Who's the Murderer

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Who's the Murderer
GenreVariety show
Based onCrime Scene
Directed byHe Chen
StarringHe Jiong
Benny Sa
Emma Wu
Bai Jingting
Wang Ou
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes36
Executive producer(s)Zhou Shan
Producer(s)Liu Chenliang, Xie Lin
Production location(s)China
Production company(s)Mango TV
DistributorMango TV
Original networkMango TV
Picture format1080p (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
DTS Headphone:X (On MangoTV App only)
Original releaseMarch 27, 2016 (2016-03-27) –
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Who's The Murderer (simplified Chinese: 明星大侦探; traditional Chinese: 明星大偵探; pinyin: Míngxīng dà zhēntàn) is a Chinese variety program produced by Mango TV.[1] The show features the main cast of He Jiong, Sa Beining, as well as resident guests Gui Gui (Emma Wu), Wang Ou and Bai Jingting.[2]

The show was licensed by JTBC's Crime Scene.


Season 1 (2016)[edit]

In a prologue, the cast is introduced to the settings and suspects of a murder case for the new episode. The cast then chooses their role in the episode, as a particular suspect or the detective. Other than the detective, each person is given detailed information about the suspect they are portraying including their personalities, alibi, relationship to the victim and other suspects, history, criminal motive, etc. Every suspect can conceal information until explicitly questioned by other suspects or the detective, but only the criminal can lie.

  • Alibi: Each player introduces themselves as the suspect they are portraying, gives some background information about their relationship with the victim, and describes their whereabouts before, during and after the crime.
  • On-Site Investigation: The players are separated into two teams, and given ten minutes to investigate the crime scene for clues. Each player is given a camera, and is allowed to take a maximum of ten pictures.
  • Briefing: All players present the evidence they have collected, and are allowed to ask other players questions concerning evidence. Each player voices out who they currently think is the criminal after their briefing.
  • First Criminal Vote: The detective is allowed to make a vote on who he/she suspects after hearing each player's briefing. The vote is made publicly to all of the players.
  • Additional On-Site Investigation: All the players gather at the crime scene for additional investigation and discussion. This segment is run at the same time as the 1-on-1 Interrogation.
  • 1-on-1 Interrogation: The detective who is always innocent can summon the other players into the interrogation room for further questionings.
  • Final Criminal Vote: After all of the players have been interrogated, the game proceeds to the final vote. All players makes their final statement and debriefing of the case would be conducted by the Detective. 5 minutes of individual investigations would be permitted before each player secretly votes for who they think is the final criminal. The player who receives the most votes is arrested and locked in a makeshift prison. If the person is indeed the criminal, the detective receives two gold bars, and the innocent players receive one each. If the arrested person is not the criminal, the true culprit gets all the gold bars.

Season 2 (2017)[edit]

In the second season, minor changes were made to the format of the show. The gold bars are given to the cast members beforehand. If they vote correctly, they can keep the gold bar. If not, they will have to return it. The detective is no longer allowed to make his first vote publicly, so that the cast will not be influenced. At the end of the game, if the right suspect is voted as the criminal, only those who voted correctly get to keep their gold bars. If the detective voted correctly both times, he or she gets two gold bars. If the suspect successfully hides his or her identity, he or she gets all six gold bars. In episode 12, all six cast members are suspects.

Season 3 (2017)[edit]

In the third season, all the scenes have become realistic, in which the cast members experience the whole crime setting themselves. Props and the background of the cases are all original and solid, such as the hotel in episode one. There are one to two victims for each case, making the cases far more complex than the previous two seasons.

Season 4 (2018)[edit]

Season 4 began in October 2018, and continued to use actual sets for some of the episodes. The detective's assistant role, which appeared briefly in Season 2, was brought back for this season and played by various university students.

Main Cast[edit]

Name Profession Date of birth Appearance
He Jiong Host, actor (1974-04-28) April 28, 1974 (age 44) Season 1–present
Sa Beining Host, journalist (1976-03-23) March 23, 1976 (age 43) Season 1–present

Recurring Cast[edit]

Name Profession Date of birth Appearance
Emma Wu (Gui Gui) Singer, actress (1989-08-11) August 11, 1989 (age 29) Season 1–Season 3
Bai Jingting Actor (1993-10-15) October 15, 1993 (age 25) Season 1–present
Wang Ou Actress, model (1982-10-28) October 28, 1982 (age 36) Season 1–Season 2, Season 4


Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
Season 1 12 March 27, 2016 (2016-03-27) June 19, 2016 (2016-06-20)
Season 2 12 January 13, 2017 (2017-01-13) April 14, 2017 (2017-04-15)
Season 3 12 September 22, 2017 (2017-09-22) January 19, 2018 (2018-01-20)
Season 4 12 + Award Ceremony October 25, 2018 (2018-10-25) January 26, 2019 (2019-01-27)

Season 1 (2016)[edit]

List of episodes in first season (episode 1/01 to 1/12)
Episode # Broadcast Date Guest(s) Case Briefing Criminal Results
0 27 March 2016 Qiao Zhenyu Gathering of the Famous Detectives (IQ test)
Victim: Evil Manager, Zhen Badao
He Jiong: 90 points
Sa Beining: 88 points
Gui Gui: 50 points
Qiao Zhenyu: 45 points
Wang Ou: 30 points
N/A He Jiong is the smartest detective.
1 3 April 2016 Fall of the Campus Beauty
Victim: University M, student Xia Qingtian
Detective: Sa Beining
Boyfriend: He Jiong
Club Member 1: Wang Ou
Club Member 2: Qiao Zhenyu
Club Member 3: Gui Gui
Club Teacher: Bai Jingting
Gui Gui
Cast won
2 10 April 2016 Da Zhangwei (大张伟) Unable to Triumph in the Skies
Victim: MG carrier airline, co-pilot Zhen
Detective: Sa Beining
Pilot: Da Zhangwei
Flight Attendant 1: Bai Jingting
Flight Attendant 2: Wang Ou
Head Stewardess: Gui Gui
Trainee: He Jiong
He Jiong
Criminal won

Arrested:Bai Jingting(Flight Attendant Bai)

3 17 April 2016 Da Zhangwei, Chen Ruoxuan (陈若轩) Battle within the 'fresh meat' boy group (No Zuo No Die / NZND)
Victim: MG entertainment group, Manager Zhen
Detective: Gui Gui
Main Vocalist: Da Zhangwei
Vocalist: Sa Beining
Visual: He Jiong
Rapper: Bai Jingting
Dancer: Chen Ruoxuan
Chen Ruoxuan
Criminal won

Arrested:Sa Beining(Vocalist Sa)

4 24 April 2016 Ouyang Nana, Liu Haoran Mermaid's Tears
Victim: Mermaid Island, Master Zhen
Detective: He Jiong
Shop owner: Sa Beining
White-collar worker: Wang Ou
Young Master: Gui Gui
Princess: Ouyang Nana
Popular kid: Liu Haoran
Wang Ou
Cast won
5 1 May 2016 Da Zhangwei, Zhang Ruoyun The Missing Groom
Victim: Real estate agent, Groom Zhen
Detective: Sa Beining
Bride: Wang Ou
Bridesmaid: Gui Gui
Marriage Celebrant: He Jiong
Groomsman: Da Zhangwei
Wedding Consultant: Zhang Ruoyun
He Jiong
Criminal won

Arrested:Wang Ou(Bride Ou)

6 8 May 2016 Sun Jian (孙坚), Wei Daxun (魏大勋) Crazy Tulip
Victim: Tulip Mansion, Botanist Zhen Cheng
Detective: Wang Ou
Genius Colleague: Sa Beining
Chemist: Gui Gui
DNA Scientist: Sun Jian
Guest:He Jiong
Rich Guest: Wei Daxun
Sun Jian
Cast won
7 15 May 2016 Kevin Tsai Reply 1998
Victim: Gaming Room, Boss Zhen
Detective: He Jiong
Step-daughter: Gui Gui
Worker: Sa Beining
Town Beauty: Wang Ou
Town Beauty's Son:Bai Jingting
Town Resident: Kevin Tsai
Sa Beining
Cast won
8 22 May 2016 Zhang Ruoyun All Because of Beauty
Victim: Very Pretty Plastic Surgery Hospital, Surgeon Zhen
Detective: Bai Jingting
Nurse: Gui Gui
Cleaner: Wang Ou
Patient: Sa Beining
Deputy Director:He Jiong
Investor: Zhang Ruoyun
Zhang Ruoyun
Cast won
9 29 May 2016 Qiao Zhenyu Decisive Battle of the UEFA Champions League
Victim: Football Club, Main Striker Zhen
Detective: Sa Beining
Player: Bai Jingting
Cheerleader: Wang Ou
Team physician: Gui Gui
Retired player:He Jiong
Player on opposing team: Qiao Zhenyu
Wang Ou
Criminal won

Arrested:Bai Jingting(Player Bai)

10 5 June 2016 Da Zhangwei, Jackson Wang Avengers' Broken Alliance
Victim: The Avengers: Rise of the Barbeque Hero film set, Warrior Zhen
Detective: Gui Gui
Beauty: Wang Ou
Bungee Jumping Actor: Sa Beining
BBQ Grill Actor: He Jiong
Facial Mask Actor:Da Zhangwei
Best Actor: Jackson Wang
Da Zhangwei
Cast won
11 12 June 2016 Da Zhangwei, Aaron Yan Ghost in the General's Residence
Victim: Ming Country, M City, Warlord Zhen
Detective: He Jiong
Chief of Staff: Sa Beining
Sixth Concubine: Wang Ou
Ghost Hunter: Da Zhangwei
Family Tutor: Gui Gui
General's son: Aaron Yan
Da Zhangwei
Criminal won

Arrested:Emma Wu鬼鬼

12 19 June 2016 Da Zhangwei Wheel of Fate
Victim: 'Titantic' passenger liner, President James Zhen
Detective/Pirate: Da Zhangwei
Carl: He Jiong
Jack: Sa Beining
Rose: Wang Ou
Captain: Bai Jingting
Sorceress: Gui Gui
Sa Beining
Criminal won

Arrested:Bai Jingting(Captain Bai)

Season 2 (2017)[edit]

List of episodes in first season (episode 1/01 to 1/12)
Episode # Broadcast Date Guest(s) Case Briefing Criminal Results
0 13 January 2017 Ariel Lin, Dong Li (董力) Return of the Famous Detectives
Victim:Fan meeting, Teacher Zhen
Hosts: He Jiong, Sa Beining
Detectives: He Jiong, Sa Beining, Wang Ou, Bai Jingting
The elder twin
Cast won
1 20 January 2017 Yang Rong, Wei Daxun Nirvana in Fire: The Princess is Here
Victim: Crown Prince's residence, Princess Zhen
Detective: Bai Jingting
Advisor: He Jiong
Crown Prince: Sa Beining
Concubine: Gui Gui
General: Wei Daxun
Palace maid Yang Rong
Sa Beining
Criminal won

Arrested:Yang Rong(Palace Maid Rong)

Chinese New Year Special 27 January 2017 Da Zhangwei, Jackson Wang, Ivy Chen Detectives' New Year Dinner
Cast members:He Jiong, Sa Beining, Bai Jingting
2 3 February 2017 Da Zhangwei, Jackson Wang, Ivy Chen Chinatown Legend
Victim: Tour guide Zhen
Detective:Sa Beining
Chinese Herbal shop owner: He Jiong
Chef Bai Jingting
Fruit store owner: Da Zhangwei
Tourist: Jackson Wang
Chinatown Beauty Ivy Chen
He Jiong
Criminal won

Arrested:Ivy Chen(Beauty Chen)

3 10 February 2017 Ariel Lin, Dong Li, Lin Bohong (林柏宏) Midnight Train
Victims: Rich Merchant Zhen, Passenger Hai
Detective: He Jiong
Passenger 1: Sa Beining
Passenger 2: Bai Jingting
Stewardess: Wang Ou
Passenger 3: Ariel Lin
Passenger 4: Dong Li
Steward / Witness: Lin Bohong
Bai Jingting
Criminal won

Arrested:Sa Beining(Passenger Sa)

4 17 February 2017 Wei Daxun Night at the Museum
Victim: Museum Director Zhen
Detective: Gui Gui
Artefact Collector: He Jiong
Officer: Sa Beining
Young Master: Bai Jingting
Mysterious Person: Wang Ou
Night guard: Wei Daxun
Wei Daxun
Cast won
5 24 February 2017 Jackson Wang, Qiao Zhenyu See You on Friday
Victim: Popular actress Zhen
Detective: Jackson Wang
Visual: He Jiong
Vocalist: Gui Gui
Rapper: Bai Jingting
Entertainment reporter:Wang Ou
Student: Qiao Zhenyu
Wang Ou
Cast won
6 3 March 2017 Jackson Wang, Qiao Zhenyu 2046
Victim:Genius Zhen, Tester Gui
Detective:Wang Ou
Perfect Robot: He Jiong
Assistant: Sa Beining
Scientist: Jackson Wang
Transport Robot: Qiao Zhenyu
He Jiong
Cast won
7 10 March 2017 Wei Daxun, Yang Rong Terrifying Nursery Rhyme: Part 1
Victim: Mansion in the mountains, Duke Zhen
Detective: Sa Beining
Lawyer: He Jiong
Postman: Bai Jingting
Duchess: Gui Gui
Housekeeper:Wei Daxun
Noble Lady: Yang Rong
Bai Jingting
Cast won
8 17 March 2017 Wei Daxun, Yang Rong, Joker Xue Terrifying Nursery Rhyme: Part 2
Victim: Mansion in the mountains, Postman Bai
Detective: Sa Beining
Lawyer: He Jiong
Duchess: Gui Gui
Housekeeper:Wei Daxun
Noble Lady: Yang Rong
Hunter: Joker Xue
Noble Lady Yang
Cast won
9 24 March 2017 Alec Su, Jackson Wang, Yang Rong The Desperate Housewife
Victim: Housewife Zhen
Detective: He Jiong
Worker: Sa Beining
Insurance agent: Bai Jingting
Muscleman: Jackson Wang
Yoga Instructor:Yang Rong
Receptionist: Alec Su
Alec Su
Cast won
10 31 March 2017 Da Zhangwei, Jackson Wang, Yang Rong, Sun Yi Drunk in the Flower Field
Victim:Rich Merchant Zhen
Detective: Yang Rong
Opera Singer: He Jiong
Opera Director: Sa Beining
Drunkard: Jackson Wang
Eldest Disciple: Da Zhangwei
Madam: Sun Yi
Da Zhangwei
Cast won
11 7 April 2017 Wei Daxun, Sha Yi (沙溢), Wei Chen, Xia Zhiguang (夏之光) Crazy Circus
Victim: Magician Zhen
Detective: Wei Daxun
Detective's Assistant:Xia Zhiguang
Sweet Guy: He Jiong
Island Resident: Sa Beining
Clown: Gui Gui
Professor: Sha Yi
Singer: Wei Chen
Gui Gui
Criminal won. Gui Gui received zero votes.
12 14 April 2017 Wei Daxun, Huang Lei Wrap Party
Victim: Who's the Murderer? film set, Director Xiao Hezi
Detective: Huang Lei
Cast members: He Jiong, Sa Beining, Gui Gui, Bai Jingting
Criminal: He Jiong (hirer)
Bounty Hunter: Sa Beining.
The first episode to involve two criminals.
Criminals won.

Season 3 (2017)[edit]

List of episodes in first season (episode 1/01 to 1/12)
Episode # Broadcast Date Guest(s) Case Briefing Criminal Results
0 22 September 2017 Zhang Ruoyun, Leo Wu Detectives' Dignity
Detectives: He Jiong, Sa Beining, Emma Wu, Bai Jingting
1 3 November 2017 Zhang Ruoyun, Leo Wu Hotel Horrors: Part 1 & 2
Victim: Richest Man Zhen Hong
Detective:Sa Beining
Manhua Fanatic: He Jiong
Sprinter: Leo Wu Lei
Best Game Player: Bai Jingting
Hotel Manager: Zhang Ruoyun
Vet: Sa Beining
Keyun: Emma Wu
Bai Jingting
Cast won
2 10 November 2017
Leo Wu
Cast won
3 17 November 2017 Wei Daxun (魏大勋), Wei Chen, Roy Wang Dark Fairytale
Victim: Queen Zhen Dou
Detective:Emma Wu
Ruler of Mango Kingdom: Wei Chen
Princess: Wei Daxun
Dwarf: Sa Beining
Prince of Oppo Kingdom: Roy Wang
Mysterious Guest: He Jiong
He Jiong
Cast Won
4 24 November 2017 Wei Daxun (魏大勋), Wei Chen, Wang Ou Midnight Hotpot
Victim: Zhen Tang
Detective: He Jiong
Hair salon worker: Emma Wu
Delivery man: Wei Daxun
Long Ge: Sa Beining
Beauty: Wang Ou
Rich Boss: Wei Chen
Wei Chen
Criminal Won

Arrested: Emma Wu (Hair Salon Worker Gui)

5 1 December 2017 Wei Chen, Jackson Wang NZND: Time Has Not Been Kind To Us
Victim: Zhen Youxi
Detective: Wei Chen
Visual: He Jiong
Vocalist (Smiley): Sa Beining
Rapper: Bai Jingting
Top Star: Emma Wu
Ex-Entertainment Reporter: Jackson Wang
Sa Beining
Criminal won

Arrested: He Jiong (Visual He)

6 8 December 2017 Wang Ou, Wei Daxun (魏大勋) Bees of Doomsday
Victim: Zhen Tian, Bao Qingbai
Detective: Wang Ou
Doorkeeper: Sa Beining
Farmer: He Jiong
Employee: Pan Yueming
Biologist: Yang Rong
Botanist: Wei Daxun
Yang Rong
Cast won
7 15 December 2017 Wei Chen, Xiong Ziqi Unable to Triumph in the Skies Again
Victim:Captain Zhen
Detective: Sa Beining
Co-pilot:He Jiong
Stewardess: Wang Ou
Mechanic: Emma Wu
Executive: Wei Chen
Steward: Xiong Ziqi
Emma Wu
Cast won
8 22 December 2017 Wei Daxun (魏大勋), Wang Ou Carefree Inn
Victim:Carefree Inn Owner Zhen
Detective: He Jiong
Enthusiastic Guest:Wang Ou
Doctor: Sa Beining
Reader: Bai Jingting
Musician: Wei Daxun
Employee: Pan Yueming
Pan Yueming
Cast won
9 29 December 2017 Wei Daxun (魏大勋), Yan Rujing (颜如晶) Werewolves: Prequel
Victim:Farmer Zhen
Detective: Bai Jingting
Strongest Man: He Jiong
Brewer:Sa Beining
Baker: Yan Rujing
Milker: Pan Yueming
Hunter: Wei Daxun
He Jiong
Cast won
10 5 January 2018 Qiao Zhenyu, Yang Rong Fantasy Dream in Kunlun
Victim:Martial Artist Zhen
Detective: Yang Rong
Li Xiaoyao:Bai Jingting
Sweeping Deity: Sa Beining
Martial Arts Hero: Qiao Zhenyu
Disciple Sister: Emma Wu
Tianyu: He Jiong
He Jiong
Criminal won

Arrested: Qiao Zhenyu

11 12 January 2018 Da Zhangwei (大张伟), Yang Rong Blame for My Beauty! Part 1
Victim: Hospital Director Zhen
Detective:Da Zhangwei
Patient 1: He Jiong
Patient 2: Bai Jingting
Nurse: Yang Rong
Jianbing Stall Owner: Sa Beining
Canteen Cook: Emma Wu
Yang Rong
Cast won
12 19 January 2018 Pan Yueming, Wei Chen Blame for My Beauty! Part 2
Victims: Detective Da, Nurse Rong, Xiao Ting
Detective:He Jiong
Patient: Bai Jingting
Gua sha practitioner: Pan Yueming
Professional Sleeper: Wei Chen
Jianbing Stall Owner: Sa Beining
Canteen Cook: Emma Wu
Sa Beining
Criminal won

Arrested: Patient Bai

Season 4 (2018)[edit]

List of episodes in first season (episode 1/01 to 1/12)
Episode # Broadcast Date Guest(s) Case Briefing Criminal Results
0 26 October 2018 Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Haoran Detectives' Society
Detectives: He Jiong, Sa Beining, Wang Ou, Bai Jingting, Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Haoran
1 2 November 2018 Escape the Nameless Island: Part 1
Victim: Social Media Writer Zhen Xiangdi
Detective:Sa Beining
Serviceman: He Jiong
Editor: Wang Ou
Shoe Retailer: Bai Jingting
Doctor: Zhang Ruoyun
Leaflet distributor: Liu Haoran
Wang Ou
Cast won
2 9 November 2018 Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Haoran, Wei Daxun Escape the Nameless Island: Part 2
Victim: Editor Wang Ou
Detective:Sa Beining
Serviceman: He Jiong
Nurse: Wei Daxun
Shoe Retailer: Bai Jingting
Doctor: Zhang Ruoyun
Leaflet distributor: Liu Haoran
He Jiong (murderer), Zhang Ruoyun (mastermind)
Mastermind won (Zhang Ruoyun)

Arrested:Bai Jingting

3 16 November 2018 Deng Lun, Justin (黄明昊) Mysterious Call
Victim: Zhen Jia, Zhen Xiaoyu
Math Teacher: He Jiong
Genius Mathematician: Sa Beining
Tour Guide: Wang Ou
Student 1: Gui Gui
Student 2: Deng Lun
Student 3: Justin
Deng Lun, He Jiong
Criminal won

Arrested:Sa Beining

4 23 November 2018 Wei Daxun, Justin (黄明昊), Tan Songyun NZND: Back to the Beginning
Victim: Top trainee Zhen
Detective:Tan Songyun
Visual: He Jiong
All-rounder: Wei Daxun
Rapper: Bai Jingting
Dancer: Justin
Vocalist: Sa Beining
Sa Beining
Criminal won

Arrested:Bai Jingting

5 30 November 2018 Zhang Ruoyun, Lin Gengxin Heaven Apartments
Victim: Author Zhen
Detective:Wang Ou
Rockstar: He Jiong
Internet celebrity: Gui Gui
Unemployed Man: Sa Beining
White collar worker: Zhang Ruoyun
Delivery man: Lin Gengxin
He Jiong, Gui Gui
Criminal won

Arrested:Lin Gengxin, Zhang Ruoyun

6 7 December 2018 Tan Songyun, Wei Chen Just Want To Date
Victim: Actor Zhen
Detective:He Jiong
Screenwriter: Wei Chen
Bartender: Bai Jingting
Actress: Tan Songyun
Karate coach: Wang Ou
Coach's husband: Sa Beining
Sa Beining
Cast won
7 14 December 2018 Wu Xin, Lin Gengxin, Wei Daxun Secret of the Magic School
Victim: Headmaster Zhen
Detective:Vision Wei
Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher: Lin Gengxin
Spells Teacher: Wu Xin
Coachman: He Jiong
Divination Teacher: Sa Beining
Cook: Wei Daxun
Wu Xin
Cast won
8 21 December 2018 Tan Songyun, Qiao Zhenyu The Burnt Rose
Victim: Singer Rose
Detective:Roy Wang
Diamond Singer: Qiao Zhenyu
Jasmine Singer: Wang Ou
Cleaner: Sa Beining
Married Woman: Tan Songyun
Composer: He Jiong
Tan Songyun
Cast won
9 28 December 2018 Ma Li (马丽), Qiao Shan (乔杉), Vision Wei Home With Kids
Victim: Fiance Zhen
Detective:He Jiong
Father: Sa Beining
Daughter: Gui Gui
Eldest Son: Wei Chen
Second Daughter-in-law: Ma Li
Second Son: Qiao Shan
Ma Li
Cast won
10 4 January 2019 Qiao Xin, Da Zhangwei (大张伟), Justin (黄明昊) Fantasy Entertainment Resort
Victim: Costume Actor Zhen
Detective:Sa Beining
Ride Manager 1: Qiao Xin
Ride Manager 2: He Jiong
Vampire Actor: Da Zhangwei
Space Ride Manager: Gui Gui
Clown: Justin
Da Zhangwei
Criminal won

Arrested: He Jiong

11 11 January 2019 Liu Haoran, Zhang Ruoyun, Xie Na Number One Player
Victim: Player Zhen
Detective:Liu Haoran
Player 1: Xie Na
Player 2: Bai Jingting
Player 4: Sa Beining
Player 5: He Jiong
Player 6: Zhang Ruoyun
Bai Jingting
Cast won
12 19 January 2019 Number One Player II
Victim: Various characters
Little Cup / Third Boyfriend / Assistant: He Jiong
Little Spoon / Current Boyfriend / Cleaner: Xie Na
Little Pot /Fourth Boyfriend / Receptionist: Sa Beining
Little Bowl / Second Boyfriend / Boss: Bai Jingting
Little Chopstick / Fifth Boyfriend: Liu Haoran
Little Saucepan: Zhang Ruoyun

Bai Jingting, He Jiong, Sa Beining
Criminal won

Arrested: Zhang Ruoying, Liu Haoran

13 26 January 2019 Awards Ceremony
Victim: N/A
Sa Beining
He Jiong
Bai Jingting
Zhang Ruoyun
Liu Haoran
Xie Na

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2017 2nd Golden Guduo Media Awards Best Quality Web Variety Show Who's the Murderer Season 2 Won [3]


Temporary suspension[edit]

The second episode of season 3 was pulled down 30 minutes before the show was due to be uploaded to streaming website Mango TV on September 29. The crew of Who's the Murderer responded by saying that "the show needed more time to optimise the plot". [4] The episodes returned online on November 3rd.


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