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Emma Wu
Guigui 2016 Autograph Session.jpg
Background information
Chinese name 鬼鬼 (traditional)
Pinyin Gui Gui (Mandarin)
Birth name Wu Ying-Jie, 吳映潔
Origin Taiwan
Born (1989-08-11) 11 August 1989 (age 27)
Keelung, Taiwan
Other name(s) Gemma
Emma Wu (에마 우)
Oh Young-gyul (오영결)[1]
Occupation Singer, Actress, Endorser, Commercial Model
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) Linfair Records (2006-2008)
Warner Music Taiwan (2008-2009)
CJ E&M (2016-present)
Years active 2005–present
Associated acts Hey Girl, Lollipop F

Wu Ying Chieh (simplified Chinese: 吴映洁; traditional Chinese: 吳映潔, also known as Gui Gui (Chinese: 鬼鬼) or Emma Wu) born 11 August 1989 in Keelung, Taiwan, is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress currently represented by South Korean entertainment company, CJ E&M, under the stage name Gemma.[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Wu Ying Chieh, or more affectionately known as Gui Gui, was born in Keelung City, Taiwan on August 11, 1989. In her early childhood, the family moved frequently, and this resulted in her having to attend five different elementary schools. She briefly attended the Dao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing & Home Economics (臺北市私立稻江高級護理家事職業學校) before transferring to Zhuangjing Senior Vocational School in the Xindian District of Taipei, where she became classmates with JPM's Wang Zi.[4]

Gui Gui is the only child of divorced parents, and has learned to foster a sense of self-sufficiency at a young age. In October 2007, she was involved in a scandal with Taiwanese TV presenter, Blackie Chen, whom she viewed as a fatherly figure. Chen had invited the 18-year old to stay with his mother after deeming her previous residence unsafe for the teenage girl. It was suggested that the kind gesture was blown out of proportion, primarily because Chen had been engaged to Taiwanese singer, Christine Fan.[5][6]


2005-2009: Variety Debut, Hey Girl[edit]

In November 2005, Gui Gui debuted as one of the original members of Blackie's Teenage Club (Chinese: 我愛黑澀會), a variety show seeking talents for the music television network, Channel [V]. After three rounds of casting, Gui Gui was recruited to join Hei Se Hui Mei Mei (Chinese: 黑澀會美眉), a Taiwanese girl group established c. 2006. The group's name is actually a pun on the words "Hei She Hui" (Chinese: 黑社會, literally: black society; triad) and "Mei Mei" (Chinese: 妹妹, literally: sisters). After its move from Linfair Records, Hei Se Hui Mei Mei was renamed Hey Girl (Chinese: 黑Girl), and launched their first self-titled album in August 2008.

In April 2009, Channel V's director, Andy Chang, responded to rumors of Gui Gui leaving his agency. He expressed that she was unlikely to renew her contract, but hinted that the singer would partake in group activities per usual since Hey Girl's record contract did not belong to Channel V. Yet, despite his statement, Gui Gui was notably absent from their album promotions, and on May 6, 2009, Chang confirmed her departure from both Hey Girl and Channel V's management.

2007-2015: Acting Debut, Chinese Market[edit]

In 2007, Gui Gui announced her acting debut with the idol drama, Brown Sugar Macchiato. Her co-stars, Taiwanese boy band Lollipop F, stated that the drama should be viewed as an "introductory chapter" to the two groups as opposed to a major production.[7] After thirteen episodes, the series ended on October 7, 2007, and an official soundtrack was released with songs from Lollipop and Hey Girl.[8]

In 2008, Gui Gui starred in Mysterious Incredible Terminator, opposite of Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit and Alien Huang. After the completion of M.I.T., Gui Gui and Aaron, both widely praised for their on-screen chemistry and closeness, were to co-star in Taiwanese drama Momo Love. Yet, filming was halted due to Yan's scheduling conflicts, and once resumed, Gui Gui and Aaron were respectively replaced by Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang.

Following a two-year hiatus, Gui Gui signed with Polyface Entertainment Media Group in 2011 and returned to the small screen. On the set of I, My Brother, she was rumored to have become involved with Taiwanese actor, George Hu, who played her love interest. Later that year, Gui Gui was invited to star in the television version of Painted Skin,[9] in collaboration with Fiona Sit, Chen Yi Rong, and Li Zhong Han. It was also this opportunity that allowed Gui Gui to shift her focus to the Chinese market.

In 2012, Gui Gui debuted on the big screen with a three part-movie series, The Four, starring Ronald Cheng, Anthony Wong, Deng Chao, and Liu Yifei. In February 2013, she was cast in the Korean reality show, We Got Married with Ok Taecyeon, of South Korean boy band 2PM, as her virtual husband. Regarding this experience, she has commented, " I feel thankful that you found me. I think the fact that I was able to do this show was a gift from the up above." [10]

In the consecutive years, Gui Gui has starred in the Chinese TV dramas: A Different Kind of Pretty Man (不一樣的美男子), Roommate Diaries (一男三女合租記), Incisive Great Teacher (犀利仁師), The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings (戴流蘇耳環的少女), and The Legend of the Flying Daggers (飛刀又見飛刀 (2016年電視劇)).

2016: Return to Music[edit]

On March 7, 2016, Gui Gui signed with CJ E&M and returned to the music scene. In preparation for her Korean debut, she underwent a 3-month training session that included choreography and vocal lessons. On September 26, she released her first official music video, Sugar Rush, and on October 7, she launched her first self-titled EP, GEMMA.[11] The mini album consists of five tracks, four of which are in Chinese and one in Korean.

In an interview, Gui Gui has stated that Gemma represented a new identity. "G" is derived from her nickname, Ghost (Chinese: 鬼鬼), and Emma is her proclaimed English name.[12] When asked about the origin of her nickname, Gui Gui (literally: Ghosts), the singer explained that she was "full of reckless things" (Chinese: 古靈精怪), given her love for mischief and tricks.[13] In fact, on many occasions, Gui Gui has used a phonological pun on the Chinese idiom to described herself as someone having an eccentric personality (Chinese: "鬼”靈精怪).


Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Network / Channel Notes
2007 Brown Sugar Macchiato Gui Gui (as herself). FTV Female Lead
2008 The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries Guardian of Cult Star TV Female Lead
Pi Li MIT Li Xiao Xing / Tian Mo Xin GTV Female Lead
2009 K.O.3an Guo Huang Yue Ying FTV / GTV Cameo, Ep. 44-46
2011 I, My Brother Lu Wei Wei Astro Channel 304 Female Lead
Painted Skin Xia Bing TVS4, ZJTV, GTV,
Shenzhen Satellite TV
3rd Female Lead
Love Recipe Wang Mei Ya CTV 2nd Female Lead
2012 Summer Fever Chen Wen Qing / Chen Tian Qing CTV Female Lead
Dream in Blue Shen Xiao Qi ZJTV 2nd Female Lead
2013 Female Prime Minister He Dan Niang Hunan TV Supporting Cast
2014 Incisive Great Teacher Song Wen Wen Dragon TV 2nd Female Lead[14]
A Different Kind of Pretty Man Tong Yu Chen Hunan TV Female Lead
Roommate Diaries Li Mei Dai 2nd Female Lead[15]
The Four (2015 TV series) Ling Yi Yi[16][17]
Slacker's Food Diary Zhang An An iQiyi Female Lead[18]
2015 The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings Ruan Qing Tian Hunan TV, Anhui TV Female Lead
2016 The Legend Of The Flying Daggers Fang Ke Ke Youku Supporting Role


Year Title Role Notes
2011 The Four Ding Dang Supporting Role
2013 The Four II
2014 The Four III
2015 Dream Holiday Guest Star
2016 Days of Our Own Chen Yi Nuo [19] Supporting Role

Reality/Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2006 Fashion in House Herself Outside host
Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang Assistant host
2007 Fashion in House Outside host
Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang Assistant host
Mei Mei Pu Pu Feng DJ
2008 Fashion in House Co-host
Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang Assistant host
2009 Game GX Co-Host
Golden Taxi
I Love Blackie Assistant host
Mi Gu Celebrity School
2010 Ultimate Player
2011 Genius Go Go Go Substitute assistant host
2013 We Got Married World Ver. with Ok Taecyeon
2014 Laugh Out Loud Guest assistant host
Running Man Guest
2016 Crime Scene (China) Season 1
2017 Crime Scene (China) Season 2
A Person You Cannot Touch (觸不到的TA)


Extended plays[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Sugar Rush
  • KOR: —
  • CHN: —
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Year Title Artists Notes
2012 "Foul" Herself Summer Fever OST
"Break the Rules" Summer Fever Opening Theme
"Taste of That Year Summer" Summer Fever Ending Theme
2014 "I Love You" with Ok Taecyeon We Got Married Global Edition OST
2016 "Sugar Rush" Herself Sugar Rush
"Waiting for Your Love"


Year Title Studio / Album Artists
2007 "Bitter Sweet" Brown Sugar Macchiato OST Lollipop & Hey Girl
"Brown Sugar PK Show"
2013 "I Love You" We Got Married Global Edition OST with Ok Taecyeon

Music video appearances[edit]

Year Title Artists Role
2006 "Manservant (男傭)" Kenji Wu Maid
2009 "You Can Not See the Sky (你看不到的天空)" Evan Yo Herself
"Love Is Right" Evan Yo
2010 "Red" Wallace Chung
2011 "Missing You" Liu Zi Qian
"Stick to You"
"Love's Secret Recipe (愛的秘方)" Kenji Wu
2013 "Love Away from Me One Meter" Hu Xia
2016 "Not Letting Go" Ben Wu

Hey Girl[edit]

Digital Singles[edit]

Year Title Album Artists
2006 "Shake It Baby" Beauties' Secret Day - Pink+Honey Hey Girl
"I Want to Love Well" Beauties' Secret Day - Pink
"1 2 3 Pinocchio"
2007 "Happiness Bubble" Beauties' Secret Party EP
"Hello Breeze of Love" Brown Sugar Macchiato OST
2008 "Call Big Sister" Hey Girl


  • 2007 - Brown Sugar Macchiato OST


  • 2006 - I Love Blackie Beauties Secret Dairy
  • 2007 - Blackie Beauties Secret Party


  • 2007 - Beauties' Secret Party Full Colour Photo-book

Endorsements and CF Appearances[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • This is a list of awards, nominations, recognitions and achievements received by Gui Gui during her career.
Year Award Category Nominated Work Result Ref.
2008 Best Onscreen Couple (with Wang Zi) Brown Sugar Macchiato Won
2009 1st Degree Idol Drama Awards Best Female Actress Pi Li MIT Won [22]
Best Onscreen Couple (with Aaron Yan) Won


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