mold bread as if he were training with a weapon. After the Baker's Tournament, Yugo and company stay at Xav's home before heading out for their next adventure.
Kriss Krass
Voiced by: Mathias Kozlowski (French)
A young Sacrier, who loves to play in Gobbowl and wishes to become the most famous and highly respected Gobbowl. He is originally from Brakmarczykien, however, he leaves the city, to be the captain of "the Hammers" Bonta team. He is in love with Maude, however, she prefers the state masked Gobbowler, in the episode the masked Gobbowler, it is revealed who she really is. When Kriss returns to Brakmar , he is judged by Judge Bokobrodego.
Master Goultard
Voiced by: Bruno Choel (French), Anthony Adonis (English dub)
Percedal's "dead" Iop master who trained him. Though he commented he was dead, he states "death was overrated" when he is shown to be alive. He refers to Percedal as "Dally-o". He is a very powerful Iop, able to take down Rubilax's possessed form with a single strike of his sword, as well as he is the only being Rubilax has been shown to be afraid of. He gets Percedal back on his path after he was depressed over breaking Evangelyne's bow. It is later revealed in his fight with Rushu that he becomes the new Iop god.
Master Joris
Voiced by: Yoann Sovar (French), Eric Meyers (English dub)
A small mysterious man whose face is hidden by his hood. He is a representative of the King of Bonta who came to discuss matters with Armand, who simply brushed him off. He is also very strong, wielding a hammer almost as tall as him and taking out a team of Sadida guards all on his own, as well as defeating (a damaged) Razortime very quickly. Judging by his appearance, he appears to be of the Masquerade class as seen in both Dofus and Wakfu games.
Grougaloragran's Eliatrope brother.
The Council of Six
The leading faction of the Eliatrope race, composed of the six First Born Eliatropes and their Dragon siblings. Virtually immortal, these Eliatropes and Dragons never truly die, but reincarnate continuously from their shared Dofus. Each pair held an important post in Eliatrope society, but fluctuated often between protecting, guiding and teaching their people. Chibi and Grougalorogran were poets, prophets and inventors. Chibi was also the first king of the Eliatropes. Mina and Phaeris were priests and diplomats, known for resolving conflicts that emerged among the people. Chibi and Mina were also secret lovers. Yugo and Adamai were great explorers and warriors, charged with protecting the Eliatropes and leading them in battle. Yugo also succeeded Chibi as king. Nora and her brother Efrim were channelers, able to speak directly to the great goddess Eliatrope, source of all Wakfu. Glip and his brother Baltazaar were teachers and loremasters, responsible for instructing Eliatropes young in all areas of life, including combat. Qilby and his sister Shinanome were the wisest of the First Born, both of them blessed with eternal memory of all their past incarnations, unlike their other siblings. They served loyally for many years, but Qilby was eventually driven mad by boredom and rebelled, forcing a bloody campaign against a mechanoid race known as the Mechasme that nearly led to the extincition of the Eliatrope race before Yugo and Phaeris were able to imprison Qilby for his crimes. Apart from this, the First Born are shown to be capable of immense power and judging by the special episodes, aged at a far slower rate than their peers.
Elaine and Captain Black Ink
Captain Black Ink is voiced by Martin Brieuc (French)
Elaine is voiced by Claire Baradat (French), Fiona Clarke-Hill (English dub)
Elaine is a young human girl who is a pirate just like her father, Black Ink, who is a diminished-in-size kralove. They both make their first appearance in "A Fistful of Kamas", when they helped the Brotherhood find a boat to sail to the Crimson Claws archipelago. At the end of Season 2, Elaine and Black Ink sailed back home, with Cleophee along for the ride.



Voiced by: Benjamin Pascal (French), Arthur Bostrom (English dub)
The main villain of the first season. A Xelor with twisted and obsessive motives. At the beginning of season one he encounters Grougaloragran in the guise of a human and is initially surprised by his high levels of Wakfu, Nox is swiftly immobilized and has since been searching for Grougaloragran on his travels, as well as any other large sources of Wakfu to absorb. Nox quickly proves to be a dangerous enemy and often speaks with an insane-sounding giggle at the end of each sentence. It is revealed early on that he needs a large quantity of Wakfu for an item known as the Eliacube, which in his insanity, he believes is alive, and that it speaks to him. He plans to use the Wakfu to go back in time and undo a great wrong that he has done, where because of this he sees everything he does at this present time as reversible and doesn't hesitate to kill anyone in his way, eventually going after the Tree of Life; however, killing the Tree of Life, would effectivley wipe out the entire Sadida race as They share the same life-force as the Tree. He appears to have had a family at one time, as evidenced by his constant mention of them. In the end, despite absorbing Wakfu for over 200 years he was only able to go back 20 minutes in time; and upon discovering this he falls to his knees and grieves at the fact he will never be able to save his family. His last words are a farewell to Yugo before teleporting away...No longer supported by the Eliacube, or Nox's will to live, his body withers and turns to dust by his family's grave. His past was revealed in a special episode, where he used to be a kind well muscular father figure named Noximilien Coxen with a flair for inventing and great skills as a Horologist. He was a good father and loved his wife and children more than anything, but was depressed at the fact he could not provide financially for his family, often having to negotiate with a man over his debt. While playing with his family on the beach, Igol runs away and discovers the cave that held the Eliacube. Noximilien takes it to his workshop and tinkers with it, amazed at the possibilities the device has, he becomes obsessed with researching the cube to the point of abandoning everything else. His health deteriorates and he hints that he no longer sleeps; these serve to degrade his body to a skeletal state. His family also leaves him; by the time he leaves his workshop to present his work to his wife, his home is shown to be barren and dilapidated, and a note shows that his wife has moved to live with her sister, telling him to come join them if he's ever ready. Before he receives the chance, he is told they have perished in a flood in their new home. In a desperate state, he plunges deeper into his research, seeking a means to turn back time and correct his mistake. This obsession drives him increasingly insane, eventually creating the main antagonist seen in the Wakfu series. With his past revealed, becomes more of a sympathetic villain.
Marama, Frisco and Tartufo (I, II and III)
Three of Nox's minions, which he refers to as his "favourites." They are first seen during his fight with Grougaloragran and...although their exact nature is unknown, they appear to be a mummified Cra, Feca, and Sacrier, and possess most of those classes' respective powers. They are all destroyed in the final battle. Defeated by Adamaï and Yugo, Marama is finally destroyed by Raze-time; Frisco and Tartufo are destroyed by Amallia.
Nox's minion, and a Sadida analog to I, II, and III. His appearance is very different, being that of a dead and decayed Sadida. His eyes are sunken and lifeless, his limbs are emaciated, and his upper body appears to be supported only by a black, spine-like structure. Much of his apparent bulk seems to come from his wood armor. he is frozen by Evangelyne and destroyed by Amallia.
XII Raze-time
Appears to be a large, boxy clockwork robot created by Nox, and one of his most powerful weapons. Before being confronted by the main characters, it devastated a large section of the Sadidas' forest with its "stasis blasts." He was deactivated for good when Nox's clock is destroyed.
A hyena-like Bow Wow (species of dog in that world) that served Nox. Igol can travel at extremely fast speeds (most likely given to him by his control collar) and has the ability to run on water to get from island to island when traveling over-sea. He can also inhale so deeply that he creates a vacuum. It is revealed Igol was previously a pet owned by a little girl who is later revealed to have been Nox's daughter, who drowned due to Ogrest's tears along with the rest of his family. A little Osamodas girl named Lotie that resembled her caused Igol to change his ways, and soon he was freed from Nox's control and now lives with her. She also calls him Crazy-Eyes. In the prequel he was drawn as a dog. This is because Igol is a Bow Wow by species, a type of dog analogue in the Wakfu universe.
Voiced by: Erik Colin (French), Arthur Bostrom (English dub)
Qilby is the main antagonist of season two and the central villain of the series overall. He was accidentally summoned from the blank dimension when Yugo tried to harness the power of the Eliacube, when he comes to the world of Twelve he explains the origins of his species (through half-truths) and sends Yugo on a quest to acquire the Dofus (dragon egg) of his sister dragon, Shinonome. His true plan is eventually revealed – that the quest was largely to distract Yugo so he could regain his power, steal back the Eliacube and then absorb the Wakfu of the planet to power his ship so he can continue to explore the Krozmos (the process would destroy the planet). While originally quiet, friendly and softspoken his personality changes drastically when he fuses with the Eliacube becoming cruel, sadistic, maniacal and manipulative. It is unknown whether this is a result of the Eliacube warping his personality or if it is his true colors. He has all the same Powers as Yugo though many of them are more advanced versions, as well as an assortment of other Wakfu abilities, he also has full knowledge of the Eliacube and its workings (Nox spent 200 years just trying to figure out how to work it) makes him even more dangerous then Nox, he is also able to remember his past lives which is unique for his species and implied to be the source of his knowledge and madness, which he later stated was a curse. He is unquestionable the most powerful and dangerous villain in the series so far, with the possible exception of Rushu.


Voiced by: Marc Alfos (French)
The tyrannical king of all Shushus. A 10 meter tall fiery demon, he is in another world, one that has mostly been destroyed down to rock and ash. He is looking for a way to enter the World of Twelve, so full of light and life, that he and his demons can keep destroying things. His powers are said to be equal to that of a god and include, super strength, pyrokinesis, telekinesis and others as well. In the season 2 finale his true form was revealed to be a grayish black humanoid with a single eye (it was said his fiery form is just for show). During the battle at Crimson Claws archipelago he was sent back to the ShuShu realm.
Voiced by: Antoine Tome (French)
A Shushu with the power to copy the ability of anyone he touches. Originally a bound shushu, he was released by his guardian and refused to be unsummoned. After being freed by the Brotherhood of Tofu, Remington releases him to distract the heroes; he quickly realizes this is a bad idea. Yugo uses his portal magic to attack Anathar, which he is then able to use much more powerfully than Yugo, such as generating a hundred portals at once. He is so powerful, he even opened up a portal into the Shushu realm. Through his actions, it would seem this power has a time limit for how long he can use it. He participates in the final battle in posseding Adamaï against Yugo, but he is betrayed and threatened of destruction by Qilby, he decides to leave him to take care of Adamai and Yugo, Qilby accepts and spares Anathar. His final fate is unknown, but it is possibly that he is escaped and hid somewhere. Anathar and Ombrage are the only Shushus who are not return in ShuShu realm.
Ombrage (Shadowfang in the English dub)
Voiced by: Malvina Germain (French)
A Shushu imprisoned in a ring, she has the power to steal a person's shadow, which appears to represent the target's soul, and turns them into a ghoul. However, she is unable to do this if the target lacks any darkness in their heart. She is first met in a ruined town, where she has taken over her guardian's spirit, who goes by the name Vampyro. After being defeated, her guardian swears never to fall for her tricks again. She returns in season 2 as an ally of Rubilax. Once Percedal is returned to his body, though, she is left behind, ignored by her guardian. In the closing scenes, however, an unknown figure picks her up. Ombrage and Anathar are the only Shushus who are not return in ShuShu realm.


Voiced by Benjamin Pascal (French)
Formerly a Shushu Guardian named Wagnar, he fell in love with a demon named Ombrage, who was sealed in a magic ring. Wagnar wore the ring that Ombrage was trapped in and her demonic powers transformed the guardian into "Vampyro", causing him to steal the souls of the townspeople to form an army of ghouls. When Yugo's team visits Katrepat town, Vampyro ambushes them with this army of ghouls and kidnaps Evangelyne in order to give Ombrage a body to inhabit. When transformed into Vampyro, he has an unfortunate allergy to Tofus, which eventually becomes his undoing. Afterwards he realized she was merely using him, and swore to never fall for her trickery again.
Ombrage returns in Season 2, now wielded by Rubilax in Percedal's body.
Voiced by: Elisabeth Fargeot (French)
A mysterious old Enutrof who seeks to ruin Xav the Baker's chances at winning the Chtibrout Baker's Tournament by destroying his golden wheat storage. She wreaks havoc on the village while riding atop a golem made of giant pieces of bread. Yugo takes on Breadnought and nearly wins, but she escapes before he claims victory. At the climax of the Baker's tournament, the Breadnought is revealed to be Xav's father's assistant, also known as Chouquette, who wanted her master to win the contest as she was in love with him.
Gonnard the Great (Rich McDeek in the English dub)
Voiced by: Serge Faliu (French), Eric Meyers (English dub)
A supposed herald who visits Yugo and his friends during their stay at Xav the Baker's home, informing them of a gold-robbery crime wave. Gonnard displays a herald's knowledge, seeming to know much about their adventures up to the point that he makes contact with them, but turns out to be an absorbent genie, whose body's substance becomes whatever he eats, and was responsible for the crimes. He is defeated when Ruel tricks him into eating chocolate coins.
Remington Smisse
Voiced by: David Kruger (French), Eric Meyers (English dub)
The first villain of Season 2, he is a collector of Shushu and is able to wield many of them without losing control over them. He is extremely sly and cunning, always trying to gain the upper hand through deceptive means and likes to play dirty. His deceptiveness sometimes becomes his own undoing; during a fight with Evangelyne over the possession of Percedal -- who was trapped in Rubilax's sword body -- he falls off the edge of a building, hanging upside down at the end of a rope. He promises Eva that he won't trick her if she saves him, however, when he gets to the ledge, he tries to kill her with a sword Shushu. Eva dodges the attack, and Remington ends up destroying the ledge he was hanging onto and plummets to his apparent death. However, it is revealed that he did survive the fall in Episode 8 of Season 2. He meets Eva again in a prison where he releases an extremely powerful Shushu named Anathar. Later on, he, Sadlygrove and Yugo are taken to the Shushu world. He is left behind while the others escape so he could save his brother, Grany. Remington and Grany are later seen as Rushu's personal slave/masseur, until they escape through the Shushu invasion portal. At the end of the Battle of Crimson Claw Archipelago, Remington takes Eva hostage in exchange for Rubilax (in sword form), but is defeated and both are knocked in the sea, presumed to be dead. However, they're last seen sailing into the sunset in a wrecked submarine.
Grany Smisse
Voiced by: Mathias Kozlowski (French), Ross Grant (English dub)
A talking Bow Meow (similar to a cat) that Remington calls his brother, which Ruel finds odd. He is as sly and cunning as his brother, and like him not above using a double cross to get their way. Despite this however, both brothers are shown to care about one another, as Remington chose to stay behind in the Shushu world to save him.



Netflix acquired the right to the show and started showing it on its streaming, according to Variety Ted Sarandos, Netflix's CCO, said "Animation has a very strong history in France and French animators are among the best and most innovative in the world." Sarandos added that Netflix expected "to further strengthen our relationship with Ankama and other French animation studios." [3]

Kickstarter campaign[edit]

On January 20, 2014, Ankama launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce an English-language dub of the series for release on region-free Blu-ray Disc in English speaking territories. The campaign had a target of $80,000 Canadian Dollars to dub the first season, with stretch goals to produce dubs of the second season and various original video animation episodes.[4] The campaign's goal to dub Season 1 was met on January 21, 2014, and the campaign's goal to dub Season 2 was met on January 30, 2014. The Kickstarter trailer featured Ben Diskin as Percedal and Cassandra Lee as Evangelyne.


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