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Warren Theatres
Industry Motion picture theaters
Headquarters Wichita, Kansas
Key people
Bill Warren (founder)
Website Warren Theatres

Warren Theatres was a movie theater chain based in Wichita, Kansas, United States.


As of December 2010, the Warren Theatres owns and operates eight theatre complexes in three states. Warren Theatres operates five theatre complexes under the Warren Theatres brand, with three in Wichita, Kansas, one in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, and one in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow.[1] Warren Theatres also operates 2 theatres under the Palace Theatres brand,[2] and a small theatre under the Movie Machine brand.[3]

Warren Theatres' IMAX is the top grossing IMAX in North America.[4]

The Warren Theatres location in Old Town Wichita is a main venue for the Tallgrass Film Festival, an international, independent film festival.

In 2017, the chain was bought by Regal Entertainment Group.[5]


Name Location Established Screens Seating City
Warren Theatres OldTown Theatre & Grill 2003 7 Wichita
Warren Theatres 21st Street Warren 1996 17 Wichita
Warren Digital IMAX 21st Street Warren 2010 1 601 Wichita
Warren Theatres 13th Street Warren 2001 20 warren 21 / 9 screens Wichita
Movie Machine Towne West Square 5 Wichita
Palace Theatres Palace West 1988 8 Wichita
Warren Theatres Broken Arrow 2014 18 Broken Arrow
Warren Theatres Moore Warren 2008 16 Moore
Warren World Class IMAX Moore Warren 2012 1 601 Moore
Palace Theatres Palace Springfield 8 Springfield


Warren Theatres is the only theater chain whose auditoriums all feature THX sound. Some of the screens at the West 21st street and East 13th street locations feature state-of-the-art digital 3D projection, while the rest feature digital projections. The downtown Wichita location features all of its screens in digital projection.Modeled after the classic art deco theaters in the 1950s, Warren Theatres' patrons find themselves immersed in marble floors and counter-tops, neon lights, and hand-painted murals throughout.[7] Ticket salespeople, concession stand workers, ticket takers, and the theatre cleanup crew all wear 1950's style movie theatre uniforms.

A fan favorite at the Warren Theatres is the VIP balcony's reserved seating, with at-your-seat food delivery to a private bar just outside the auditorium. Warren Theatres received national acclaim when Flaunt Magazine named the chain the top theater builder in the nation.[8]

Every screening room in the Moore Warren is equipped with Dolby Digital Cinema, Dolby 3D, Dolby 7.1, and THX certified audio systems.

Digital IMAX[edit]

Since the opening of the Warren World Class IMAX in Wichita on December 17, 2010, it has been the top grossing IMAX in North America. The Moore Warren IMAX opened February 24, 2012. Both theaters have 601 seats, a dedicated lobby, 82 ft IMAX 3D screen, a family restroom, and an elevator. The Warren World Class IMAX current size and design has both theaters at one time made to be the largest digital IMAX screens in the world.

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