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This is the page for the Franklin Women Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Women in Health and Medical Research, held on 25 July 2019.

To celebrate Rosalind Franklin’s birthday, Franklin Women is hosting a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. We’ll be working together to increase the visibility of women in STEMM on Wikipedia, particularly those working in the health and medical research sector.

Please join in the fun on Twitter using #FWonWiki #Editathon and #WomenInSTEMM.

Let's get started![edit]

  1. If you don’t have a Wikipedia account yet, please create one. Remember you may choose to make your username anonymous and gender-neutral.
  2. Register your username at the Event Dashboard so we can track the outcomes of today’s edit-a-thon.
  3. Update your user page to record that you are “Participating in an editathon on 25 July” and hyperlink to this project page. This lets other editors know that you are a new contributor and still learning.

What should I work on during the editathon?[edit]

There are many different ways for you to contribute today. Wikipedia is the product of millions of individual contributions and every change that is made, no matter how small, makes a difference! We’ve prepared a list of suggested subjects and assembled some preliminary sources to get you started. These are grouped into categories depending on the type of contribution that is required. Keep in mind Wikipedia’s Conflict of Interest guidelines when selecting your subject to make sure it is appropriate for you to make the edits. Once you’ve decided which task you’d like to tackle, add your username to the table.

Write a new article[edit]

Writing a new article means making a brand new Wikipedia page - exciting stuff! The women listed in this table have received considerable media coverage yet they do not yet have their own Wikipedia article. You can change that!

A guide for what to include in a Wikipedia biography

For inspiration, here are some examples of existing articles for Women In STEMM:

  • Professor Anne Kelso AO, CEO NHMRC and previous Franklin Women guest (April 2015)
  • Professor Jenny Martin, founder of Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE)
  • Professor Minoti Apte OAM, first in the world to successfully isolate pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs), the cells associated with pancreatic fibrogenesis
  • Professor Maria Kavallaris AM, Australian Financial Review and Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence, 2015
  • Professor Sandra Eades, first Aboriginal medical practitioner to be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in 2003
Subject Notes and links to resources Working on it? Add your username How'd you go?
Alison Todd, co-founder and chief scientific officer of SpeeDx Franklin Women career profile, Financial Review, Australian Biochemist, 2016, Australian Trade and Investment Commission [1] [2], SMH, 2017, The Australian, 2017, The Canberra Times User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Anushka Patel, George Institute George Institute staff profile, UNSW, AAHMS, People's Daily Online, 2018, Asia Society Australia ‘Making Asia fit for new growth’ essay [3] [4], Financial Review, Diabetes Queensland, NHMRC, The TRIUMPH Study, Europe PubMed Central (PMC), Improving Cardiovascular Health in Diverse Populations: A Conversation with Anushka Patel User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Cynthia Whitchurch, UTS, AAS Fellow 2019 UTS staff profile, AAS Fellow 2019 [5] [6][7], First female scientist to win the David Syme Research Prize in over thirty years, ABC News

Science, 2002 – Ranked number 1 in "All of Biology" by the Faculty of 1000 and is ranked in the top category as "Exceptional". This paper has promoted a paradigm shift in our understanding of the architecture of bacterial biofilms and demonstrated a novel role for DNA in biology [8]

User:AnnaMSweens New page created and published
Professor Jennifer Byrne, USyd USyd staff profile, Nature 10 (2017) [9] [10] [11], The Australian, Retraction Watch, Nature, Undark User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Katherine Samaras, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Clinical Spokesperson, Make Healthy Normal, NSW Health, TEDX talk, Archibald Portrait 2019 [12][13], Additional resources [14] [15] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Wendy Hoy, UQ, AAS Fellow 2015 UQ staff profile, AAS Fellow 2015, Contributions to The Conversation United States National Kidney Foundation Distinguished Medal, 2008, Additional resources [16], [17], [18] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Maria Makrides, SAHMRI, AAS Fellow 2019 University of Adelaide profile, AAS Fellow 2019, Distinguished Scientist Award for Lifetime Achievement, ISSFAL, 2018, International Women’s Day, Contributed to NHMRC Review of Nutritional Requirements for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Dr Dharmica Mistry, co-founder and Chief Scientist of BCAL Diagnostics ASX International Women's Day, SBS, Australian Limited, The Leader, Indian Telegraph, 2017 InStyle Women of Style (Science), 2016 NSW Young Woman of the Year [19] [20] [21], Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine Young Executive User:Shilipid User:Tinyg1995 New page created and published
Professor Fran Baum AO, Flinders University Flinders University, WHO Commissioner from Australia [22] [23], Order of Australia, Fellow of AHPA 2007, Book, 2007 SA Australian of the Year Nominee, ANU, ABC News [24] [25] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created - in draft
A/Prof Muireann Irish, UNSW/NeuRA NeuRA staff profile, For Women in Science, Science & Technology Australia, Women in STEMM Australia, ABC News, ABC RN, Elizabeth Warrington Prize, 2019, British Neuropsychological Society, NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Award, 2014, Laird Cermak Award for Outstanding Research in Memory, 2013, International Neuropsychological Society, L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship, 2015, Science in the Public, Nature blog, ARC Future Fellow User:Rogainenetto User:DrPlantGenomics Built upon previous work by Rogainenetto & page now published
Professor Susan J. Clark, Garvan Institute, AAS Fellow 2015 Garvan staff profile, AAS Fellow 2015 [26] [27], Professor Rob Sutherland AO Make a Difference Award recipient 2015 [28] [29], NHMRC User:Lara King Croft New page created and published.
Dr Jaquelyne Hughes, Menzies 2014 Top-End NAIDOC Person of the Year Profile > Go to news tab, Harry Christian Giese – Research into Action Award, 2016, Indigenous Patient Voices, 2017 Symposium Report User:Dr JBW New page created and published
Professor Sarah A. Robertson, University of Adelaide, AAS Fellow 2016 University of Adelaide staff profile, AAS Fellow 2016, Young Tall Poppy Science Award, AIPS 2000 User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Kirsten Banks, Wiradjuri woman and astronomer Careers with STEM, 2017 CSIRO Indigenous STEM Award finalist User:Neurochelle & Edits by DrPlantGenomics New page created and published; Notability has been queried. Evidence of notability provided and page now OK.
Karlie Noon, Indigenous woman and astronomer] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published.
A/Professor Caroline Ford (medical researcher), UNSW UNSW staff profile, Superstar of STEM, MOOC ‘Personalised medicine’ course (attracted >20,000 students from 158 countries in the past 2 years), 2018 Women's Agenda Award for Female Leader in Science, Medicine & Health User:DrPuggle New page created and published
Professor Daniela Stock, UNSW, AAS Fellow 2016 AAS Fellow 2016 [30] [31] [32] [33] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Suzanne Chambers AO, UTS UTS staff profile, Australian Financial Review, Additional resources: [34] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Lesley Campbell, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Garvan staff profile, Contributions to The Conversation, ABC News, Diabetes Australia User:Qwerty0719 New page created and published
Professor Emily Banks, ANU ANU staff profile, Australian Financial Review and Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence, 2016
Professor Renae Ryan, USyd USyd staff profile, Director, SAGE [35] [36] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Sarah Dunlop, UWA University of Western Australia profile, Finalist, WA Scientist of the Year Award, Research Award, Spine Society of Australia, ANU User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Bettina Meiser, UNSW/NeuRA UNSW staff profile, Understanding the impact of genetic testing for breast cancer [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published
Professor Sue Barrell, Bureau of Meteorology User:DrPlantGenomics Page created and published.
Dr Leonie Walsh, FTSE Inaugural Ambassador for Women in STEMM, first Victorian Lead Scientist User:DrPlantGenomics Page created and published.
Dr Elizabeth Elliott (paediatrician), User:DrPlantGenomics Page created and published.
Dr Rachelle Buchbinder, Fellow User:DrPlantGenomics
Dr Lisa Maher, Fellow & FASSA User:DrPlantGenomics
Dr Anne Leadbeater, OAM, Bushfire recovery - trauma recovery expert User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published.
Dr Amanda McKenzie, Climate Council CEO, AFR Women of Influence User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and published.
Dr Georgina Long, Fellow User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and uploaded
Dr Catherine Stampfl, Fellow AAS User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and uploaded
Dr Elaine Saunders (scientist), Fellow FTSE User:DrPlantGenomics New page created and uploaded
Dr Robyn Guymer, Member of the Order of Australia (AM) & Fellow User:DrPlantGenomics
Professor Teresa Anderson (clinician) AM, Centenary Institute Centenary profile, SMH, Macarthur Advertiser
A/Professor Catherine Birman NSW Women of the Year, 2017 [42] [43] [44] [45] [46], Cochlea Australia and New Zealand
Professor Anne Chang FAHMS, AM, Wikidata
Dr Donna Cross (academic), Fellow User:DrPlantGenomics
Professor Susan Davis (physician) FAHMS, AO, Wikidata
Dr Jane Hall (economist), Fellow & FASSA User:DrPlantGenomics
Professor Christine Kilpatrick FAHMS, AO, Wikidata
Professor Kate Leslie FAHMS, AO, Wikidata
Professor Raina MacIntyre, UNSW UNSW staff profile, Plus Alliance Press Room, Frank Fenner Award for Research in Infectious Diseases, 2003, highest national award in infectious diseases, Finalist, 2017 Eureka Prizes [47] [48], CAPHIA Research Team Prize, 2017, National Immunisation Achievement Award, 2014, Public Health Association of Australia, ABC News, Other Awards: Peter Baume Public Health Impact Prize, 2014; NSW Medicine Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement, 2012, highest award in the Faculty of Medicine; Sir Henry Wellcome Medal and Prize, 2007, Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
Dr Christina Mitchell FAHMS, AO, Wikidata
Professor Robyn O'Hehir FAHMS, AO, Wikidata
Professor Sheena Reilly FAHMS, FASSA, AM, Wikidata
Professor Carolyn Sue FAHMS, AM, Wikidata
Professor Hala Zreiqat AM, USyd biomedical engineer; 2019 ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology Eureka Prize; USyd staff profile, TEDx, NSW Premier's Woman of the Year 2018, King Abdullah II Order of Distinction of the Second Class, the highest civilian honour bestowed by the King of Jordan (2018) Q69627764 User:BioTalker

Expand a stub article[edit]

Stubs are very short articles that need to be expanded. A fellow Wikipedian may have started the page but only added minimal details. Expanding stubs by including more information and citations is important because it prevents these pages from being deleted and means readers can find out more. The women listed below already have stub articles but we’ve found some sources with additional information to be included.

Subject Notes and links to resources Working on it? Add your username How'd you go?
Faye McMillan, CSU CSU staff profile, 2019 NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year [49] [50], Australian Financial Review and Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence Award, 2014, Atlantic Fellowship, Oxford University
Dr Misty Jenkins, WEHI First Indigenous Australian to attend Oxford and Cambridge Universities, UK, 2017 CSIRO STEM Professional Career Achievement Award – Winner, National Centre for Indigenous Genomics, L’Oreal for Women in Science Fellowship, 2013 [51] [52] User:Yarranabbe
Dr Natalie Matosin, UOW Forbes 30 Under 30, TEDx, Inspiring ECMRs, UOW Impact Maker, 2018, Stress and the brain on ABC Illawarra User:Leaflock User:Cuyahoga44 Page created
Professor Rebecca Ivers, UNSW George Institute staff profile, UNSW staff profile, Australian Financial Review and Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence Award, 2014, 2018 Elizabeth Blackburn Scholarship, given to Australia’s top ranked female fellow in public health User:Hswe5346 Page created
A/Professor Gail Garvey, Menzies School of Health Menzies profile, ABC News [53] [54], RACGP News, Cancer Council, Australian Indigenous Health Info Net, Harry Christian Giese – Research into Action Award, 2015 User:Epiway Page created
Professor Naomi Wray, UQ UQ staff profile, AAS Fellow 2016 [55] [56], SMH, MND Australia, Leads largest collaborative MND project with funding from the Ice Bucket Challenge, SBS
Emeritus Professor Vicki Sara AO, UTS UQ staff profile, UTS Alumni [57] [58] [59], UTS Vicki Sara Building [60] [61] [62]

AO Centenary Medal

Professor Maree Teesson AC, UNSW/Black Dog Institute UNSW, ABC [63] [64], AAHMS Fellow, 2015, Order of Australia User:Living On Sonoma Page updated (still classed as stub)
Professor Lois Salamonsen, Hudson Institute of Medical Research AAS Fellow 2017, Additional Resources:[65] [66]
Clinical A/Professor Sheryl van Nunen, USyd Tick-induced allergies, MJA podcast, 2018, ABC Sydney, ABC RN, Tick-induced mammalian meat allergy was first discovered by Australian doctor Sheryl van Nunen in 2007, ABC News, The Weekend Australian, The Monthly
Emeritus Professor Keryn Williams AC, Flinders Adelaide Now, MJA, Founded the Australian Corneal Graft Registry, 1985, SBS, MiVision Ophthalmic Journal, In Daily, Adelaide
Professor Melanie Bahlo, WEHI WEHI staff profile, Victorian Centre for Biostatistics, 2009 Moran Medal for research in statistics, Australian Academy of Science
Professor Caroline McMillen SA Chief Scientist User:MixxnMatch Page updated (still classed as stub)
Professor Carola Garcia de Vinuesa, ANU 2009 Gottschalk Medal for research in the medical sciences User:Weatherdoctor Page updated (still classed as stub)
Professor Lesley Hughes, Macquarie University Climate Council, Councillor, The Monthly User:DrPlantGenomics Page updated (still classed as stub) - Added July 2019 prizes and media. Removed Stub classification
Pam Sykes Update - nothing much updated since 2016
Jessamy Tiffen Add PhD and find and add articles

Improve an existing article[edit]

Existing articles can always be improved, whether that be by fixing grammar and spelling, correcting the tone (to be more neutral, like an encyclopedia rather than a CV), adding missing in-line citations, or refreshing outdated articles. The articles listed below have been flagged by other Wikipedians to say they need improvement. They include orphan pages, which need to be linked to other Wikipedia pages to ensure their relevance and increase traffic to them. Improving existing articles makes them more credible and, in some cases, might save them from deletion.

Before you begin editing, check the text box at the top of the existing Wikipedia page to see what needs improving.

Subject Notes and links to resources Working on it? Add your username How'd you go?
Professor Lyn Beazley Need to add in-line citations. Page also needs to be rewritten because a major contributor appears to have a close connection to the subject. AAS Fellow 2019, WA’s first female Chief Scientist User:Dr JBW Added citations, re-wrote
Professor Gabrielle Belz, WEHI WEHI staff profile, ABC Radio Melbourne, ABC Radio National, ABC Local, ABC News
Professor Julie Bernhardt, The Florey Tone needs to be adjusted. Awards could be updated. The Florey staff profile, Science & Technology Australia profile, Women in STEM Australia profile, Award Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship, 2012 [67], RACGP Research Keynote, 2017 [68], Interview at World Federation of Neurology [69] User:DrPlantGenomics Adjusted Tone
Professor Judith Clements AC, QUT Page needs to be rewritten as content may have been copied and pasted. QLD Great Premier Medal
Professor Melissa Little, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Tone needs to be adjusted because this page reads like a press release. MCRI staff profile, AAS Fellow 2017, Alfred Newton Richards Award User:RRDLetstalkaboutmee Improved
Professor Jane Visvader, WEHI Needs to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines. WEHI staff profile User:TrailblazerOz Improved
Professor Julie Campbell AO, UQ Tone needs to be adjusted. Encyclopedia of Australian Science, AAS Fellow 2000 [70] [71]
Professor Karen Reynolds, Flinders University Page needs to be rewritten because it reads like a resume. Flinders University staff profile, SA Scientist of the Year 2012 User:DrPlantGenomics Tone adjusted and added citations. Added ORCID #
Professor Vicki Anderson, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute MCRI staff profile
Professor Vanessa Hayes, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Page needs updating (outdated) Garvan profile, Appeared on SBS Insight in October 2018 [72], SBS News
Professor Aileen Plant ASC Unsung Hero of Science Communication 2007, Obituaries [73] [74]
Professor Jennifer Stow, UQ Contributions to The Conversation, Elected to European Molecular Biology Organisation [75] [76] [77], Elected new member of Australian Cancer Research Foundation [78], Microscopy and Analysis User:Gentoosquawk Improved
Dr Stacey Lynch, AgriBio, Victoria Orphan page, SMH, Better Health, Vic User:UTSSB Improved, but more references and in-line citations needed. Notability has been queried.
Dr Mary Ann Augustin, CSIRO Food Science Research Program Orphan page, CSRIO staff profile
Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Orphan page, Peter Mac staff profile
Eleanor Clarke Slagle American Journal of Psychiatry In Memoriam, Encyclopaedia Britannica, American Occupational Therapy Association's 100 Influential People User:Living on Sonoma Improved

Improve a list[edit]

A Wikipedia list is a collection of existing pages that are grouped together by a common theme. Linking existing pages to established lists means more people can find those pages if they are searching a topic. By expanding the two lists below, we can improve the visibility of high-profile Australian women scientists and highlight the major discoveries made by them.

Subject Notes and links to resources Working on it? Add your username How'd you go?
List of female scientists in the 21st century Search for existing pages and hyperlink to list. Prioritise by notability, history.

Search "Category:Australian women scientists" and "Category:Australian medical researchers" to bring up existing pages.

Choose from the list below or any of the subjects mentioned as 'stubs' and 'needing improvement' on this project page.

Emma Johnston

Nalini Joshi

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Tanya Monro

Lesley Hughes

Michelle Simmons

Timeline of Women in Science Think of major discoveries by female scientists. Search for existing pages and hyperlink. Add Australian scientists where you can.

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