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Join us for the event!
The Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen
The Vue Cinema, Aberdeen

About the event[edit]

  • How do you write a good Wikipedia article?
  • How does Wikidata work? How do you create new data, and query the linked open data that is there?
  • How can you submit good photographs to Wiki Commons?

Using the theme of the history of Aberdeen's Cinema and Theatres, we'll answer these question, and explore how the collections are represented on these platforms. Volunteers and professionals will practice using tools to do this.

There is plenty to work with! Aberdeen once had more than 40 cinemas. Working together we can ensure that there are wikipedia entries, photos, and data created to represent their rich cultural heritage.

You need no prior knowledge of the subject area, nor be familiar with the suite of Wiki tools. Full training will be given. This is a chance to get experience in using the open tools for sharing information, data and media.

If you are a keen photographer, you can capture and share images of surviving buildings.

There will be great wifi, and we'll provide breakfast and lunch. All you need is a laptop, if you'll be using one, or your phone or camera.

We'll kick off with some teas, coffees and pastries for breakfast and we'll stop at lunchtime for sandwiches and soft drinks. We'll close up by 5pm.

ALL WELCOME – no experience necessary, but basic computer literacy is preferable.

* Please bring a laptop you are comfortable using.

How do I prepare?


  • 09:30 - Registration & breakfast
  • 10:00 - Introduction to Wikipedia, & Wikipedia editing
  • 12:30 - Lunch
  • 13:15 - Photo walk (weather permitting), upload of images to Wikimedia Commons, & introduction to Wikidata
  • 16:30 - Wrap up session - feedback, lines of further enquiry, future plans
  • 17:00 - Finish

Sources for Wikipedia[edit]

  • Wikipedia is a tertiary resource, which relies upon secondary sources. Wikipedia is not a place for personal interpretation.
  • For more guidance on the use of sources, see this guide here.
  • Aberdeen City Libraries will be bringing some reference material on the day.

Log into our dashboard[edit]

  • go to, and log in with your Wikpedia password

Work list[edit]

This list is under construction

Adding pictures[edit]

Articles for creation[edit]

Cinemas and related buildings:

  1. The Alhambra Theatre (also The Winter Zoo)
  2. The Astoria
  3. The Beach Bijou
  4. The Beach Pavilion
  5. The Beach Picture Theatre
  6. The Vue Shiprow (current name - formerly The Cannon, The Regal, The ABC)
  7. The Casino
  8. The Cinema House (also the Union Hall, also The Picturedrome)
  9. The City Cinema (also ABC Bowl, Aberdeen Bowl)
  10. The Electric Cinema (also the Arcade Rink, and The New Electric)
  11. The Electric Hippodrome
  12. The Empire (also Sunnybank Road Rink)
  13. The Gaiety (also the Saint Catherine's Hall, Cafe Hall, New Gaiety, Palladium, New Palladium)
  14. The Gaumont (also The Picture House)
  15. The Globe (formerly Nelson Street UP Church)
  16. The Grand Central
  17. The Grand Picture Palace / formerly Bon-Accord Rink
  18. The King's (also the Northern Hall, also Empire Music Hall, also City Ballroom, Maxime's Ballroom, The Locarno Ballroom, Cosmo 1)
  19. The Kingsway (later Coral Social Club)
  20. La Scala
  21. The Lyceum (also Royal, formerly the John Street EU Church, also Zion Chapel)
  22. The Majestic
  23. The News Cinema (also Newcine Continental, Newcine News, Shorts Cinema, The Curzon, The Cosmo 2)
  24. The Odeon (Justice Mill Lane) also The Regent
  25. The Palace (also Cook's Circus, Jollity, People's Palace, Palace Theatre, Palace Ballroom, Fusion Discotheque, Ritzy's Discotheque)
  26. The Palais De Danse
  27. The (Picture) Playhouse
  28. The Queen's (also Eagles Nightclub)
  29. The Savoy (formerly Gilcomstoun South Church (old), Philharmonic Hall, Albert Hall)
  30. The Star (also The Aberdeen East End Mission, also The Boulevard Ballroom)
  31. The Torry Cinema (also Torry Picture House)
  32. The Torry Picture Palace (also Torry Rink)
  33. The Trocadero (also YMCA)
  34. The West End (also The Playhouse)
  35. The Woodside Electric (also The Woodside Rink - The 'Rinkie', Woodside Picture Palace)

There appear to be a number of significant people associated with Aberdeen cinema (sadly all mostly male).

Two in particular stand out

  1. William Dove Paterson
  2. Tommy Scott Sutherland ( one of Aberdeen's most famous architects after whom Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment is named

The others worth investigating are:

  1. George Blackmore
  2. Robert Calder
  3. Fred Cruikshank
  4. Bert Darley
  5. Herbert Donald
  6. James F Donald (and others in Donald Family)
  7. James R Donald
  8. Bert Hedgley Gates and Nellie Gates
  9. Clement George
  10. Joe Gray
  11. George Harkins
  12. Lewis Hawes
  13. Meyer Kalson
  14. Ormonde L Kilgour
  15. D. Brown McGill
  16. Alexander Mackenzie
  17. Bruce Mackenzie
  18. William Muir
  19. Burwood Nicholls
  20. Henry N Phillips
  21. John K Poole
  22. John R Poole
  23. A.B.Robertson
  24. F Rowland Tims
  25. Harold Titherington
  26. George Walker jr
  27. George W Walker
  28. William Walker
  29. Captain S Gordon Wingfield

Articles for improvement[edit]

  1. Aberdeen theatres and concert halls
  2. Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen - formerly The Trades Hall, also Coliseum, and New Kinema
  3. Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen
  4. Music Hall Aberdeen


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