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For the lake, see Wandlitzsee.
Coat of arms of Wandlitz
Coat of arms
Wandlitz   is located in Germany
Coordinates: 52°45′00″N 13°26′59″E / 52.75000°N 13.44972°E / 52.75000; 13.44972Coordinates: 52°45′00″N 13°26′59″E / 52.75000°N 13.44972°E / 52.75000; 13.44972
Country Germany
State Brandenburg
District Barnim
 • Mayor Udo Tiepelmann (SPD)
 • Total 164.27 km2 (63.43 sq mi)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Total 22,095
 • Density 130/km2 (350/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 16348
Dialling codes 033397
Vehicle registration BAR
Website www.wandlitz.de
Castle Dammsmühle in Schönwalde

Wandlitz is a municipality in the district of Barnim, in Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated 25 km north of Berlin, and 15 km east of Oranienburg. The municipality was established in 2004 by merger of the nine villages Basdorf, Klosterfelde, Lanke, Prenden, Schönerlinde, Schönwalde, Stolzenhagen, Wandlitz and Zerpenschleuse.

The communal government of the Great municipality has its seat in Wandlitz directly. It consists of deputies from the several parts of the commune and in accordance with the election results of the existing parties here.


The post-war influx of refugees from eastern regions lead to a rise in the population. The population growth stagnated during the communist era. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the population began a rising tendency again.

Population development within the current boundaries
Year Inhab.
1875 6868
1890 7474
1925 9309
1933 11069
1939 13163
1946 15674
1950 16180
1964 15851
1971 16415
1981 14762
Year Inhab.
1985 14560
1989 14607
1990 14194
1991 14125
1992 14278
1993 14935
1994 15179
1995 15744
1996 16086
1997 16625
Year Inhab.
1998 17236
1999 17905
2000 18494
2001 18859
2002 19159
2003 19525
2004 19987
2005 20463
2006 20760
2007 21065
Year Inhab.
2008 21237
2009 21530
2010 21704
2011 20775
2012 20945

Detailed data sources are to be found in the Wikimedia Commons.[3]


  • Wandlitzsee lake
  • The nearby lake of Liepnitzsee
  • The Agricultural Museum in Wandlitz-old village (Barnim Panorama)
  • The Steam Railway Museum in Basdorf (Heidekrautbahn-Museum)
  • The International Museum of Circus Performers in Klosterfelde (Internationales Artistenmuseum)
  • Several old churches
  • Beautiful lakes in the surrounding area such as Wandlitzsee, Liepnitzsee, Bogensee, Rahmersee, Stolzenhagener See
  • In the woods North East of the village Wandlitz is the small Bogensee with a former summer house of Joseph Goebbels, later part of the academy of the Free German Youth organization. Today the area belongs to the Berlin state forests and the buildings are to let.


  • Goldener Löwe Kulturbühne: regular concerts, cabaret, opera, poetry readings, and comedy events.
  • Studio of stained glass artist Annelie Grund

Sport & Leisure[edit]

  • Windsurfing school and board hire on Wandlitzsee lake
  • public beach and bathing area on Wandlitzsee
  • Horse-riding
  • 27-hole golf-course at nearby Prenden

Twin towns[edit]


Wandlitz was first mentioned as Slavic Vandlice in a 1242 deed, when the Margraves of Brandenburg John I and Otto III sold it to the Lehnin Abbey. The word means men who live at the water. Situated on the Barnim plateau among woods and lakes it became a popular recreation area especially in the 20th century. Since 1901 the Heidekrautbahn railway line links Wandlitz with Berlin.

The townhouse in Wandlitz, former being a private hotel.

The name Wandlitz was and is also often used as a synonym for the nearby "Waldsiedlung" compound, where the highest East German functionaries lived removed from the general population. But this settlement is a part of the town Bernau.

Shortly after WWII, the village was home to an orphanage of children from Berlin. The orphanage, run by nuns, later became a holiday spot for visiting high-ranking Communist party members. The children of the small orphanage were frowned upon as second-class citizens by villagers, and often went hungry.

Pictures from Towns and Villages in Gemeinde Wandlitz[edit]

Traffic and Transportation[edit]

Wandlitz is situated at the junction of the Bundesstraße 109 to Berlin and the Bundesautobahn 10 (Berliner Ring) with the Bundesstraße 273 leading from Oranienburg to the Bundesautobahn 11. The NEB Heidekrautbahn links Wandlitz with the Berlin-Karow railway station on the Berlin S2 S-Bahn line.


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