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About us[edit]

Welcome to the main page of the Alien WikiProject. The project launched on February 25, 2008. Currently, we have 7 active members. Please see the discussion page for information on various project-related collaborations.

WikiProject Alien was formed to foster the creation and encyclopedic improvement of Alien-related articles, and to establish guidelines for those articles. Its members endeavor to produce a succinct, comprehensive, general, and authoritative reference on Alien materials. Additionally, the WikiProject works to ensure that all related articles attain the standards set by WP:FICT and WP:WAF. In order to reach these standards, the WikiProject discourages extreme details and encourages an out-of-universe perspective for all prose (excluding concise plot summaries). The ultimate goal of the project is to have every article within its scope be at featured status. To participate, simply add your name to the participants section.

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Seeing as the Alien franchise covers multiple branches of entertainment, the WikiProject is therefore a sub-project of numerous collaborations:

If interested, please sign our participants section.


Announcements and news for WikiProject Alien

April 2009:
User accomplishments: Vantine84 received an Alien barnstar for expanding Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (video game). His work advanced the article to GA.
Recently featured:
Other news: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (video game) was promoted to Good Article status. The List of Alien and Predator games was significantly expanded, and most of the stub video game articles were merged into it.
Updates: See the things to do section for tasks that need attention. Your help is appreciated!.

Scope and goals[edit]

Mission statement[edit]

The goal of the Alien Wikiproject is to organize, clean, and improve Alien information within a format that fits Wikipedia's fictional procedures to, ultimately, the level of quality stressed in the Featured Article and Featured List guidelines.


Currently, this WikiProject covers the following items:

  1. Anyone affiliated with the concept of Alien, including the musicians, casts, and crews of every Alien film.
  2. Anything featured on the Alien portal.
  3. Anything located within an Alien or Alien-affiliated category, sub-category, list, article, stub, or template.

Goals and duties[edit]

Our goals and duties are as follows:

  1. Discussions and debates relating to the above items, including merges, citations, other references, image issues, splits, cleanup, formatting, and expansion.
  2. Reduce trivial information, speculation, point of view, and anything else that violates Wikipedia's Fictional Guidelines.
  3. Monitoring all articles for violations of anything listed in the above two parts.
  4. Work toward making all Alien-related articles and lists clean, organized, well-written, and accessible.
  5. Bring numerous articles to Good Article, Featured Article, and/or Featured List status.

Your role[edit]

We need the participation of Wikipedians and Alien fans alike. Here are some general guidelines to follow.

How to help[edit]

  1. Please sign your name below and introduce yourself in the monthly roll call section of the talk page.
  2. Take a look at recent discussions and the things to do page to see if your ideas have already been or need to be addressed.
  3. Get to know other users so that you can get a sense of the Project's attitude and each member's opinions on what should be merged, expanded, and so on. This will allow you to work better with the team, especially on major projects.
  4. Make sure you cite your sources, follow the project's guidelines in addition to style guidelines, and follow the discussions and agreements for the project.
  5. Look for text that seems biased (see WP:NPOV) and fix it.
  6. Be bold, but do not be reckless. See the above items and the section below for further information on what to do and what not to do.

How not to help[edit]

Do not:

  1. Insert un-cited and trivial information (see: WP:FICT, Fancruft).
  2. Revert war (adherence to the One Revert Rule is encouraged)
  3. Add original research, unsourced claims, speculation, point of view, excess video game information, vandalism, and patent nonsense.

Things to remember[edit]

  1. This is a general interest encyclopedia, not GameFAQs or Wookieepedia. Full histories and backgrounds of characters go into far more detail than Wikipedia wants.
  2. Only a few characters or creatures deserve their own entries. Items, spaceships, planets, and other miscellanea do not.
  3. See: What Wikipedia is Not.
  4. Again, we stress: this project is mainly for cleanup, organization, enhancement, factual fixes, and so on. Trivial information and fanfiction are frowned upon.

If some of these items seem redundant, it only underscores what we all believe in as a group.

Open/major tasks[edit]

The following is a chart of our largest tasks. For a complete list, please see the things to do subpage, in addition to our talk page. See the opentask template at the top of the page for the priority tasks. Project members, this chart should feature "priority one" tasks!

Alien Portal[edit]

Make sure to visit the Alien Portal. Also you can vote for the selected article of the month at Portal:Alien/Vote.

Collaboration of the month[edit]

The current Alien Collaboration of the month is
"Alien 3".

The next winner will be selected on May 1, 2009.
Last month's article was Alien (film)

The Alien Collaboration of the month is a group effort to improve a specific Alien article on Wikipedia every month. To help out or vote for next month's candidate please see the Alien Collaboration of the month page.


  • See the Wikipedia:WikiProject Alien/index for a list of Alien-related articles that do not require significant attention. Chances are, if an item doesn't belong on that list or isn't on there, it needs to be fixed (make a note on the things to do page and/or the discussion page).
  • Also remember that there is an Alien barnstar that you can give out to deserving editors (and a userbox for those who are awarded the barnstar).
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Nuvola apps package development.png Templates[edit]

What to type What it makes Template type
{{WikiProject Alien}}
WikiProject Alien (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Alien, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the Alien and Predator science fiction franchises on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
The notice or template marking the article as part of the project. Placed on talk pages of fleshed out articles with no original research, copyvios, or speculation. It has optional paramaters to denote a selected article, list, or picture.
{{User Alien WikiProject}}
This user is a member of WikiProject Alien.
Userbox for project members.

Thank you for contributions. I have realized that you have edited an Alien related article. If you wish there is an Alien WikiProject which you can join and help us edit Wikipedia's Alien articles. Wikipedia also has an Alien Collaboration of the week and Alien Portal. If you have any questions just ask at the Alien WikiProject. Also here are a few good links for newcomers:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your name and the date. Also remember to use the edit summary when you contribute.

Again, thank you for your help!

Template to greet new users and invite them to the Alien WikiProject.

Thank you for contributions. I have realized that you have edited an Alien related article. If you wish there is an Alien WikiProject which you can join and help us edit Wikipedia’s Alien articles. Wikipedia also has the following Alien related projects:

If you have any questions just ask at the Alien WikiProject.

Again, Thank you for your help!

Template to invite experienced users to the Alien WikiProject.
The stub for Alien-related articles.
The current Alien Collaboration of the month is
"Alien 3".

The next winner will be selected on May 1, 2009.
Last month's article was Alien (film)
Template that shows the current and previous Alien Collaboration of the month.
This is the current Alien Collaboration of the month!
Please help to improve it to match the quality of an ideal Wikipedia Alien article.
Template to put on the talk page of each month's collaboration.
{{subst:User AlienCOTM}}
Userbox for contributors to the Alien Collaboration of the month.


Here is a list of Alien Wikiproject members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

  Name  Talk page   Special interests
Daniel J. Leivick Talk
DeanBaetz Talk Interested in the plots for the films
Emperor Talk Keeping an eye on the spin-off media, especially the comics
Gman124 Talk
Grapple X talk
IllaZilla Talk Creator of WikiProject Alien and the Alien portal. My primary interest is improving/copyediting the articles on the core films so they can be advanced to FA status. I also seek to remove fancruft and fan fiction and to make sure that all articles meet the guidelines of WP:FICT and WP:NOT. To this end I often trim unencyclopedic subjects, nominate articles for deletion or merger, move articles that are mistitled or improperly disambiguated, and add/assess articles to the project.
JanJack68 Talk Alien and Science Fiction fan
JTBX Talk Long time Alien and Predator enthusiast, own some of the recent games on PC and PS2. Wanting to improve the articles to at least GA class.
M3tal H3ad Talk Interested in revamping all six of the film related articles then plan to rewrite Alien (film series)
Thejadefalcon Talk
Xenomrph Talk
Hyliad Talk Creator and main contributor of the accolades list.

Inactive editors[edit]

Extended content

When moving names to this section, please use the format {{user|xxxx}} where xxxx is the username. Note: Sometimes it is easy to tell when a user is inactive, such as when they have been banned, retired, or vanished. However, keep in mind that not everyone contributes to Wikipedia on a regular basis. There are many editors who contribute infrequently or even go for months without making an edit, but then return. That said, it is generally safe to move an editor to the "inactive" section if they have not made an edit to Wikipedia within one year.