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When and Where
When:27 August 2019
Time5PM - 9PM
Where:314 7TH STREET
Brooklyn, New York

In recognition of our current exhibition, Resistance Radio, we are holding a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on the theme of pirate radio and community broadcasting.

We’ll work to improve representation of the individuals and organizations involved in radio projects worldwide — including those represented in our exhibition, and those that are not. We will glean relevant information from our collection at Interference Archive to share through Wikipedia. Our objective is to make information and documentation related to this work more accessible for current and future movement makers, educators, and learners. Snacks will be provided.

No experience editing Wikipedia is required but please bring a laptop! Experienced Wikipedians will be around to help out, and we’ll be starting the edit-a-thon with a brief tutorial to cover the basics.

All attendees are subject to Wikimedia NYC's Code of Conduct.

Please RSVP or request childcare through this form. Childcare is available if requested by August 20, 2019.

Articles to Create/Edit[edit]

Articles to Edit and Improve

  • Radio Swan -- this has a general cleanup page, so would benefit from structural edits and any editing for improved readability
  • CRAOL -- this article only has one reference. It would be great to add more citations.
  • Pacifica Foundation -- this article has been tagged for updates
  • WBAI -- this article is tagged for updates
  • WPFW -- this article is tagged with the need for additional citations. It doesn't have any references yet!
  • KPFK -- this article has been tagged with a need for more inline citations; you may be able to use the existing listed references to clarify citations within the text
  • Prometheus Radio Project -- this article needs to be rewritten so that it does not sound promotional, and adheres to a neutral point of view
  • Community Media Association -- needs additional citations
  • Pirate radio in North America -- this article needs a lot of help with cleanup and citations
  • Pirate radio in Europe -- this article needs more citations
  • Autoradio (Belarus) -- this article about the first independent radio station in Belarus is still a stub.
  • Radio Venceremos -- this article is a stub
  • Occupation_of_Alcatraz -- add information about Radio Free Alcatraz
  • Radio Alice -- this article about a free radio station in Italy is a stub
  • Bush Radio (South Africa) -- this article needs more sources for citations
  • WERD (historic radio station) -- WERD was the first radio station owned and programmed by African Americans. This article is a stub and needs lots of help!
  • Radio Freedom -- this article needs editing, citations, expansion
  • Radio Rebelde --this article needs more sources and citations
  • Radio Študent --this Slovenian article needs to be translated and disambiguated from Radio Student, an English language article about a Croation radio station of the same name
  • Mbanna Kantako
  • Radio Venceremos -- this article is a stub and needs to be expanded
  • Radio Free Dixie -- This article is a stub and needs to be expanded
  • Radio Libertaire -- This article is a stub and needs to be expanded
  • Occupation of Alcatraz -- this article about the Occupation of Alcatraz needs additional details about Radio Free Alcatraz

Articles to Create

Creating new articles about radio stations can be tricky; their notability may be disputed. Please talk to someone if you'd like to start one; you may find the book A Passion for Radio useful (it's on the reading shelf)

"Station-specific sources:"

Radio Rebelde has a website. Radio Freedom: There's some information in JSTOR. Here's an open access article from the Africa Media Review (1994). Radio Student also has a website, and this particular page was useful (once run through Google translation). This article needs translating as well. English sources included this pamphlet from the European Commission, and a few passages from this book available on Google Books. Here's a second useful book/section as well.

General sources accessible with NYPL or academic library account: Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media Oxford Reference Project Muse JSTOR


Please click here and list what page you are working on so we can collaborate and/or not double up.

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