What Do You Know, Deutschland?

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What Do You Know, Deutschland?
What do you know deutschland.jpg
Studio album by KMFDM
Released December 1986[1]
Recorded 1983–86[2]
The Building Site & Zitty Sound, Hamburg, West Germany
Genre Industrial, EBM, industrial dance
Length 62:49
Label Z Records, Skysaw Records, Wax Trax! Records, Metropolis Records
Producer KMFDM
KMFDM chronology
What Do You Know, Deutschland?
Don't Blow Your Top
Singles from What Do You Know, Deutschland?
  1. "Kickin' Ass"
    Released: 1987

What Do You Know, Deutschland? is the second album by KMFDM, released in 1986. The album was recorded in Hamburg, Germany.


What Do You Know, Deutschland? was recorded from 1983–86, with some tracks recorded before En Esch had started working with KMFDM founders Sascha Konietzko and Raymond Watts, some even before the band officially formed in 1984.[2]


Originally released by Z Records in Germany in 1986 with different artwork, the album was re-released, including songs from the "Kickin' Ass" single, in 1987 by SkySaw Records in the United Kingdom. In 1991, Wax Trax! Records released What Do You Know, Deutschland? in the United States without "Zip". "Zip" was later released on the compilation album Agogo.

A remastered reissue of What Do You Know, Deutschland? was released September 12, 2006, featuring new liner notes and photos of the band.[3]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [4]

Vincent Jeffries of Allmusic said many of the songs lack the "guitar fury" of later releases, but that the album as a whole "has enough industrial grit to keep KMFDM fans interested in, if not awed by its dark intentions".[4]

Track listings[edit]

Z Records release (1986)[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Zip" Sascha Konietzko, En Esch 5:11
2. "Deutsche Schuld" Konietzko, Raymond Watts, Esch 4:45
3. "Sieg-Sieg" Konietzko, Watts, Esch 7:00
4. "Positiv" Konietzko, Watts, Esch 3:25
5. "Conillon" Konietzko, Watts, Esch 5:50
6. "What Do You Know" Watts 5:36
7. "Me I Funk" Konietzko, Watts, Esch 8:14
Total length: 40:01

"Me I Funk" is a partial cover of T. Rex's "Ballrooms of Mars" from The Slider.

SkySaw Records release (1987)[edit]

This version was released by Wax Trax! in 1991 (without the track "Zip"), and remastered by Metropolis in 2006 (with "Zip" reinstated).

No. Title Music Length
1. "Kickin' Ass" (LP version is edited, includes additional samples, 3:01) Konietzko, Watts, Esch 4:01
2. "Me I Funk"   8:24
3. "What Do You Know?"   5:36
4. "Zip" (not on Wax Trax! release)   5:12
5. "Conillon"   5:50
6. "Itchy Bitchy" Konietzko, Watts, Esch, Jr. Blackmale 3:33
7. "Deutsche Schuld"   4:48
8. "Sieg Sieg"   5:36
9. "Positiv"   3:31
10. "Lufthans" Blackmale 4:44
11. "Itchy Bitchy (Dance Version)"   3:54
12. "The Unrestrained Use of Excessive Force" Watts 7:12
Total length: 62:41


  • Sascha Konietzko – bass, vocals, guitar, synths, programming
  • En Esch – vocals, guitars, drums, programming
  • Raymond Watts – vocals, programming
  • Jr. Blackmail – vocals ("Lufthans")


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