Wiki Indaba

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Inaugurated2014; 9 years ago (2014)
Most recent2022
Previous eventWiki indaba 2022
Next eventWiki indaba 2023
Organised byLocal volunteer teams
Filing statusNon-profit

Wiki Indaba is an official conference of the Wikimedia Foundation with interest in African content.[1][2] Topics of presentation and dialogue include Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, other wikis, open-source software, free knowledge, free content and how these projects affect the African continent.

COVID-19 impact[edit]

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, affiliate usergroups selected to host the conference would organise to host it in-person. However since the onset of COVID-19, the format has changed to hybrid where participants can attend both online and physical. Uganda was the recent affiliate country to host it solely online in 2021 which saw the numbers of participants double from when it hosted in person.


Logo Conference Date Host Country
WikiIndaba 2014 June 20–22 Johannesburg, South Africa[3]
WikiIndaba 2017 January 20–22 Accra, Ghana[4]
WikiIndaba 2018 March 16–18 Tunis, Tunisia[5]
WikiIndaba 2019 November 8–10 Abuja, Nigeria[6]
WikiIndaba 2021 November 5–7 Kampala, Uganda
WikiIndaba 2022 November 4–6 Kigali, Rwanda
WikiIndaba 2023 November 3–5 Agadir, Morocco
WikiIndaba 2024 November 1–2 Cape Town, South Africa

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