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Dr. Adrianne Wadewitz aka User:Wadewitz

The Wadewitz Tribute Edit-a-thons are a series of Wikipedia editing events that are a tribute to long-time Wikipedia editor and academic, Adrianne Wadewitz (User:Wadewitz). These events will focus on taking place around the world and take place during the month of May.

Dr. Adrianne Wadewitz was an influential member of the Wikipedia community who died suddenly in April 2014. This loss has deeply affected Wikipedia and the academic world. Her work is recognized internationally as helping to encourage more women to contribute to Wikipedia to tackle the gender gap and systemic bias in its content. Wadewitz was one of the first academics to bring Wikipedia into the classroom as part of the Wikipedia Education Program, working with her students to improve Wikipedia instead of writing traditional term papers. At the time of her death, she was Mellon Digital Scholarship Fellow at Occidental College. She had over 50,000 edits and wrote numerous featured and good articles, including Mary Wollstonecraft.

You can read more about Wadewitz and her contributions via The Wikipedia Signpost, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and the Omaha World-Herald.

Find inspiration for articles to be expanded or creation on our to-do list (and add to it!): Wikipedia:WikiWomen's History Month/To-do list.


Please share your outcomes from your events and participation online via our outcomes page: Wikipedia:Wadewitz Tribute Edit-a-thons/Outcomes


An event logo designed by Adrianne Wadewitz

Wadewitz Tribute Edit-a-Thons are taking place all around the world! Please post your event listing here!
See examples of recent women-centric edit-a-thon events here.

All events take place in the month of May.

Please promote your event on social media. If you have a Facebook or Eventbrite invitation, please post it with your entry below. Also, visit our resources section for more information on how to produce and promote the event.


  • Tehran, Iran – May 23, 2014.
  • India, TBA


  • Amsterdam Women and art at De Appel Arts Centers, May 17th, 2014, 12:30-18:00 Amsterdam time.
  • Berlin time zone, 6 May, 2-9 pm, location TBA, any suggestions welcome, see also
  • London, Saturday 31 May, 10am-6pm. To be held in the Mary Wollstonecraft Room in Newington Green. One focus might be articles surrounding Wollstonecraft that are not yet Featured.

North America[edit]



South America[edit]




Online events[edit]

A digital media tribute to Adrianne Wadewitz at Occidental College.

Can't organize an edit-a-thon? Prefer to work with Wikipedians online? Plan on an online challenge or event as a tribute to Wadewitz!

  • Your event here

Event planning resources[edit]

Please take a look at the below resources. If you're stuck, or have a specific question, you can contact Sarah Stierch, who is a volunteer and lead organizer for this event. You can email her at Please visit the WikiWomen's Collaborative for further help, too.

Here are some resources to help you plan and promote your event. Feel free to add your favorite resource here.

Planning an edit-a-thon and lessons learned[edit]

Editing Wikipedia featuring Wadewitz as the face of Wikipedia
  • This Edit-a-thon How-To guide can help you plan your event which was created by experienced volunteers.
  • A blog about having a small scale Wikipedia editing party at your home by User:Seeeko
  • An evaluation of edit-a-thons which looks at numerous edit-a-thons from 2012-13 and assesses their impact and makes suggestions for improvements.
  • A self-evaluation by User:SarahStierch of past WikiWomen's edit-a-thons which includes her step by step on how she produced the event and lessons learned.

Learning patterns[edit]

Learning patterns are created by volunteers and based on experience and evidence. They're short and helpful resources you can use when planning your event:

  • Afterparty tells you why it's important to have a post-event get together to celebrate your achievements.
  • Cookies by the exit reminds you to the importance of surveying participants to see what you can do better next time.
  • Fostering affinity groups is important, so women can feel comfortable contributing to Wikipedia together without an worries.
  • Icebreaker explains why it's important to have everyone get to know each other at the start of your event.
  • Informal venue discusses how you can have a successful event anywhere, whether it's a coffee shop or a casual environment without formal planning.
  • Let the media know provides easy ways to promote your event so more people hear about it.
  • Mix newcomers and veterans discusses why it's important to have newbies and experienced editors together at an event.
  • Photographic evidence explains why it's important to take photographs!
  • Repeat events: Don't just have one event and never have another — have multiple to attract more regular editors and help sustain contributors to Wikipedia.
  • Safe space policies are used to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time at your event.
  • Six account limit: Did you know you can only make six new accounts via one IP at a time? So if your event has lots of new potential editors who don't have accounts, here's how you can make new accounts without worry.
Hard at work. Editors at a 2012 WikiWomen's History Month event.

Promoting your event[edit]

  • Add your event to the Wikipedia meetup page by adding it here. You can also find links for other language Wikipedia meetup pages, too.
  • Social media! Don't forget to promote it via your Twitter using the hashtag #wikiwomen and sharing it on Facebook. You can also post it on the WikiWomen's Collaborative Facebook page.
  • Promote your event via geonotice, which adds a banner to the top of Wikipedia readers and users pages based on where they live you can learn how to set one up here.
  • Find Wikipedians who live near the event location and promote it to them via their talk pages. Two resources for this:
  • Post to an event announcement to a mailing list and let community members know. Yow can find a list of mailing lists here.
  • Don't forget the gender gap mailing list for people interested in getting more women to contribute to Wikipedia.
  • Connect with a local chapter or affiliate who can sponsor and co-promote your event. Find a list of local chapters here.

References and contacts[edit]

  1. ^ The 27 May Berlin time zone event is suggested by C.Koltzenburg