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This is the discography of Wax Trax! Records.

Wax Trax Records (1980-1992)

No. Artist Title Format
WT 101 Brian Eno Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)/Deadly Seven Finns 7"
EBR 001 Strange Circuits Industrial Living 7"
WAX 001 Strike Under Immediate Action 12"
WAX 002 Divine Born to Be Cheap 7"
WAX 003 Ministry Cold Life 12"
WAX 004 Front 242 Endless Riddance 12"/CDS
WAX 005 A Popular History of Signs Ladder Jack 12"
WAX 006 The Blackouts Lost Soul's Club 12"
WAX 007 Ministry All Day / (Everyday Is) Halloween 12"/CS
WAX 008 Minimal Compact Next One Is Real 12"
WAX 009 Ministry The Nature of Love 12"
WAX 010 Front 242 No Comment LP/CS/CD
WAX 010A Front 242 Take One / U-Men 7"
WAX 011 Revolting Cocks No Devotion 12"
WAX 012 Wiseblood Motorslug 12"
WAX 013 Coil Panic/Tainted Love 12"/CDS
WAX 014 Front 242 Politics of Pressure 12"/CDS
WAX 015 Luc Van Acker The Ship LP
WAX 016 Front 242 Interception 12"/CDS
WAX 017 Revolting Cocks Big Sexy Land LP/CS/CD
WAX 018 Luc Van Acker Heart & Soul 12"
WAX 019 Boxset Boxset (Unreleased) 12"
WAX 020 Ministry Halloween (Remix) / Nature of Outtakes 12"
WAX 021 The Young Gods Envoyé! 12"
WAX 022 Revolting Cocks You Often Forget 12"
WAX 023 Luc Van Acker Zanna 12"
WAX 024 Three Angry Poles Motorcycle Maniac 12"
WAX 025 Various Artists Animal Liberation LP/CS/CD
WAX 026 Front 242 Official Version LP/CS/CD
WAX 027 Fini Tribe I Want More 12"
WAX 028 Fini Tribe Make It Internal (Detestimony Revisited) 12"
WAX 029 Laibach Life is Life 12"
WAX 030 Laibach (band) Opus Dei CD/CS/CD
WAX 031 Pailhead I Will Refuse / No Bunny 7"/12"
WAX 032 1000 Homo DJ's Apathy / Better Ways 12"
WAX 033 Front 242 Back Catalogue CS/CD
WAX 034 Front 242 Geography LP/CS/CD
WAX 035 Ministry Twelve Inch Singles (1981–1984) CS/CD
WAX 036 Front 242 Masterhit 12"/CD
WAX 037 Revolting Cocks You Goddamned Son of a Bitch - Live 2xLP/CS/CD/VHS
WAX 038 Front Line Assembly Corrosion LP/CS
WAX 039 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult 12"
WAX 040 Peter Hope / Richard H. Kirk Hoodoo Talk LP/CS/CD
WAX 041 Front Line Assembly Disorder 12"
WAX 042 Revolting Cocks Stainless Steel Providers 12"/CS?CDS
WAX 043 Jass Theme (W.R.) 12"
WAX 044 Controlled Bleeding Songs from the Grinding Wall 12"/CDS
WAX 045 PIG Never for Fun 12"
WAX 046 Hula VC1 12"
WAX 047 Pailhead Trait 12"/CS/CD
WAX 048 Front Line Assembly Convergence CS/CD
WAX 049 KMFDM Don't Blow Your Top 12"
WAX 050 A Split Second A Split - Second LP/CS/CD
WAX 051 PIG A Poke In the Eye... With a Sharp Stick LP/CS/CD
WAX 052 KMFDM Don't Blow Your Top LP/CS/CD
WAX 053 Front 242 Headhunter 7"/12"/CS/CD/CDV
WAX 054 Front 242 Front by Front LP/CS/CD
WAX 055 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Some Have to Dance...Some Have to Kill 12"
WAX 056 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits LP/CS/CD
WAX 057 The Young Gods L'Amourir 12"
WAX 058 T.G.T. (The Genetic Terrorists) Machine Gun 12"/CS/CDS
WAX 059 Lead into Gold Idiot 12"
WAX 060 Front Line Assembly Digital Tension Dementia 12"/CDS
WAX 061 A Split Second Mambo Witch 12"
WAX 062 A Split Second ...From the Inside LP/CS/CD
WAX 7063 Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers, and Queers LP/CS/CD
WAX 064 In the Nursery Köda LP/CS/CD
WAX 065 Meat Beat Manifesto God O.D. 12"
WAX 066 Meat Beat Manifesto Storm the Studio 2x12"/CS/CD
WAX 067 Perennial Divide Leathernecks (Unreleased) 12"
WAX 068 Clock DVA The Hacker 12"/CDS
WAX 069 Greater Than One London LP/CS/CD
WAX 9070 Front 242 Never Stop! 12"/CS/CD
WAX 9071 Clock DVA The Act 12"
WAX 7072 Suicide A Way of Life LP/CS/CD
WAX 9073 PTP Rubber Glove Seduction 12"/CS/CD
WAX 9074 TGT (The Genetic Terrorists) Revo 12"/CDS
WAX 7075 Front Line Assembly Gashed Senses & Crossfire LP/CS/CD
WAX 9076 A Split Second The Colosseum Crash 12"/CDS
WAX 9077 KMFDM More & Faster 12"
WAX 9078 Greater Than One I Don't Need God 12"/CDS
WAX 8079 Laibach Panorama/Die Liebe 12"/CS/CD
WAX 7080 Laibach Nova Akropola LP/CS/CD
WAX 9081 Acid Horse No Name, No Slogan 12"/CS/CDS
WAX 9082 Ajax Mind the Gap 12"
WAX 9084 PIG Sick City 12"
WAX 8085 Pankow "Freedom For The Slaves" 12"/CS/CD
WAX 9086 Revolting Cocks "(Let's Get) Physical" 12"/CS/CDS
WAX 9087 Front Line Assembly No Limit (Damaged Goods Remix) 12"/CDS
WAX 9088 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Kooler Than Jesus 12"/CS/CD
WAX 7089 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Confessions of a Knife... LP/CS/CD
WAX 7090 Controlled Bleeding Trudge LP/CS/CD
WAX 7168 Braindead Soundmachine Come Down From the Hills and Make My Baby LP/CS/CD
WAX 9091 Controlled Bleeding The Fodder Song 12"/CDS
WAX 9092 Lead Into Gold Chicks And Speed (Futurism) 12"/CS/CD
WAX 9093 Revolting Cocks "(Let's Get) Physical (Unreleased)" 12"
WAX 7093 Clock DVA Advantage (Unreleased) LP/CS/CD
WAX 7094 Clock DVA Buried Dreams LP/CS/CD
WAX 7095 Pankow Gisela LP/CS/CD
WAX 7097 Cosey Fanni Tutti Time To Tell 12"
WAX 7098 Mussolini Headkick Themes for Violent Retribution LP/CS/CD
WAX 9099 Greater Than One Utopia 12"/CS/CDS
WAX 7100 Greater Than One G-Force LP/CS/CD
WAX 7101 Noise Unit Grinding Into Emptiness LP/CS/CD
WAX 9102 Noise Unit Deceit/Struktur 12"
WAX 9104 TAGC Broadcast Test 12"
WAX 9105 Clock DVA Sound Mirror 12"/CDS
WAX 7106 Meat Beat Manifesto Armed Audio Warfare LP/CS/CD
WAX 7107 In the Nursery Counterpoint LP/CS/CD
WAX 9108 KMFDM Virus 12"/CS/CDS
WAX 9109 Pankow Show You Their Dongs 12"/CDS
WAX 7110 Foetus Sink 2xLP/CS/CD
WAX 9111 Foetus Butterfly Potion 12"/CDS
WAX 9112 Ajax One World 12"
WAX 7113 Ajax Ajax LP/CS/CD
WAX 9114 Joined at the Head Joined at the Head 12"
WAX 7115 Joined at the Head Unknown (Unreleased) LP
WAX 7116 Lead into Gold Age of Reason LP/CS/CD
WAX 9117 Cyberaktif Temper 12"/CDS
WAX 7118 Cyberaktif Tenebrae Vision CS/CD
WAX 7120 In The Nursery L'Esprit LP/CS/CD
WAX 7121 Chris & Cosey Reflection LP/CS/CD
WAX 7122 Chris & Cosey Heartbeat LP/CS/CD
WAX 7123 Chris & Cosey Trance LP/CS/CD
WAX 7124 Chris & Cosey Songs of Love and Lust LP/CS/CD
WAX 7125 Chris & Cosey Techno Primitiv LP/CS/CD
WAX 7126 TGT (The Genetic Terrorists) White Stains LP/CS/CD
WAX 7127 Psychic TV (listed as "Various Artists") Jack the Tab/Tekno Acid Beat LP/CS/CD
WAX 8128 Psychic TV (listed as "Various Artists") High Jack - The Politics of Ecstasy CD
WAX 7129 Psychic TV Towards Thee Infinite Beat LP/CS/CD
WAX 7130 Psychic TV Beyond Thee Infinite Beat LP/CS/CD
WAX 7134 Chris Connelly Whiplash Boychild LP/CS/CD
WAX 7135 The Young Gods The Young Gods LP/CS/CD
WAX 7136 Doubting Thomas The Infidel LP/CS/CD
WAX 9119 Cyberaktif Nothing Stays 12"/CS/CDS
WAX 7137 Front Line Assembly Iceolate 12″/CDS
WAX 7139 KMFDM What Do You Know, Deutschland? LP/CS/CD
WAX 7143 Coil Love's Secret Domain LP/CS/CD
WAX 7146 Front Line Assembly Caustic Grip LP/CS/CD
WAX 7150 Chris & Cosey Pagan Tango LP/CS/CD
WAX 7187 Sister Machine Gun Sins of The Flesh LP/CS/CD
WAX 9131 In the Nursery Sesudient 12″/CDS
WAX 9132 KMFDM Godlike 12″/CDS
WAX 9133 1000 Homo DJs Supernaut 12″
WAX 9138 Doubting Thomas Father Don't Cry 12″/CSS/CDS
WAX 9140 My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed by a Make-Believe Lover… 'Cuz It's Hot 12″/CSS/CDS
WAX 9141 Chris Connelly Stowaway 12″/CDS
WAX 9142 Coil Windowpane 12″/CDS/PD
WAX 9144 Coil The Snow 12″/CDS
WAX 9145 Front Line Assembly Provision 12″/CDS
WAX 9147 Front Line Assembly Virus 12″/CDS
WAX 9149 Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers & Queers (Remixes) 12″/CSS/CDS
WAX 9173 Braindead Soundmachine Walking After Midnight 12″/CDS
WAX 9186 Sister Machine Gun Not My God 12"/CDS

Wax Trax/TVT Records (1993-2000)

No. Artist Title Format
TVT 7198 Psykosonik Psykosonik CS/CD
TVT 7201 Excessive Force Gentle Death CS/CD
TVT 7203 Various Artists Artificial Intelligence CS/CD
TVT 7204 Polygon Window Surfing on Sine Waves CS/CD
TVT 7205 Black Dog Productions Bytes CS/CD
TVT 7206 B-12 Electro-Soma CS/CD
TVT 7207 Various Artists Artificial Intelligence II CS/CD
TVT 7208 F.U.S.E. Dimension Intrusion CS/CD
TVT 7209 Sister Machine Gun The Torture Technique CS/CD
TVT 7210 Autechre Incunabula CS/CD
TVT 7211 Various Artists Ethno-Techno Volume 1 CS/CD
TVT 7212 Various Artists Black Box – Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years 3xCD
TVT 7221 Various Artists Black Box (A Video Retrospective) Volume 1 VHS
TVT 7222 Various Artists Black Box (A Video Retrospective) Volume 2 VHS
TVT 7228 Various Artists Afterburn: WaxTrax! Records '94 And Beyond CD
TVT 7229 Sister Machine Gun Burn CS/CD
TVT 7244 Sister Machine Gun Metropolis CD
TVT 7251-2 Various Artists Big Rock'N Beats CD
TVT 8710 Chris Connelly & William Tucker Songs For Swingin' Junkies 7"/CDS
TVT 8715 PTP (Programming The Psychodrill) "Rubber Glove Seduction" CDS

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