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Question forum »Host profiles »Guest profiles » It's important that new editors know that the Teahouse is here to serve them.

Invite guide[edit]

Invitations help new editors find the Teahouse.

Talk-page invite templates[edit]

You can help new editors find the Teahouse by leaving an invite on their talk page.

  • Templates that have been created specifically for the Teahouse.
  • User scripts which you can add to make inviting easier.

Email invite templates[edit]

Email invites have proven to have a higher response rate than talk-page invites. Please consider sending new editors an email too!

Where to find new editors to invite[edit]

Automated invites[edit]

A bot also delivers a small amount of invites to a pre-filtered list of highly active new editors each day. You can help by spot-checking to make sure it's working.